APES Week 7

Good morning and welcome to APES. This week we have a video that is 44:00 long. Please watch the entire video, write a paragraph summary and send it to Mr. Brown via Remind. Make sure you watch it all, especially paying attention to Masdar.

Thank you and Stay Breezy.

T. Brown

APES Week 6

Happy Memorial Day and Welcome to APES!

This week is a National Geographic video about apex predators. Watch the video https://youtu.be/X0tkj1pAiuk. List all of the animals, both predator and prey. Summarize the video and say if it is too gruesome for future classes. It is a bit choppy, so be aware of that.

Send your list and summary in Remind, please.

Seniors, you are welcome to do this also, but it is not required.


T. Brown

APES Week 5

Good morning and welcome to APES. Monday is the AP Exam for those of you taking it. There have been some issues with uploading your work to the site. I’m hoping they’ve ironed out the kinks, but be prepared for potential issues. Do your best. That’s all we ask.

This week is a video week for our assignments. Just go to YouTube’s Crash Course and search for Environmental Science. Watch any five videos and send me a short summary of each one. Seniors, this is due by Thursday. Juniors have until Friday at 10 a.m.

Our meeting on Monday is postponed until Wednesday at 1:40 p.m. This is due to senior day at DHS. See you there, Inshallah.

Stay healthy and stay safe.

T. Breezy

APES Week 4

Good morning (or afternoon) and welcome to APES.

I hope you are all doing well and that nobody is sick from the pandemic. Our family is fine so far, but we are listening to the governor and the experts, keeping our social distance, washing our hands, wearing a mask at the store.

The AP Exam is next Monday, the 18th. I know we didn’t do nearly enough FRQs to get you super prepared, but your competence will shine through nonetheless as you make sure you show them what you’ve learned. Show all your work in math problems and make sure you answer the question being asked. Sometimes in math problems you need to almost work it backwards to see the solution. The College Board website has some practice problems if you want to look.

This week is all about air pollution. It is especially topical during this pandemic that affects a person’s ability to breathe. Your assignment this week:

  1. Page 415 Checkpoint. Three questions.
  2. Page 417 Checkpoint. Three more questions.
  3. Page 419 Checkpoint. Three additional questions.
  4. Page 424 Checkpoint: 3 questions.
  5. Page 430 Checkpoint: 3 more for a total of 15 questions.

Those of you doing the AP Exam, you can try the FRQs on page 433-34 This will not be part of your weekly grade, but it may be helpful.

We are actually going to try our video chat again. We meet Monday at 1:40 p.m. The iLearn has the Big Blue Button. https://moodle.dearbornschools.org/course/view.php?id=2247

If any of you want to help me out, I’m going to practice with you at 9 p.m. tonight. Show up and we can iron out any bugs. It’s strictly voluntary. Unlike Monday which is mandatory.

So, I expect to see you all on Monday and hope to see a few of you tonight.

Stay healthy and stay breezy!


APES Week 3

Good morning and welcome to APES!

Many of you did last week’s work and checked in with the proper authorization code phrase. This week will go similarly. I continue to work on video conferencing and hope to actually see you all next week. Until then, stay safe, stay healthy and read Chapter 15.

I will try to include a pic and pdf of the Ch. 15 vocab sometime today. Those of you in the top 10 for April QuizUp are:

  1. Lacey!
  2. Dania
  3. Moat
  4. Aya
  5. Me!
  6. ?
  7. Aseel
  8. Lana
  9. ?
  10. Tamy

These seven folks will not have to worry about the Final Exam. Also, if you are taking the AP Exam, let me know so I can also exclude you from the final.

Any juniors who were not in the Top 10 in April can still avoid the final by being in the top ten for May. Seniors are not eligible since they will be done with school before the end of the month and your grades need to be in before the QuizUp final results will be official.

I’ve been out a bit, enjoying nature at a local park. The trillium are in all their white 3-petaled splendor. If you are authorized to go out, I hear U of M in Dearborn has a nice bunch of them. By the Environmental Center. Ms. Meyers suggested it. Send me a pic in Remind if you can.

So, to check in this week send me a note in Remind of what place you were in April QuizUp. Read Chapter 15 on Air Pollution (one of my favorite topics) and think about how COVID-19 quarantines have affected the air and how people in polluted cities have a higher rate of death due to the virus and air pollution synergism.

