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Mystery Animal

Observe the close up photograph of the mystery animal. Look carefully for clues on what the animal could be. Then write your prediction in the comment section below. Include a Claim and your evidence. I am including some sentence stems to get you started.

CLAIM: I predict the mystery animal is ____________.

EVIDENCE: I observed the animal had __________________________________________________________________________________________
______________________________________ . That is why I predict the animal is ____________________________________________________________________________________

You can also email me you predictions at

If you had fun figuring out today’s Mystery Photo, here is a link to some more tricky animal photos that you can do with your family. I wonder how many you will get correct?

Science Activities for every grade

Kindergarten How can you find animals in the woods?

First Grade Why do baby animals look so cute? http://Why do baby animals look so cute?

Second Grade- Why do frogs say ribbit? http://Why do frogs say “ribbit”?

Third Grade- Why do dogs wag their tails? http://Why do dogs wag their tails?

Fourth Grade- Where does energy come from? http://Where does energy come from?

Fifth Grade- Why did the dinosaurs go extinct? http://Why did the dinosaurs go extinct?

Stream Tables

The fourth graders are learning how water changes land. Using the stream tables as models to see how the water erodes the land and creates different landforms like canyons, rivers and fans. The can also see how the land travels and where the water deposits different materials like sand and silt.