Thursday, September 3

Hello Kindergartners,

Click on the picture above to learn more about germs and handwashing.

Remember, we don’t have school tomorrow, Friday the 4th, and Monday the 7th. We will see you on Tuesday for our first live Zoom lessons. More information about this will be posted soon. Enjoy the long weekend!

Mrs. Charara

Thursday, September 3

Good morning kindergarten families,

I hope all is well! The kindergarten team is still working hard on setting up and getting acclimated to schoology and zoom. We appreciate your patience as we learn this very new technology.

Please check out this week’s activities down below if you did not get a chance yet.

I’ll be in contact with you again later today.

If you haven’t signed up with class dojo, please do so. It’s a much easier way of communication. I sent instructions to your phone numbers.

Thank you,

Mrs. Charara

Wednesday, 9/2/20

Let’s Learn About Feelings

Please click on the link above to watch the video about acceptance and listen to a story!

Choose a feeling (i.e happy, mad, sad, hurt, excited, surprised) and share what made you feel this way. For example, Ms. Charara was super excited to meet you all today! Send a picture to my email ( of what your face would look like when you would have that feeling. Parents, please add a description to your child’s photo.

Orientation Locations

Wednesday, Sept 2:

Kinder- Outside Kinder wing (Culver side)

2nd- Culver walkway

3rd- Houston side

*Chromebook distribution for those who need it will be in the parking lot

Thursday, Sept 3:

1st- Outside Kinder wing (Culver side)

4th- Houston side

5th- Culver walkway

MOCI- Playground outside main entrance

*Chromebook distribution for those who need it will by in the parking lot.

School Update


 by Amal Alcodray

Dear Snow Families,

While our plan was to make contact with students today, this may not happen until Monday. We had a large number of students who enrolled in the Virtual Learning Plan which lead to staffing changes. ASC has also been without power. Due to these events, class lists may not be complete until later today. Again, we thank you for your patience during this time. The Snow team is eager to get off to a strong start! See you all soon.

Message from Mrs. Alcodray


It may not look the same, but it is back to school time. I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable summer break. 

Dearborn Schools will begin this school year with 100% remote learning for all students. The 2020-2021 school year will begin on Monday, August 31, 2020. The entire first week of school will be a half-day beginning at 8:55 am for elementary and ending at 12:00 pm. The following week will be full days for all elementary students beginning at 8:55 and ending at 3:50.

All Dearborn teachers and students will be using Schoology as our learning management system. This will be the main place to go for classroom resources, assignments and links. Classroom live lessons, both whole group and small group, will take place via Zoom. Students will access assignments, videos and projects through Schoology. When completed and submitted by students, teachers will review, grade and provide feedback on assignments. Attendance will be taken daily.

Until these systems are in place and teachers set up their accounts, we will be communicating with you through email or our school blog. We encourage everyone to sign up for the Snow school blog at:  

To subscribe, simply type in your email address in the spot labeled “subscribe”  

All of us at Snow Elementary are working hard to make sure our new school year provides exciting opportunities for growth and learning. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we all work together to ensure all students continue their educational journey.

Looking forward to a great school year,

Amal Alcodray 


Snow Elementary 

This message has been sent on behalf of Dearborn Public Schools.

Snow School information

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Welcome Back to School

 by Christopher Kenniburg

Welcome Back!

Greetings Snow Community,

I would like to welcome you to the 2020-2021 school year.  Although this is an extraordinary start, I am optimistic that together we will make this a great and successful school year!  I will work to get Snow off to a positive start before I transition to the Human Resources Department in October when the new principal will take over.

In this letter, I will attempt to answer some questions that I have received thus far.  I will continue to communicate information as I receive it on the school blog.  It is imperative that all Snow families subscribe to the school blog for fast and accurate information as things may change throughout the school year. I urge all families to stay connected!  


If your child is still not registered, please be sure to get registered immediately.  Here is the district link to registering.  Please contact the Snow school office if you have any questions at 313-827-6250.

For students who opted-in for the Virtual Learning Program (VLP), please remember that this is separate from Snow but will be facilitated by highly qualified Dearborn Teachers.     

School Year Calendar

Below is the link to the 2020-2021 school year calendar.  The first week of the school has been amended to all half days to provide teachers with additional planning and collaborative time.


Start and end times have been amended for remote learning.  The new times for remote learning are 8:55am-3:50pm and from 8:55am-12:00 pm on half days.  Students are expected to be online where they will be live with their classroom teacher at 8:55 am daily. Please communicate with your child’s teacher regarding potential absences.

Student Placement & Orientation

To ensure social distancing, we will not be posting student rosters on school doors as in the past.  Instead, you will receive a welcome email from your child’s teacher on Friday, August 28th.  It is essential that your email is accurate in ParentConnect to receive important communications.  If you need to update your email, Login to ParentConnect and change it under the ‘My Account’ option.  If you cannot login to ParentConnect, please contact Snow school and we will update this for you.

The Snow team has worked extremely hard to create well-balanced student rosters while taking into consideration the needs of all students as a whole and individually.  If you would like to share specific information about your child’s needs, please contact their teacher.  Our dedicated teachers are accommodating and understand that this is a difficult time for all of our families.  Please stay tuned for more information (including date/time) regarding orientations as it will look different this year.  

Remote Start Learning

As you may know, we are starting this year with 100% online learning until at least the week of October 1st. At this time, the Covid situation will be reassessed by the district.  Traditional grading will be implemented.

  • Chromebook distribution and supply distribution will happen the first week of school.  Details will be posted on the school blog.
  • Platforms: Schoology and Zoom, more information will be shared when available
  • Online Hours: full days 8:55 am-3:50 pm

half days 8:55 am-12:00 pm

  • Schedule: a consistent & structured schedule will be shared during the first week of school. The schedule will include live instruction/breaks/learning labs & independent work times embedded in the school day.
  • Learning Labs: will be virtual and/or optional in-person support, both 1-1 & small groups beginning 9/21/20, stay tuned for more information regarding logistics and protocols 

Important Reminders & Dates

  • Subscribe to the Snow blog!
  • We highly recommend that each student have a device to utilize for online learning.  Please assess whether or not you are in need of borrowing a school device. We will announce a distribution date soon.
  • Week 1 (8/31-9/3): all half days from 8:55am-12:00pm, it will be a soft start with the first week.
  • Please establish routines with your child that include consistent bedtime and morning practices and inform them that they will need to be online daily at 8:55am for live instruction with their teacher.  I also encourage you to identify/create quiet spaces/work stations for your child(ren) to support online learning.

Remember, this is a global pandemic and an unprecedented time.  We will work to support all students. Together, with patience, communication and collaboration, we will get through this!

Thank you,  

Amal Alcodray

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