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Ms. Bass' Preschool Class Posts

Parent Talk

Margaret King Ahmed – Parent Involvement Educator will be hosting effective Parent talk classes here at River Oaks School.

What is Parent Talk? You will learn communication skills that empower, encourage self-responsible behaviors, self-motivation and character development. Learn practical skills to positively effect the social and emotional development of your children and family. You will increase achievement and decrease discipline issues with effective Parent Talk.

Classes will be held on Tuesday’s at 1:30 – 3:30.

Classes will be held on January 9,16,23, 30th

February 6,13,27. March 6th

Graduation will be March 13, 2018

Please contact Ms. Sandi in the office if you would like to participate in the classes. Call 313-827-6750

Any questions please call Margaret at 313-827-8788.

Week of December 11th…

Weekly Reminders:

  • Please bring ALL snow clothes to school on Monday:
    • snowpants
    • boots
    • warm jacket
    • hat (not a coat hood)
    • gloves
    • pair of slip on shoes/velcro tennis shoes (to change into after coming in from outside)
  • This week Wednesday (December 13th) is our Parent Meeting/Winter Fair.  This will NOT be at River Oaks- it will be held at Cotter Preschool (located at 13020 Osborne St. Dearborn)  Our time for activities is from 12:30-1:45pm.  There will be NO PreK at River Oaks on Wednesday, we will all be at Cotter from 12:30-1:45.

 Weekly Lessons:

This week, we will work directly on:

  • reviewing letters/sounds already introduced:  Oo, Mm, Ii, Ss, Aa
  • learning to use the ipad to scan QR codes
  • introducing “Listen to Reading” as part of our Daily 5

Message Board:

  • Children will welcome back Zainab
  • Children will review letters/counting
  • Children will sort beginning letter sounds/pictures

Small Group:

  • Children will create a strip to show them the order of putting snow clothes on.
  • Children will practice dressing themselves in their winter clothes.
  • Children will draw a journal page of themselves wearing winter clothes.


  • Children will be drawing/coping symbols for the area they would like to work.


  • Children will be writing their name on a slip of paper and creating a classroom graph of where they worked during worktime.

Whole Group:

  • Second Steps:  Children will identify when something happens by accident.  Children will talk about what to do if something happens by “accident” and how to ask “Are you okay?” when something happens to another person.


Please “Comment” below with any questions or concerns…

Additional Preschool Spots May Be Available!

Attention: Families with Preschool age children who are 4 years of age by December 1, 2017.  There is an immediate possibility of free full-day preschool beginning in January 2018 in the Dearborn Public Schools (next month). The family must be eligible based on risk factors and not currently enrolled in a GSRP program.  If interested, families may pick up an application at the Cotter Early Childhood Center, 13020 Osborn or call Nadia Berry at 313-827-6150.

Please respond immediately as slots are limited. Families must live in the city of Dearborn.

Please forward this to all Dearborn families with 4-year-olds.



انتباه : إلى من لديهم أطفال بسن مرحلة الحضانة / الروضة و سوف يبلغون من العمر أربع سنوات في الأول من كانون الأول ٢٠١٧ . هناك فرصة فورية للتسجيل في برنامج حضانة روضة بدوام يومي كامل مجاني مع بداية كانون الثاني ٢٠١٨   في مدارس ديربورن الرسمية ( الشهر القادم). سيتم قبول العائلات تبعاً لعوامل الخطورة و عدم كون الطفل طالباً في برنامج الاستعداد لبداية عظيمة. بإمكان العائلات المهتمة الحصول على طلب التسجيل من مركز كاتر للطفولة المبكرة ، الواقع على ١٣٠٢٠شارع أوزبورن. أو الاتصال بالسيدة نادية بيري على الهاتف رقم ٦١٥٠ – ٨٢٧- ٣١٣.

نرجو منكم الاتصال بنا بأسرع وقت ممكن فالاماكن محدودة .


نرجو منكم تمرير هذه الرسالة لجميع أولياء الأمور مع أطفال بعمر الرابعة.

Hats and Mittens!

Please remember to send hats and mittens EVERYDAY!

Weather is changing, we go outside TWO times each day for about 30 minutes each time.

Help me keep your children warm by sending them warm hats and mittens.

We will be practicing how to dress for the winter weather starting next week.  Please send in snow pants this week.

Thank You!

New Boundary Proposal Meeting

Community Forum – High School Boundary Proposal

River Oaks School – Wednesday December 6, 2017 at 6:00 p.m.

As part of the overall plan to review the enrollment increases at Dearborn’s three comprehensive high schools the District will hold a meeting to provide information and solicit feedback regarding proposed high school boundary changes. The forum is open to all member of the River Oaks community. Parents, students, staff and all community members are invited to attend.

