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The effects of secondhand marijuana smoke on children

We know the laws are changing but we all know that secondhand smoke of any kind is harmful to our kids. Please think about your kids before smoking anything inside your home or your car. Not only does this impact the health of your child but the other kids can smell the smoke. Both cigarettes and marijuana will permeate your child’s clothes, shoes, coats, and backpacks. As a user you may not smell it, but believe me, the other students do and they might not be kind in their reaction.

Please check out the attached article and if necessary, choose a place like the garage or outside, a place where your child will not be so that he/she is never exposed. Lets keep our kids safe!


Secondhand marijuana smoke and kids

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Penny Wars Update

Day 1 of Penny Wars is in the books!! Here are the points so far!
Preschool  +1150 points
Kindergarten  +183 points
1st Grade  +4171 points
2nd Grade -255 points
3rd Grade  +27 points
4th Grade  +84 points
5th Grade +2780
Staff  -170 points
Way to go 1st grade with an early lead!!
Remember, pennies and bills count as postive points for your grade and put silver coins(nickels, dimes, and quarters) into other grades to give them negative points. Jugs are located in the office.
The winning grade or the staff(if they get out of the negative) will win a catered lunch provided by the PTA as well as gift certificates to Zap Zone and Benihana!!
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Unified is up and running!

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Food Assistance

Hello Snow Families!

The holidays are fast approaching! A wonderful organization is going to donate Thanksgiving dinners to families in need. I also have a couple organizations that will provide a meal and gifts to children in need in December. Please email me  your information if you would like to sign up. If you know a Snow family that could benefit, please let me know. Also, Dearborn Schools is having a coat drive. If you know a child that can use a brand new coat, please email me the child’s name and size.

Happy Holidays!!!

Jen Cartier


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National Walk to School Day!

Oct. 10 is National Walk to School Day, and Snow School is planning to participate.  We are encouraging all families to consider walking or biking students to school that day.  A healthy lifestyle, including sufficient exercise, improves student achievement. Does your child get the suggested 60 minutes or more each day of physical activity?  More families walking would also reduce traffic congestion around the school.  Snow PTA will provide a small gift to all the students who participate on Oct. 10.
For more information, visit the Walk & Bike to School website at
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Leadership Day

Don’t forget to wear your leadership shirt of snow school spirit wear tomorrow (Wednesday) for leadership day!

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Peer Pals

Dear Snow Parents,

Snow Elementary is committed to fostering an inclusive environment for our students with and without disabilities. As part of our efforts to support students with disabilities we have developed a program to promote awareness.

Peer Pals is dedicated to building relationships between general education students and students with special needs.  This program allows general education students to develop empathy and understanding of differing abilities. It allows for students with special needs to build friendships with same age typically developing peers. Some students will be paired in social/academic activities with a peer pal.  Student participation is voluntary.

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Violent video games linked to child agression

Hi Parents!

Video games come with ratings and it is important to make sure your child is only playing age-appropriate games. When thinking about what to buy your children for the holidays, please consider the following article.  Please click on the link below to check out the article!

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