Happy Friday!

We made it through our first full week.

The to do list for today has posted in the updates on my Homeroom. Please check the list and check assignments to make sure there are no missing or overdue assignments. It is my goal to get caught up on grading this weekend and I hope everyone is all caught up so you aren’t hearing from me about missing assignments.

We will continue with NWEA testing Monday afternoon at 2:00. Students will join the afternoon Zoom Learning Lab link.

As always, please send me an email if you have any questions.

Have a great weekend,

Mrs. Bennett

Please help create a focused work space

To create the best learning environment possible:

  • Sitting up during lessons and learning time
  • Cell phones, game systems, or other electronic devices should be off and put away so students are not distracted from their learning
  • Find a quiet place with minimal distractions to create the best learning environment possible
  • Have learning materials ready and accessible for each subject
  • Keep computer charged

Thank you for your ongoing help and support!

Happy Monday!

Here is today’s to do list:

  1. Do Word Study Day 4
  2. Open Benchmark link in ELA, choose a book and read for 20 minutes
  3. Do Math Homework: Succeed book page 15 – #1a, 1b, 1c, 2 (first one only), 3a, 4a. You can do more if you want more practice. 

Be in touch with questions. 

See you in the morning!

-Mrs. Bennett

It’s Friday!

Here is today’s to do list:

  1. Finish any work that did not get submitted – I will be grading this weekend. 
  2. Read for at least 20 minutes
  3. Do your Reading Response Journal in (ELA) – Click on 9/11/2020 to reread what to write about.
  4. Complete Word Study Day 3 (in ELA)

Have a good weekend!

Read everyday.

See you Monday morning at 8:55

Today is September 11. 

Here is a video for you to watch with your 4th grader about September 11. Please watch and have a discussion. I posted this to my Schoology Homeroom as well and encouraged students to have a discussion with you. 


Our third full day!

Here is today’s to do list:

  1. Finish any work that did not get submitted from Tuesday and Wednesday
  2. Read for at least 20 minutes
  3. Do your Reading Response Journal in (ELA) – choose a question from the “Question Jar” to write about 
  4. Do Math Homework in Eureka Succeed book – page 11. Do problems 1a & 1b
  5. Complete Word Study Day 2 (in ELA)
  6. Finish creating your Daisy – Write your name in the middle, on each of the 5 petals write one thing you are good at and draw a color illustration.  
  7. Join me in the Learning Lab if you have questions or want help on any assignment – Zoom link in Homeroom Course. I am available 2:00 – 3:50 pm. 

Another Great Day!

Here is the student to do list based on what we did in class today:

  1. Complete word study (in ELA) and submit when done
  2. Choose a book and read for at least 20 minutes
  3. Do your reading response journal (in ELA) – write about why you chose your book and what you like about it so far
  4. Do math problems in Eureka Succeed book – Lesson 1: 1a, 1c, 2a, 2b, 2c on pages 5 and 6. Use the homework helper to guide you and the work in your Learn book we did together today.
  5. Complete Writing (in ELA) – what I’m good at, list at least 6 things, submit when done. 

Send me an email if you have questions or would like help on any assignment. I can work with you during Learning Lab hours in the afternoon. 

See you soon!

-Mrs. Bennett

First Full Day!

Our first full day was a success!

Please know there will be kinks to work out this week and we will do our best to get them worked out as quickly as possible. I’m really proud of my class and how everyone showed up ready to learn today. 

I’m posting our schedule here again for you so you can look at it anytime you need. I included where to find the Zoom link for each time/subject.

I signed everyone up up for an Epic account. Follow the link in ELA and start finding some good books to read! We will start building in some independent reading time into our days.

I look forward to seeing everyone again tomorrow morning at 8:55 am in ELA!