Special Needs persons should be registered in case of emergency

Advisory: Police, fire encourage families with special needs to register in case of emergency.                               […]

Holding a Pencil

Often times students develop an irregular way of holding a pencil.  Sometimes their writing is […]

Crossing the Midline

Click here to see the article about the Importance of Crossing the Midline.   Here […]

Sensory tools for calming and focusing

Hi from Catherine, All the activity and newness of the beginning of the year can […]

Fine Motor Activities

Hi everyone! Joe and Staci here! Ready for another fun activity?! Children develop writing skills […]

Current recipes in class

We are going to focus on egg recipes this card marking. We have already made […]

Games for improving grasp

using play dough make a spiney snake. pincher fingers to eat goldfish see how many […]

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