Figurative Language Pictures — DUE FRIDAY! NO LATE WORK ACCEPTED!

Frayer Models Due Tomorrow

2 words




MSTEP Practice Link

Frayer Models Vocabulary DUE TOMORROW


Title: The 7th Grade Vocabulary

Write down all these definitions in your ISN

Create 4 Frayer Model for the most difficult words on the list.

  1. Catechism: formal classes in religious instruction
  2. Raza: that manner that Mexicans greet each other
  3. Saludo de vatu: Greeting between Mexican-American friends
  4. Ese: a slang term used in addressing someone – as in “hey man”
  5. GQ: Gentleman’s Quarterly-a magazine of men’s style and fashion
  6. Siberia: A cold isolated region in Russia
  7. Bonjour: French for Good Day
  8. Tres Bien. Parlez Vouz Francias- Do you speak French
  9. Le Bateau est sur l’eau: French- The boat is on the water


6th hour

If you did not turn in your Scrooge CER, you will receive a zero. Please make sure to turn it on by A2 tomorrow!

All grades are updated, unless you still need to finish your midterm. Check your grades and turn in any work by A2 tomorrow!


Happy New Year! Some updates…

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you are enjoying your break!!

I will be updating grades between now and Saturday… be patient as I post cause I will be doing it slowly. : )

Remember, if you did not turn in your Dynamic Character poster on Scrooge, it MUST be turned in by Monday when we return — NO EXCEPTIONS.

I will no longer be accepting late work when we return, so please check student connect by Sunday morning and make sure all your work is turned in by Monday. Also, I have quite a few no names for some homework assignments. If you are positive you turned in something, please ask to see the pile of no names. Be more responsible next time.

See you next week 🙂

Ms. Charara


Cause and Effect Homework

Google Sheets Worksheet (click here)


Cause = What caused Scrooge to change?

Effect = TEXT EVIDENCE – What did Scrooge say or do to show he was changing? Make sure your format looks like mine with the Act and Scene number.




Scene 3 and 4 Quiz Questions to review

Quiz will be at the start of class. If you are late to class, you will not take the quiz.

Here is the Play: We are on ACT 2 SCENE 3 & 4  (Click to open)

1. What is special about the Cratchit’s, even though they are poor?

2. What is Scrooge’s first reaction when seeing Cratchit’s family with the Ghost of Christmas Present?

3. How did Tiny Tim inspire Scrooge to change?

4. Why is Cratchit able to work with Scrooge? What are some of his qualities? What does he do to show how he feels about Scrooge?

5. Why does Fred feel sorry for his uncle?

6. What do the three businessmen do at Scrooge’s funeral?

7. What color was each ghost wearing?

Act 1 Scene 1-5 Quiz Tomorrow!!


Here is the link for A Christmas Carol…

If we did not finish reading, please finish Act 1 Scene 5 at home. We will be having a quiz on Act 1 Scenes 1-5 tomorrow. This will be a timed quiz, so be ready for it.


  • Why does Scrooge think is causing the Ghost of Marley to appear to him?
  • How does Marley convince Scrooge he is real?

  • Why does Marley drag a heavy chain?

  • What is Marley ’s message to Scrooge?
  • Where and when does the story of A Christmas Carol take place?
  • In what form is Marley appearing to Scrooge?
  • How did Scrooge and Marley know each other?
  • When Marley died, what did Scrooge do with Marley’s name on the business sign?
  • How do we know Scrooge is a miser?
  • What does “bah humbug” mean?
  • Who is Bob Cratchit?
  • What does Scrooge think is more ridiculous than his nephew inviting him over for Christmas dinner?
  • How long ago did Marley die?
  • How much money does Scrooge give the man at the door?
  • Describe what the first ghost looks like
  • At what time does the first ghost appear to Scrooge?
  • List the 5 places that PAST takes Scrooge to?
  • Give one example of how Scrooge is showing he is changing when he goes to the warehouse?
  • Why does Scrooge’s fiance end their engagement and leave him?


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