The following players need to report to the gym @ 7:30 for a meeting, jersey distribution, and a short practice.  Please bring the necessary items for practice.  

Junior Varsity Team
1JozieGrignon6th Grade
2VioletLazarevski6th Grade
3AleenaPakula6th Grade
4NoraPecovic6th Grade
5IzzyWatts6th Grade
6VioletAlioto7th Grade
7SophiaBeydoun7th Grade
8EnnaDzinic7th Grade
9LillyHazinski7th Grade
10MelinaMashhour7th Grade
11JuliaNashar7th Grade
12OliviaRiha7th Grade
Junior Varsity PRACTICE team
13EminaCehaja6th Grade
14AyaBazzi6th Grade
15AlaynaHamka6th Grade
16SaraAyoub7th Grade
17LeanieGutierrez7th Grade
18IsabellaHamood7th Grade

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