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Where the Red Fern Grows Study Guide-Chapters 1-7


Answer the questions on a separate sheet of paper?

  1. What literary element is used in this novel? Flashback and Foreshadowing
  2. In chapter 1, what did Billy have on his mantel that triggered memories of years past? Two cups
  3. What happened in chapter 1 of the book that stirred memories in the narrator? The dog fight with the hound and the cups  on the mantel
  4. What is the setting of this novel? Ozark Mountains
  5. How long did Billy save money for his hounds? Two years
  6. What did Papa give Billy to take his mind off the hounds? Traps 
  7. What did Billy catch in the traps? house cat, rats, squirrel
  8. What did Billy use as a bank to save his money in for the hounds? K.C. Baking powder can
  9. What did Billy find in an old fishing camp that changed his life? Sports Magazine 
  10. How much money would the two hounds cost? $50.00
  11. How far did Billy have to walk to reach the post office in Tahlequah? 20 miles
  12. Billy stopped at the school in Tahlequah to ___________________
  13. How did Billy carry his pups home from town? Gunny sack
  14. What did the marshal give Billy? Soda
  15. When Billy was traveling home from town, what awoke him and his dogs during the night? Mountain Lion
  16. How did Billy decide on names for the two pups? Saw the names carved into a Sycamore Tree
  17. Why didn’t Grandpa want Billy to tell his father about the money he had saved? Because his father wanted to buy a mule
  18. What did Billy do to earn money to buy his dogs? Sell different things to people at the shop and the fisherman.
  19. What did Billy buy for his family while in town? Overall, cloth, candy
  20. What are the two names Billy was called while he was in town? Hillbilly and Dogboy
  21. What did Billy need to train his pups? A coonskin
  22. What is one theme in the way Billy deals with his Grandfather? Listening to your elders wisdom and advice
  23. How do we know that papa is fair? He tells Billy not to use the traps anymore once he got the dogs.

Short Answers

24. What happened in chapter 1 of the book that stirred memories in the narrator? See #3

25. What are some things that Billy experiences for the first time in Tahlequah? slide, reflection, large city, school house, lawn mower, soda

26. How does Billy’s Grandfather respond when he finds out that his grandson has been saving every penny to buy two coon hounds? shocked, emotional, proud, understanding

27. Methods of characterization- study Billy’s characterization chart: see chart on page 72 ISN


List 4 traits of Billy and write evidence (quotes) from the novel to prove that trait?

response sentence stems

Chapter Summaries

Remember, chapter 1-6 summary/response pages are all due tomorrow.

I will post the response question stems right after this.

Each chapter is 5 points: creative title, 5 sentence summary, 4 sentence response, and a colored picture.



Where The Red Fern Grows

Bellwork Check

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