Welcome Back!

Good morning,

I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing Spring Break!

I know teachers will be posting on Dojo what the week will look like so I will keep it simple here. Please encourage your child to write today about one thing they did during the week off. It can be something they did with a brother or sister, something on their own, simply playing a game or outside. Add the writing to your child’s portfolio on Dojo and your child’s teacher and I can see it there!

Remember perfect spelling is not expected. Please have your child listen and record all sounds in a word independently. It may be helpful for them to verbally tell you what they will write first and then they can spend time writing.

Happy Writing!

Spring Break

Hi Families,

Next week will be our Spring Break! There will be no new information posted here however my challenge to families is to read or listen to a story every day next week 🙂

Please check your teacher’s dojo page as they are providing information about next week.

Take care and please reach out if you need anything!

Mrs. Bondy

Listen to a Story :)

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Today begin your week by listening to a read aloud. You can choose any book. I know many teachers are posting read alouds on class dojo or you can follow the link below and choose one.

Storyline Online

For an extra challenge after listening to the stories list all of the characters in the story to a family member!

Happy Reading!

Word Hunt

Happy Friday!

Today with paper and a pencil walk around your house and write down all the words you know! Even add in a few that you do not know and have a family member help you with the new words.

This is just like our Daily 5 Word Work choice of Write the Room!

Have fun!

Mrs. Bondy