The Board of Education has not made any decision regarding these plans. The District is in the informational gathering stage of the process. The board will make a decision once they have collected feedback from the community, looked at all options, and then will vote as a Board on a final plan.

For more information a special “Boundary Blog” as been created and can be found at

Please attend this important meeting, it could affect where your child will go to high school

December Parent Meeting

Our December Parent Meeting will be replaced with your attendance at our Winter Fair.  Please read the following information for details.

WINTER FAIR (our December Parent Meeting)

  • Date:         Wednesday, December 13th
  • Location:  Cotter Early Childhood Center located at 13929 Osborne St, Dearborn, MI 48126
  • Time:         12:30-1:45pm

On December 13th, all GSRP Preschool classrooms will join together and celebrate winter with activities that build on learning.  You and your child will go from room to room to participate in activities with a fun “winter” theme.

Preschoolers and parents will need their hands for projects, please leave backpacks and younger siblings at home.

Activities include:

  • Pictures with Elsa
  • Making a Picture Frame using art materials
  • Skating Rink strengthening legs and coordination
  • Decorating baked goods with tools
  • ABC Writing in Snow
  • Snowflake Rubbings using textures
  • Snowman Stamping counting and identifying numerals
  • Snowcone tasting

Week of Dec. 4th…

Weekly Lessons:

This week, we will work directly on:

  • recognizing numerals 1,2,3,4,5 and continued work on counting items
  • Addition and subtraction (hehe, the kids will have no idea that they are practicing kindergarten skills–but they will be 🙂
  • Letters Ii and Zz

Message Board:

  • Letter introductions for Ii and Zz (Letter “i” makes the sound /i/ like inchworm, the motion is the pointer finger bending up and down, letter “z” makes the /z/ sound like in the word zebra, the motion is two hands tucked under your head like a pillow).

Small Group:

  • Children will learn about city transportation and build a city using blocks and community buildings.
  • Children will roll dice and count dots and write the matching numeral.
  • Children will create an art collage using new materials on the art shelf and elmers glue (they love glue).
  • Children will recognize numbers and punch that many holes into a paper with paper punchers.


  • Children will play a number matching game before making their plan.


  • Children will create a class graph of where they worked during work time.  Children will write their name on a slip of paper (hehe, more practice name writing) and will talk about graphing results.  By the end of the week, we will talk about areas of the room that are used the most/least and talk about why we think our results occurred.

Whole Group:

  • Journal:  Children will create a drawing and be encouraged to write the beginning sound of items in the picture that they can recognize.
  • Second Steps:  Children will talk about emotions and feelings.

Photos from this week:

Children used their small finger muscles to scratch “o” stickers off a paper and put them on a “o” paper.


Children have been practicing how to write their first and/or last names.  See below, for our little sillies and progress!


Numbers Take Home Project

During conferences several parents asked about activities they could do at home to support learning at school.  Here is one way you can help!  We are placing a “take home project” into your child’s mailbox with instructions available electronically as well, by clicking here –>Take home project numbers   

We are asking that you send numbers and things your child has counted to school so we can display them on our bulletin board.  See the last page of the packet for examples.

Please post any questions you have in the “comments” box of this post, and I will be happy to answer.

Week of November 27th…

Weekly Reminders:

  • A normal, full week of school!
  • Please send in things from the “numbers” take home project.

 Weekly Lessons:

This week, we will work directly on:

  • Letter Oo and Mm
  • continued practice writing, tracing, naming letters in first and/or last names
  • Finding the “first letter” and “last letter” in your name
  • watching for numbers and how they relate to everyday life
  • talking about fall and thinking about winter

Message Board:

  • Letter Oo and Mm names and letter sounds (O makes the sound /o/ like in octopus, we make the sound and wave our hands around like an octopus.  M makes the /m/ sounds like the beginning of the word mouse.  The M sound is made and we pretend to be a mouse eating cheese and say mmmmmm as we eat it.)

Small Group:

  • Children will learn basics of how to care for animals and will pretend play caring for an animal.
  • Children will throw 5 “apples” into a box and count how many landed inside the box, and how many fell out of the box.
  • Children will journal about their favorite part of the classroom.  Children will be encouraged to write/copy the letters to spell the words.
  • Children will strengthen their fine motor muscles by weaving  strips of paper into an apple shape.


  • Children will play a matching game and talk about emotion words
  • Children will write their name
  • Children will count out a quantity of ducks
  • Children will use name sticks to create their name



  • Children will use counting beads to count how many things a child has said about their worktime.

Whole Group:

  • Children will read and retell the story of Mrs. Wishy Washy with props.
  • Second Steps:  Children will talk about situations where one person feels happy, but another person feels a different emotion.
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