Finger Football – fine motor skills fun

Fold paper into a foot ball

first fold your paper in half lengthwise
Make a nice sharp crease pressing all along the edge of the paper.
Fold your paper in half again.
Fold one bottom corner to the opposite edge of the paper forming a triangle.
Here is the triangle.
Fold it up and over. Keep it tight and maintain the triangle shape. Keep making sharp creases.
Fold it up and then over on itself again.
keep folding, turning back and forth till you can not make another full fold.
fold last bit that is sticking out into a triangle shape.
This is the football. You can decorate it with colored pencils, markers or stickers.
This is how you hold the football.
Use your non-dominant hand.

Curl your fingers in and extend your pointer. (This movement is important for finger isolation. Flexing fingers and extending different fingers at the same time is an important skill that helps with many fine motor activities.) Practice balancing the football on the table.

Let’s go to the other table and see how to shoot the football!

With the shooting hand – curl all your fingers in with your index finger and thumb pressing against each other…
Let your index finger overpower your thumb and fling the football through the air!
Can you get it through the goal post?

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