Also, if you have not done so, please enroll in the APES iLearn. Do not share the code with outsiders, please: piczzj

Stay healthy, please!

T. Brown

Week 2 APES


We’ve had a little setback in face-to-face meetings. Some scumpuppies have ruined our potential for using Google Meet (Hangout). So, as I transition to learning the Big Blue Button in iLearn I’m asking that you just check in via Remind.

Everybody checked in last week and 85% of you did the assignment adequately. Please continue to do the five daily QuizUps. Stay in the top 10.

This week we are finishing up Chapter 14. Please do the “Do the Math” questions 1 and 2 under “Your Turn” on page 388. If you don’t have a textbook ask a friend to send a pic of the aforementioned page. BTW, a “manure lagoon” is not a place you’d enjoy visiting. Or having upwind of your home. NIMBY.

On pages 399 and 401 there are three checkpoints. Do these six questions. Take a picture of your answers and send it to me via Remind.

Finally, if you are taking the AP Exam, there is a Free Response Question on page 406. Answer questions 1 and 2 (all parts) and send it to Mr. Brown if you want feedback. Also, you should be checking the College Board website for topics covered on the Exam.

I hope to have the BBB up and running next week using iLearn.

Nasser, H-Town and Nadien: do the Socrative and the vocab from last week, please.


Thomas B. Brown

Teacher of Science

COVID Week 1

Good morning and welcome to APES!

As you’ve been reading the letter from Principal Martin, I know you’ll be ready to really get back to work where it counts.

This week is review for anybody who has been keeping up, but I would like everybody to send me their answers to Chapters 13 and 14 vocabulary (in Remind). The Remind code is @c248ee.

The Ch. 13 and 14 reading should be finished this week. I’m working on a “Socrative” quiz for the assessment for these chapters. I can only do it in a multiple choice format. You have to give it your best effort to get a passing grade.

Additionally, we will be meeting in a Google Hangout on Monday from 1;:40 – 2:20 as your check-in for the week. You’ll be required to answer a simple question in the comment section as your attendance. Log in with your real name and school e-mail.

Basic etiquette (the norms) for a hangout:

1.  Be on time.

2.  Find a quiet place free from distraction

.3.  Maintain respect in speaking, writing and appearance. 

 4.  Stay on mute unless you have something relevant to contribute

.5.  Video needs to remain ON to promote focus.  Eye contact should be maintained.

6.  Refrain from chewing gum, eating and drinking in front of the camera.  

Continue to do the QuizUp to stay in the top 10 in Michigan for April. This will be your final exam grade.

Expect weekly assignments on Sundays by noon that will be due by Fridays at 10 a.m. I will also try to give you the Socrative on Friday.

I’ve been missing this class a whole bunch during this quarantine and look forward to seeing you again.


T. Brown

COVID Quarantine Day 32

Good morning and welcome to APES.

Thanks for all your patience the past month. We’ve been asked to keep you all moving forward as best we can. The College Board website is your friend for the AP Exam.

Starting Monday you should be looking for us to do a Google Hangout. I’ve never done one, so it may be interesting the first couple of times. But, you’ve been patient with me all year, so I appreciate that and expect it will continue.

Keep reading Ch. 14. We wanted to get through at least 16 chapters this semester. That should get you fairly well prepared for the exam. Those of you not doing the AP Exam, your place on the leaderboard in QuizUp will determine your final learning in the class. Top 10 or bust.


T. Breezy

COVID Quarantine Day 30

Good morning and welcome to APES!

You should have read Chapter 13 and finished the vocabulary and sent me your results in a picture in Remind, already. If not, please do so.

So, now we move on to Chapter 14: Water Pollution. It’s really good to know the different types of point sources and nonpoint sources. You should also know the steps to a sewage treatment plant in Figure 14.6 on page 387.

Read Chapter 14 and I will try to send you a picture of the vocabulary today.

Keep doing the QuizUps, challenging each other and me. But, you don’t have to send me your daily results. I can see how you are doing on the Michigan leaderboard.

Thank you.

Stay healthy and Stay Breezy!

T. Brown

COVID Quarantine Day 19

Good morning and welcome to APES!

Today is the last post before Spring Break. Such as it is.

Please continue to do the daily 5 Quizups and read Chapter 13.

Today I am sending Chapter 13 vocabulary “Quiz” in Remind. It is two pictures. You’ll recognize the windmills.

Have a great Spring Break!

Stay healthy and Stay Breezy!

T. Brown