Pennies for Patients

Dear Families, Thanks to everyone’s generosity so far, our class has raised a total of $94. Fortunately, we still have one more day to try and be the class with the most donations. I am providing a link if you are interested in donating online. Let’s try and do all we can to help end Leukemia and Lymphoma. DuVall Donation… Read more →

NAEP Today and Count Day

Dear Families, Today is NAEP (National Assessment of Educational Progress) Testing day. Students who have been selected to participate in this assessment have already been notified. The purpose of this test is to provide a overview of how students in elementary, middle, and high school perform academically across the nation. Additionally, today is Count Day! Every student who attends class… Read more →

Valentine’s Day

Dear Families, This year your child is welcome to bring in Valentines to share with their classmates. We will be decorating bags in class on Wednesday and Thursday to hold all of their cards and treats. Additionally, I will be bringing in a small snack for students to enjoy in the afternoon. You are more than welcome to send in… Read more →

Valentine’s Day Cards

If you are interested in have your child share Valentine’s Day cards or treats on 02/14, I have provided a list of all student names. There are 23 students in the class (18 girls and 5 boys). Miriam 7. Celine 13. Avery 19. Nada Amelia 8. Brooke 14. Ava 20. Merna Layla 9. Samiksha 15. Mona 21. Hudson Keira 10.Clarissa… Read more →

Hundreds Day

Dear Families, This is just a friendly reminder that 100s Day is TOMORROW! If possible, please help your child look like the best version of their 100 year old self. Additionally, students are allowed to bring in 100 individual snacks in a ziplock bag. If plans change for any reason, I will be sure to update everyone on the blog… Read more →

Homework 02/03/20

Math: Succeed pg. 277-278 Reading: Read 25 minutes/ RR Spelling: Week 21 Test on Friday Notes: Math Night is tonight from 5:30-6:30 in various classes throughout the school Library and Gym Tomorrow Late Start on Wednesday NWEA Scores will be sent home on Wednesday from the winter testing window 100th Day is Thursday (Remember to dress up and bring 100… Read more →

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