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Ms. Bass' Preschool Class Posts


I don’t wanna talk about kindergarten….because I want to keep the kids I have…..forever and ever


at the request of the office, I must share with you:

There is a meeting for all parents of children who will be attending Young 5’s and Kindergarten in the fall on: Tuesday March 26, 2019 from 1:30-3:00 p.m.


Tomorrow, please pack your child an extra pair of socks and bring shoes AND boots.  The snow has melted into water puddles, and we will need dry things to wear when kids come in from outside tomorrow.


Week of February 4th…

Weekly Reminders:

  • If your child brings home a take home bag, please return it to school the next day.  Thanks!

Weekly Lessons:

Lesson Plans for this week can be found here –>Feb4

This week, we will work directly on patterning and graphing.

Week of January 28th…

Weekly Reminders:

  • I will be retesting letters/letter sounds during the week of February 11th.  Please help your child practice learning letter names/sounds.
  • Take home bags all have new activities to help with learning letter names/sounds.  Ms. Aldafaii is working on Arabic translations and we will have them to students sometime next week.  Please remember, the take home bags need to be returned to school the next school day- in the morning.  This will allow us to get each of the bags to each family for letter practice.

Weekly Lessons:

Lesson Plans for this week can be found here –>Jan28

This week, we will work directly on patterning and graphing.  Children will learn about what disappointment means and strategies to handle that strong feeling.  Children will also hear the story the Three Billy Goats Gruff and do a retelling project letting them come up with props and learning what the word “character” means.

Funny of the week:

Child 1:  “I don’t have any idea what you are saying….did you say Arabic words Ms Bass?”

I had just told kids to get their blanket box and line up at the door.

Child 2:  “No, she didn’t say any Arabic words…she doesn’t even know them…she said: “Get your blanket box.”

Child 1:  “I still don’t know what those words are.”

Child 2: “GGGEEETT YYYOOOOUUURRRR BBBLLLAAANKKKEEETT  BBBBOXXXX– Did you understand the words that time?”

Child 1: “Ohhhhh,  blanket box….I thought she said baby box.”


Alivia and Jana decided to use the time to keep track of when Zaynab’s turn wearing the cat costume was done. They noticed that the clear plastic inside the timer distorts faces when they look through it. They made faces at each other and laughed so hard about it. So cute…



Who Let the Letters Out?

At the bottom of this post you will find the YouTube link to the video we use at school to teach the letter sounds to children….it’s the one we did at the last parent meeting with you.

Is your child not sure of the motion that goes with the letter?  Here are descriptions of the motions we use:

a –  Open arms wide like an alligator mouth and say the “ah” as in alligator.

b — Put one hand up in the air, pretend grab honey, bring to mouth and say “b” as in Bear.

c –  Rub the side of mouth with hand as if cleaning like a cat and say “c” as in cat.

d –  Make bunny ears with both hands and bow them forward saying “d” as in deer.

e –  Wave one arm up in the air like an elephant saying the short “e” sound as in elephant

f – Put one hand on top of the other, palm down, and extend thumbs and say “f”.

g – Pretend to pound your chest like a gorilla and say “g” as in gorilla.

h – Tap the front of thighs one time saying “h” as in horse.

i – Hold up pointers and bend them down as you say the short “i” sound as in “inny”.

j –  Wiggle fingers/hands downward in front of your body as you say the sound “j”.

k – Hold hands in fists like a boxer. One up and one down. Alternate moving the fists up and
down one time and say the sound “k”.

l – Hold hands under chin, palms down, and say “l”.

m – Pretend to nibble a piece of cheese saying “m”.

n – Hold fingers like glasses around eyes and say “n”.

o – Wave arms at sides like tentacles and say short “o” sound as in “olive”.

p –  Hold hands at the side of you body like penguins wings with hands extended saying “p”.

q – Hold pointer up and touch it to your thumb as you put your hand on your forehead  and say Qu (kwuh).

r – Hold hands up like bunny paws and say “r” (ihr not ruh).

s – wiggle hand out in front of you like a snake and say “s”.

t – hold hands out like you are holding the bars of a cage and say “t”.

u – hold hand right on top of head like you are holding an umbrella the other hand hits into your stomach like a bird crashing into your tummy saying the short sound “u” as in “up”.

v –  hold hands at your lips like vampire teeth and say “v”.

w –  Hold your hands together and do a mini “wave” like a breakdancer from the eighties (it’s the only way I can think of saying it) and say “w”.

x – extend pointer fingers and make an x and say “x” (ks).

y –  Hold hand up to your ear holding out pinking and thumb like a pretend phone and say “y”.

z – Holds hands up to the side of your face as if going to sleep and say “z”.

Week of January 14th…

Weekly Reminders:

  • Thurs, January 17th is a Parent Meeting day.  We will meet you in our classroom at 8:45am.
  • Mon, January 21st is a No School day for all Dearborn students.
  • Tues, January 22nd is a half day of school for all students.  PreK will be picked up at 11:30am

Weekly Lessons:

Lesson Plans for this week can be found here –>Jan14

This week, we will learn about our family.  Children will be creating stories about their family, graphing how many people are in their family and creating drawings/pictures of their family.

Parents, Are You Going Crazy Yet?


Is your Preschooler bored and spending their time driving you CRAZY?  Lol, here are a few things you can have them do to keep their brains active and learning…just a few more days until Winter break is over and children are back to school- I know you can make it until Monday!

  1. Have your child practice writing their first/last name.
  2. Look through an ABC book with them…have them name as many letters as they can.  Practice naming the ones they can’t remember.
  3. Practice counting outloud from 1-10 or 1-20 or 1-30 (depending on what number your child can count to by themselves).
  4. Use measuring cups/spoons and have your child put them in order from largest to smallest.
  5. Walk around the house and count how many windows, beds, pillows, doors, spoons/forks you have.
  6. Write numbers 1-10 on paper and draw pictures to represent the amount of each number.
  7. Have your child help you with household chores: sorting laundry into piles by colors (sorting by color), folding towels (shape identification), setting the table for dinner (counting)…it’s getting stuff done at home and learning all in one!
  8. Spray shaving cream on a cookie sheet and practice writing numbers in the shaving cream (messy, but SUPER fun)!
  9. Call a classmate and see if they can come over to play.
  10. Go for a walk outside and keep track of how many cars pass you on the road as you walk on the sidewalk.



Week of January 7th…

Weekly Reminders:

  • Winter break is December 24th-January 6th….No School for all Dearborn students
  • Monday, January 7th….Come back to school 🙂
  • Thurs, January 17th…PreK Parent Meeting
  • Mon, January 21st…No School for all Dearborn students
  • Tues, January 22nd…1/2 day of School

Weekly Lessons:

Lesson Plans for our first week back can be found here –>Jan7

When we return, we will work on counting and identifying numbers 0-10.  We will introduce 4 more letters and 2 letter sounds.

Enjoy your break!

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