Class Dojo

Hello. This is just a reminder that I am staying connected to parents, families and students with Class Dojo and also assigning work with Google Classroom.

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Online Learning

Dear Parents,

Please see the link below for online learning that students can do during their time off from school.

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Second 200 Sight Words

I have begun testing of the 2nd 200 sight words. Please review and practice with your child. If you need another list please let me know.

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Every Friday we have a spelling test. I am going to change it into a reading and spelling test. Starting this week, I will be testing every child to see if they can read the words and then on Friday spell the words. While both reading and spelling are important, can you guess which one I value more?

If you guessed reading, then you are correct. Please make sure your child can read and spell their words.

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Please remind your child to bring home their book bags and read every night. I am noticing a lot of bags being left in the classroom at the end of school days.

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Welcome To A New School Year

Welcome to 1st grade with Mr. Cook. I have a great group of 22 students this year.

For the first two weeks of school we will be working on rules and procedures, building our stamina and I will be testing everyone in NWEA math and reading. In addition, I will take a running record on your child’s reading ability, a letter ID test, a sight word test and a hearing and recording sounds test. Once this is completed I will have a better idea about how to meet the literacy needs of each child. Reading groups will begin once these test are completed.

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