Quiz on Derivatives Tuesday!

It will be over all 3 of the objectives we have been working on thus far in the derivatives unit.  Please make sure you have completed the Khan Academy work, that covers the objectives as well!  If you were absent or have misplaced any of the notes, go to Unit 2 in ilearn:  https://moodle.dearbornschools.org/course/view.php?id=2675#section-3

This has all of the worksheets we have been doing this week.

Calculus – week of 9/28

We finished our first quiz on limits and students received it back on Friday.  Don’t forget to complete your homework on the Intermediate Value Theorem over the weekend – if you misplaced your copy please check for it on Ilearn, I posted it there.  We also completed homework on continuous functions this week – make sure that is completed and turned in if you have not done so.  I will be available after school today, Tuesday, and Wednesday next week – please plan accordingly if you need extra help before the test next Thursday and Friday.