Good morning, I hope you and your families are safe and healthy. I miss you guys so much. The assignments are up on Google Classroom. Today you have math, reading, writing, and science

Math- go on the link and watch the video, then work on lesson 5 in the succeed math book.


Science- go on the link for mystery science and watch the video. You don’t have to do the project if you don’t have the materials. Just watch the video and answer the questions.


Reading- click on the link for ReadWorks and read The Meadowland and answer the questions. Make sure you’re clicking on turn in, so I can get the work. I haven’t received some of the work. I’ll be sending an e-mail to the students that didn’t turn the work in.

Writing – write about the prompt in google docs and e-mail it to me.

Earth Day is April 22nd. Make a list of ten ways you can help conserve natural resources. An individual produces about 4 pounds of garbage per day. If there are 4 people living in each house on a street where there are 26 households, how many pounds of trash does that street accumulate? What if the street was one of 12 roads in a neighborhood, how much trash would the neighborhood create? Take a walk outside with an adult. Identify any forms of pollution you encounter along the way. Should everyone be required to recycle? Debate with someone in your household.

For writing, I also want you to have a notebook just for writing and I will give you a prompt to write in it every day.

For today ………

Write about how you feel about being home away from your teacher and friends and share what you wrote with someone in the family. If you like, you can call me and share it with me too.