Snack Time!

Good Afternoon!

Please make sure to pack an afternoon snack for your kiddo! They are not being provided by the school. It is helpful to separate the snack from the home lunch if they bring one. I am not in the lunchroom and cannot monitor if they eat their snack at lunchtime.

Thank you so much!

Class Dojo for Communication

Please make sure to connect with me on dojo. You will be able to see things we are doing in the classroom, papers that get sent home, events that are going on, and message me directly if you need to chat!

Dojo will be used for communication purposes only.

Each student got a connect code on a white piece of paper in their folder. If you cannot find it, or need another, let me know!!




Please make sure to check and empty red folders every night. Anything on the left side can stay at home. Anything on the right is something that can be returned to me.

Have your kiddo bring the red folder back each day!


First Week is Coming!

Next week school begins!

The first week is half days, Monday – Thursday for Kindergarten. NO SCHOOL FRIDAY!

The bell will ring at 8:35 am, and the kindergarten door will open at that time! School will go until 11:45 am for all students Monday. Tuesday- Friday kindergarten will go half days while the rest of the grades will be full day.

Kindergartners will need to bring a lunch Tuesday-Thursday as we will practice the lunch routine. They also have the option of getting a school lunch if they do not want to bring one. Please make sure their name is on the lunch box or the lunch bag if your child brings one from home.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

School Supply List

Here are the essentials for Kindergarten this year!

They only need their names on the backpack and lunch box.

Backpack: please bring every day 🙂

Lunch box (if you prefer a homemade lunch)

Expo Markers (we use these a lot, the expo brand is best since they last longer)

2 boxes of Kleenex

Clorox Wipes

2 plain folders (no characters)

2 plain WIDE RULE spiral notebooks (no characters)

Boys bring 1 box of gallon size bags

Girls bring 1 box of quart size bags

1-2 boxes of Crayons

1 box of sharpened pencils (Ticonderoga or USA Gold are my favorite for the kids)

1 pair of scissors