March 20, 2023

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Good Afternoon,

There seems to be a bug or two going around in our room. Last week we had many students out (close to half the class!) due to illness, and it looks like we are continuing this week. Several students have already gone home today and one more is waiting to get picked up as we speak. This is just a friendly reminder that sickness happens, and to please keep your son/daughter home when they are not feeling well. We also understand that students can feel fine in the morning and start feeling sick once they are here – that is o.k., there is no judgement here! Additionally, we know that some students will insist on coming to school, but we ask that you stand firm and keep them home when they are sick. It’s very difficult when a student is not feeling well and they have already made their way to a job site, or when we have to stop instruction to make multiple calls home. We like to remind everyone that we will have your student for approximately eight years (that’s a long time!) …..they will have everything they need by the time they exit our program. Taking time off when they are sick will not hurt their progress and will help to keep everyone here healthy as well! Thank you so much for your understanding.

March 16, 2023

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Hello! Just a few announcements for today:

  • 1. Zumba will be rescheduled for April or May. It was originally resheduled for tomorrow, forgetting that it was a half day. So, we are back to the drawing board but we will make it happen.
  • 2. Tomorrow is a half day – dismissal is at 11:30
  • 3. We have started a unit on Safety in the Home and the first lesson is on fire safety. We encourage everyone to have a fire plan, a meeting spot, and the correct safety supplies in their home. Students are bringing home an activity we did to discuss all the main points of todays lesson.
  • 4. Students should wear their Modern Greek t-shirt on days they are working at the restaurant. It is considered their uniform and has been requested by the owner.

Upcoming Dates:

March 17 – 1/2 day – Wear Green for St. Patrick’s Day!

March 27-31 – No School – Spring Break

April 7 – No School

April 20-21 – No School

April 26 – Late Start

March 6, 2023

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Student supply “restock” lists are coming home today. We were in such a hurry to get the students on the buses due to the weather last Friday, they were still on my desk when I walked in today. Please take a look at those and refresh their supplies as soon as possible. Unless there is a specific reason your son/daughter can only use markers, we have begun to send those home, as they take up so much room in their pencil box. We use colored pencils almost daily, but we do not have a need for markers. They are too thick and messy for our purposes. Students who are attending CBI on Wednesday may bring money to buy any needed supplies.

Zumba is scheduled for this Friday. Please send in $5 by Thursday in order to participate. We always have a GREAT time!

Parent teacher conferences are next week, we will send out a Sign Up Genius link through Remind in order to schedule your conference.

March 3, 2023

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Good Morning,

It looks like we are in for another snow storm! If you follow “SnowFreaks”, you know he just posted an update saying the snow should move in between 12:30 and 1:00 today, which could make the commute home tricky. I am going to place the number for transportation here in case you are waiting on your son/daughter to get home. 313-827-3300 Please call them if you need assistance. If you wish to pick up your son or daughter prior to the snow coming in, please just let us know and we will have them ready. The classroom number is 313-701-7985. If you text us when you arrive we will send your student right down.

Some students are in need of supplies. We took an inventory today and will be sending notes home in their backpack. Also on that note are a few optional supplies the could be used in the classroom: Kleenex, Clorox Wipes and Paper towel. If you have an extra box or roll – it would be greatly appreciated but not expected!

Ms. Susan will be back for Zumba on March 10th. Students who would like to participate should bring in $5 by Thursday March 10th. If there are any former students out there who would like to join us, please let me know. I think there might be one or two out there….. 🙂

Upcoming Dates:

March 8 – Late Start

March 10 – Zumba $5 (Please send money by Thursday March 9)

March 17 – 1/2 day

March 27-31 – No School – Spring Break

Valentine’s Day

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At the end of the day tomorrow, Mrs. King’s class will be hosting a Valentine’s Day party for the students. Students are encouraged to wear red, pink or purple if they have it. Students are welcome to bring valentines day cards and/or treats for their classmates, but it is not required. If they choose to bring them in, there are 22 students if everyone is present.

As a reminder, mid-winter break starts on Friday. There will be no school Friday or Monday. Students return on Tuesday, February 21.

Upcoming Dates:

Feb 15 – Late Start

Feb 17-20 Mid-winter break – no school

March 8 – Late Start

March 10 – Zumba! (Details will be announced at a later time)

March 17 – 1/2 Day

March 27-31 – Spring Break – no school

February 7, 2023

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Hello! Just a few announcements:


CBI forms were sent home to those scheduled to attend tomorrow. We will be going to Target. (I forgot to indicate that on the form). As mentioned previously, we have adjusted our groups to allow students the best experience possible without rushing them through the process. The goal is for your son/daughter to shop and go through the check out as independently as possible, which takes time. Unfortunately the staffing is not what it once was, and we are facing long lines and few cashiers at most places. The students are still getting out and gaining plenty of experience, and we will make sure everyone has equal opportunities to participate!


