Check Emails

Good Morning, Today I am asking all parents to check their emails. I sent a link on Friday and again Sunday that provides access to a final meeting for the class. The meeting will start at 11:00am today. I hope everyone can be there. Please email me at least a half an hour in advance if you have any questions.… Read more →

Parent Survey School Reopen Committee

School Reopen Committee Parent Survey June 5, 2020 The State, and our District, have begun the complicated and detailed discussion on the possible reopening of schools for the 2020-21 school year. These discussions will involve experts in instruction, operations, sanitation, transportation, food service, athletics, and many other areas that are part of operating a school district. Please know that any… Read more →

Specials Area Check In

Dear Families, Please make sure you have accessed the special area class blogs by tomorrow (Friday, June 5th). In order to receive credit in those areas you needed to participate. If you have been submitting forms all along, you should have nothing to worry about. This is just a reminder to those who have not accessed the site. Thank you,… Read more →

Final Schedule for Ms. Cibask’s Class

Dear Parents and Families, It has been a whirlwind of a school year and I am so appreciative of all your hard work and dedication throughout these trying times. The schedule for this week should reflect a major reduction in the overall course load as the year is winding down and summer is ever-encroaching. The next two weeks give everyone… Read more →

Materials Distribution Reminder

Dear Families,  In preparation for materials distribution day on June 2nd, I wanted to remind everyone what to bring from your end and what to expect from the school. Our time slot is from 12:00-12:20. I will be on-site Tuesday as well.  Materials to Return: Library Books  Classroom Library Books  Fabric Reading Bags For Older Siblings ONLY:  All of the… Read more →

Materials Distribution Date

DuVall Families, As our school year winds down, we have scheduled Tuesday, June 2nd as a day to allow families to pick up personal belongings that have been left at school due to the shutdown.  During this time, we will follow the same procedure that was used during the distribution of chromebooks and math materials to allow families to get… Read more →

Assignment Checklist

Below you will find the daily checklist for this week’s assignments. Please try to get everything turned in by the end of the day on Thursday or Friday morning at the latest, so everyone can fully enjoy the holiday weekend. DAILY ASSIGNMENT CHECKLIST FOR 05/18-05/21 Read more →

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