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Ms. Bass' Preschool Class Posts

Week of Sept. 23rd…

Welcome to our Preschool Classroom iblog. You will receive email notification when I have posted something new. Next week we are looking forward to our first full week.

Picture day is on Wednesday, September 25th…order forms will be sent home on Monday afternoon. If you would like to purchase school pictures, please return the form to school no later than Wednesday morning. All students will have their picture taken for the school year book.

Since licensing rules require parents to sign their child in and out of PreK, you must park in a parking spot. We cannot park in the drop off lane- even if it’s “just for a second.” The drop off lane is for the elementary students who can walk into the building by themselves. Ms. Sandi and Mr. Martin noticed several Preschool parents “holding” up the drop off/pick up line last week. Please ask me if you have questions or are unsure where to park!

Goals for This Week:

Message Board time: Children will be identifying situations that are “okay” and “not okay” for our classroom. We will create a picture chart of their ideas when situations arise throughout the week. This will help children understand how to be a caring member of our classroom.

Small Group time: Children will be introduced to the sand table. Expect children to come home with a bit of sand in their hair this week–it happens in PreK! Children will be learning to use slow hand movements to keep the sand inside the sand table. Children will practice taking turns at the sand table and using a timer to track how long their turn at the sand table is. In other small group activities, children will be introduced to the stencils in the art area, the wooden toys in the table toy area and using our journals for writing/drawing.

Planning Time: Children will be working on using their friends’ names and the names of the areas in our classroom.

Worktime: Children will be working on turn taking, building friendships, and using materials in our classroom.

Recall Time: Children will be making their own recall video this week. In their video, children will tell what they did during worktime. I will post these videos next week for you to see. I love comparing videos to see growth from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. Most likely- at the beginning of the year, children will say one or two words telling where they want to work (example: “block area,” “play babies” etc..) by the end of the year we will hear much more (example: “I want to go to the house area with Jana and we can have a party. It will be a birthday party for Zeinab and I think Yara will come to the party too. We can make decoration in the art area with scissors and paper…and crowns. Do you want to come too? Well, when we are done, we can go into the block area to build a bed for the babies, because the babies will come to the party too…..”). It’s amazing how much language improves over the course of our time together.

Whole Group: Children will be helping to create a “Listen to Reading” chart for our classroom. We will be reading stories about going to school, and sharing how our classroom is similar/different to the books we’ve read.

More details about our planned activities are hanging on the bulletin board outside our classroom.

Enjoy your weekend!