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Safety issue

We have been having some safety issues with shoelaces. I have many students that do not know how to tie their shoes. I will tie them once but sometimes they come apart when they are playing at recess. Today I had 2 students fall at lunch due to untied laces and one bumped her head and the other broke her glasses. This is a major safety hazard. If your child does not know how to tie their shoes please consider having them wear shoes with Velcro. Thank you!

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Hello Snow Family,

Please remind your child to bring their homework notebooks to class tomorrow.

Thank you to the parents that came to conferences last week! Your presence is important to your child. For upcoming conferences, I sent reminders home last Friday. I am looking forward to meeting with the rest of the families. See you soon!

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Parent Teacher conferences

Please sign up for a conference time in November by clicking on this link. During this conference we will be discussing your child’s progress. Thank you!

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Homework notebooks

Oops! I checked notebooks today and forgot to give them back. Your child can start the October HW calendar tomorrow and just read their books tonight. Sorry!

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