Week of December 4

We are in Gym A.  We will continue with Handball.

Week of November 20

We will be in Gym A.  6th grade is doing DANCE with SLR’s class. 8th grade will start HANDBALL.

October 30-November 3

We will be in GYM C. We will continue working on Volleyball skills & fitness testing. REMEMBER: Swimming next week.

Week of October 16-20

Cipriano Meet on Monday Oct. 23 at Ford Field. PE Classes will be in Gym A & B. Activity: Tumbling

Week of March 6

We are in GYM A this week.  Badminton and ping pong.

Week of Feb. 27th

We are in the pool for one more week. 10 minute testing, deep end working on breast stroke.

Week of January 9th

This week we are in GYM A.  Make sure to bring your clothes and shoes. We are starting will volleyball skills; forearm pass and setting.

Week of December 19th

We are assigned to GYM A this week.  We will start a Volleyball Unit after the break. Skills will include: bumping and setting the ball

Week of November 14th

Gym C this week.  We will be playing HANDBALL! Skills include:  passing/receiving, goalie skills, playing positions. REMEMBER to bring GYM CLOTHES this week!!

Wayne County Regional Enhancement Education Millage Proposal

  School districts in Wayne County have placed a proposal on the November 8th ballot to provide added funding for our schools. It is the “Regional Enhancement Millage Proposal.” If approved by the entire county, the 2 mil proposal will generate approximately $6.2 million from Dearborn but the District will receive $7.8 million in additional […]

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