“Difference Maker” Final Project

On Wednesday, February 5th, all students were assigned a “difference maker” to research and given the details of the project expectations. Students were also given roughly 60 minutes of class time, the last two days, to work on research and presentations in class. All remaining work must be done at home. Please find attached the direction sheet with rubrics for this assignment. Please note-this is a 50 POINT SUMMATIVE assessment and will weigh heavily on their grade.
All students choosing to do the slide show option must submit their completed project to Google Classroom by 8 am Tuesday and those doing the scrapbook option must bring the completed page to class with them on Tuesday.
Any project not submitted by Tuesday (as stated above) will receive reduced points.

Students have/will sign up for their presentation time slot today and should be prepared to present next week on their selected day.

Please email me with any questions that you may have.

Winter Break-IXL-Extra Credit

IXL Extra Credit- 8th Grade Writing Strategies

The links below should work, but, if not, go to IXL, as shown in class, and page down to 8th grade writing strategies, section “O”. Make sure you are signed in as “yourself”. Take your password home, I will not respond to requests for passwords.

O.  Editing and revising

To be eligible for extra credit, you must complete exercises over the winter break.  I will not accept any work done before, or after, the break.  You will be given points based on how many you complete and get correct.

Monkey’s Paw Prequel-Final Copy

This post is to remind all students that the final copy of their Monkey’s Paw prequel is to be complete and submitted by 8am Monday, November 25th.
This is something they had class time to work on and is due whether student is in school Monday, or not. No exceptions will be made for those who do not attend school Monday as this can be submitted at any time via google classroom.

Please see google classroom for specific assignment details.
Email me with any questions you may have.

Lizzie Borden Annotations and Questions-Due Tomorrow

Please find attached the question sheets from class today. Remember to only do your assigned sections (anyone who was not in class today can do the Author’s Approach, Summarize/Paraphrase and Critical Thinking sections). All papers with completed questions are due to me when you walk through the door tomorrow.
Email me with any questions.