3 Items to Share

3 items to share with you this fine Monday morning:

(1) As of this morning, many students have told me that they are still working on last week’s assignment, which was due Sunday night. I have decided to give you an extra day. So the new assignment for this week will be posted Tuesday morning. Please don’t hesitate to email me (bazzim@dearbornschools.org) with any questions, and remember to check back Tuesday morning on Google Classroom for your new assignment.

(2) We will continue to have our weekly video session, a requirement for our class. However, we will no longer be using Google Hangout/Meet. We will instead use Big Blue Button on iLearn, a much more secure and safe way to have a video session.

On the day that your class is scheduled for its video session, I will send instructions in the morning.

Please check my blog post from last week for the scheduled weekday & time for each hour’s session:

(3) If you are still having difficulty handing in your work in Google Classroom, Please check the message I posted yesterday in Google Classroom for instructions on how to do that.