Crossing the Midline

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Here are 3 easy activities to work on crossing the midline.

1 Cross Crawl

This is a great activity that can be done sitting or standing. The point is to use your right hand to touch your left foot and then your left hand to touch your right foot. The more specific you are as to the part of the body the more you engage your frontal lobe. You can tough your right pinky to your left big toe for example. This can also be modified for those with limited range to your touch your hand to your knee. Use music to make it more fun. Sing the Wa-da-lee-atcha song or the listen to The Macarena!



2 Hand clapping games like Miss Lucy

Click below to see this video on your home computer.

3 Draw the infinity sign in the air with your finger.

Keep your head and body pointed forward and draw an infinity sign as large as you can with the part of the infinity sign that forms an x directly in front of your face.

Try drawing the infinity sign on a window with a dry erase marker or on a piece of wrapping paper taped to the wall.

Follow your hand with your eyes and don’t move your head.


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  1. Bernadette says:

    Thank you for these exercises. I’ve tried them out. Very helpful especially if you do them consistently.

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