A message from Mrs. Jakubik regarding the Home Learning Plan beginning April 20, 2020

Maples NEW Home Learning Plan

Good morning Maples parents and students. All of the staff at Maples are missing you so much and hoping everyone is your family is staying healthy.

Last week the state of Michigan approved Dearborn’s home learning plan for the remainder of the school year. This plan begins today for all Dearborn schools and includes math, reading, science and social studies lessons. Instruction will now include new learning as well as review of the most important concepts already taught. The special area teachers will also be sharing art, technology, music and physical education lessons on their blogs. You can find their blogs thru the Maples School blog.

These lessons will be graded and marked on the final report card of the year. The grading for final marking will include 2 for meeting, 3 for progressing and 4 for limited participation or no completion. Teachers will be working hard to support students as necessary by holding video classes, phone calls and online learning. At this time, we cannot enter the building to distribute additional computers but plan to do so as soon as it is allowed. Please message your child’s teacher on Dojo immediately if they are unable to complete work for any reason. Students who do not complete the lessons of the next 8 weeks may be required to attend summer school.

In order to help your child be successful in completing his or her school work for the remainder of the school year I am asking for your help.

Please check the school Dojo and your child’s teacher’s Dojo everyday. Messages will be posted daily with assignment and important information.

Please be sure your child is sitting at a table to complete work and all distractions like the TV or YouTube are turned off.

We ask that you check if your student has completed all assignments every day. Older brothers and sisters can help check too.

Students should only work on the computer for 15 to 20 minutes at a time. They should then take a quick break for activity or to run around outside for a few minutes. This will prevent their eyes or brain from getting too tired. Also we know families and children are sharing the computers so this will help them take turns.

Students should only be playing on video games for a short time each day. Parents please do not let them play for hours at a time or play late into the night.

Finally, students should be going to bed at a reasonable time, by 10 or 11 at the latest and getting up by 10 or 11 in the morning. Teachers will be holding Google Hangouts during the day for students to listen to lessons and it is important that they attend.

Friday begins Ramadan and we know families will be having Iftar at 8:30 in the evening and staying up later.

However, school work will still be expected and teachers will be available all afternoon for lessons and help. Please be sure your child is going to sleep as if they were coming to Maples and getting up and completing the work in the early afternoon during Ramadan.

We truly appreciate all your help and want to help you in any way possible. Please stay in contact with your child’s teacher in Dojo for any help. I am also available for anything you need. I will share my email and I respond to Dojo messages as well. Stay safe and keep learning.

Mrs. Jakubik
Maples Principal

Spring Break 2020

Next week will begin Dearborn Public School’s scheduled Spring Break (April 6-10, 2020).

Please be aware that all teachers will unplug from online learning during this break. Any emails or comments left through iBlog may not be answered before Monday, April 13, 2020.

It is highly encouraged by the kindergarten teachers and myself that students still remain engaged in some sort of activities over break. Here is a BINGO board that is recommended.

Enjoy your time with family and stay safe!

A message from Mrs. Jakubik

Today, the governor of Michigan, ordered all schools to remain closed through the end of this school year. As a staff, we share the disappointment of our families and students but know this plan will support the well-being of all Michigan residents and help slow the spread of COVID 19.

At this time, the district and our staff is working to create a unified plan moving forward to continue to support the emotional and academic learning of our students.

Next week, April 6-10, is Dearborn’s spring break. Staff will be stepping back from remote teaching to relax and spend time with their families. They will be sending some final notes home tomorrow about fun things for families to do next week to keep students active and learning!

Please continue to connect with your students’ teachers. Now more than ever we need to work together to assure our students keep learning and stay healthy!

We miss you all!

Mrs. Jakubik