Some students are struggling with hygiene. (Showers, deodorant, etc.) It is important for everyone that students are taking care of personal hygiene every day, however, when they go to work it is especially important as they are interacting with people in the community. It was brought to my attention that this has become a problem at one of our job sites and customers are noticing. Please make sure your son or daughter is showering every day and putting on deodorant before they leave the house.

February 3, 2023

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Hello! The students thouroughly enjoyed their waffles and bananas this morning! It’s always fun to see them try new things or enjoy things they already like. Everyone did great pouring syrup on their waffles and were very careful not to pour too much! They also practiced cutting skills and they did a great job.

Parent Meeting:

Please see the flyer below for information on an upcoming parent meeting for all secondary and post-secondary (that’s us) families. A copy of this flyer will be coming home with your student this afternoon, as well as a translated version for those who need it.

Upcoming Dates:

Feb 15 – Late Start/Parent Meeting

Feb 17 – No School

Feb 20 – No School

March 8 – Late Start

March 17 – 1/2 Day

March 27-31 Spring Break

January 31, 2023

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Hello! Just a few announcements and reminders on this last day of January!

Work Schedules – please remember to check your students work schedules to make sure they are brining a lunch on the appropriate day. Students who work at one of the restaurants do not need a lunch on the day they work, but will need a lunch every other day. Students who are not scheduled to work at a restaurant need to bring a lunch every day.

Breakfast Program – The students just voted on February’s menu – Waffles and Bananas. I believe we have enough money to get us through February so I will not be collecting anything for now. We were able to get some good sales last month which really helped!

Pizza Party – Tomorrow! Students should bring a drink and their usual morning snack.

CBI – the schedule has shifted due to snow days, etc. We will not be going out until next week.

Upcoming Dates:

February 15 – Late Start

February 17 – No School – Professional Development

February 20 – No School

March 8 – Late Start

March 17 – 1/2 Day

March 27-31 – No School – Spring Break

Stay Warm!

~Camp and Cote

January 10, 2023

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Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful break! It was great to see everyone’s smiling faces back in the classroom yesterday! We came back to new carpet and a freshly painted classroom and we are slowly putting our room back together. That being said, students are out at worksites and it’s business as usual here at Hype!

Here’s what’s going on on the classroom:

  • Breakfast at Hype resumes this Friday, January 13th. We will be having bagels, cream cheese, and apple slices for the month of January. Students may have some or all of what is available. Please see the note that will be coming home today in your students blue folder.
  • CBI groups have been tweaked slightly. If your son or daughter is scheduled for tomorrow, he/she will have a note in their folder today.
  • Coffee Club is still running on Fridays for $1. Students may bring in $1 and learn how to make their own coffee or hot chocolate using a keurig during our break or leisure recreation time.
  • The new semesterer begins January 23rd. We will be adjusting work assigments in order to provide different experiences for our students. We will send a schedule once it is complete.
  • The pizza party that was scheduled before the break will now be held on January 25th. Students will only need to bring a beverage. There is no cost for the students.
  • There are many IEP’s due in the next month. If we contact you regarding an IEP date, please try to get back with us as soon as possible. Thank you!

Upcoming Dates:

January 16 – No School – MLK

January 20th – 1/2 Day

January 23rd – 1/2 Day

January 24th – FULL DAY

January 25th – Camp/Cote’s Class Pizza Party

December 19, 2022

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We made it to the last week of school before the break! It’s hard to believe it’s here ! We will continue our regular schedule this week. On Friday we will celebrate with a pizza lunch and a spirit contest! (Details below)

Thank you for your patience these last few weeks as we have been short staffed due to illnesses. When we are working with the students, we cannot always answer the phone immediately, so if you are here to pick up and student and we don’t reply within a few minutes, please feel free to come up to the room to pick them up.

Speaking of illness, there does seem to be something going around the room. Over half of our class is out again today. This is just a friendly reminder to please keep your son/daughter home if they aren’t feeling well. If a student has a runny nose, cough, sore throat, fever, etc. they should stay home. Not only is your student unproductive when they arrive, they are also passing germs on to other students and staff. Our students LOVE school and never want to miss, so if they tell you they are sick and want to stay home – believe them!

Also, due to the number of illnesses in the room, we will be keeping this years Christmas celebration low key. We don’t want to encourage students to try to attend when maybe they are not feeling well and should stay home. It’s hard to miss a party! We will still celebrate – but we will save our big celebration for our picnic at the end of the year.

Upcoming Dates:

  • December 23 – Last day of school before the break. Pizza lunch – no cost. One of the the bus drivers (Cheryl) generously donated mini cans of soda for the students. If they would like something additional – please send it to school with their snack. Students may bring a snack for a special Christmas movie in the afternoon. Spirit contest – wear red, green, or a Christmas sweater. Student who is the most “decorated” may win a prize! We will be competing with Mrs. Kings class!!!! One winner from each class!
  • January 9 – Students return
  • January 16 – No School – MLK Day
  • January 20 – Half Day
  • January 23 – Half Day
  • January 24 – FULL DAY (The calendar shows a half day for secondary, but our program follows the elementary calendar)

That’s it for now. We hope you all have a healthy, restful break and we look forward to seeing you in 2023!