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Ms. Bass' Preschool Class Posts

YouTube Videos for letters and letter sounds

At your request, here are my favorite youtube videos that can be used for learning letter sounds and letter names!

Movements for the letter sounds…

Use these videos to help your child learn the letter sounds and movements to the letters. You can look at the the description of how to do the movements by clicking here…

Explanation of how the movements are paired with the animals.

Letter Sounds Practice….

Use these videos if your child is able to do all the movements.

Letter Naming Practice

Use these videos to help your child name letters fluently (quickly)! During kindergarten readiness assessment, children have 1 minute, 30 seconds to name capital letters and another 1 minute, 30 seconds to name all the lowercase letters.

Matching letter sounds to letters…

Use this video if your child has a good grasp on letter names and letter sounds. This skill is used to help children break words apart when learning how to write words they do not know how to spell!

Welcome Sammy!

Did your child tell you that we will be having a new classmate join our Preschool class?

Ms. Aldafaii and I went to visit Sammy today, and he is excited to come to school on Tuesday! Sammy likes the color red, Power Rangers and Paw Patrol.

If you see Sammy and his mom on Tuesday, please help them learn the morning routine and find our classroom.

Sammy and his mom!

Cultural Night at River Oaks

River Oaks PTA will be hosting the first annual cultural night on April 16, 2020 from 5:30 – 7:30 pm and they need YOUR help! To make this an amazing and diverse event, they need to put our efforts together to create a memorable night for our students, families and staff. There will be FREE food, music and entertainment!

We want to create a gallery walk/exhibit showing different countries. Each family can create a display board, bring food and/or artifacts that represent a country and share its interesting cultural facts. You can even represent a country that you’re not from.

In addition, every grade level will be assigned a continent and every class will represent a country. Your child will be part of a class project in which they will conduct research and learn about the assigned country. Come see their work!

It doesn’t stop there! We will also have a fashion show where students and parents can show off the cultural wear. Clothing must be school appropriate.

But wait! Do you own instruments and want to sign/perform in front of the school to represent your country? Do you know how to do Henna Tattoos? Please call Ms. Sandi at 313-827-6750 for more information.

To participate in this event, please fill out the form coming home soon and return to the school by Friday January 24th. We will contact you on the phone number below for further questions.

We need parents to bring in food to taste from your country.. Please help us to make this a great family event.

Who Let the Letters Out?

We will talk more Thursday at the parent meeting, but… are very interested in this youtube video to practice naming letters and making letter sounds. Here is a link to practice!

Are You Ready?

How is your break going? Are you ready to come back to school? Just wanted to remind you about our fieldtrip on Wednesday.

Details about the trip can be found here:

Remember to bring back your washed snow clothes on Monday and your rest time blanket/pillow.

Monday we will take some time talking about what we did at home over break. If you would like to send a photo with your child on Monday (emailing photos will work too) of something they did- that would be helpful. See below for examples…

Week of January 8th…

Upcoming Dates:

  • December 23- January 5…Winter Break- No School for ALL Dearborn students
  • January 8th…Field trip to DNR Adventure Center (see details on iblog)
  • January 16th…Parent Meeting at River Oaks 8:45-9:45am
  • January 20th…Martin Luther King Jr. Day- No School for ALL Dearborn students
  • January 21st….1/2 Day for PreK, dismissal at 11:30am.

New Skills Taught:

  • Recognizing numerals 8, 9, 10.
  • Counting quantities of items 0-10 and using the last number counted to indicate “how many.”
  • Introducing letters Ss, Tt, Ww and letter sounds.

Skills that Need More Practice:

  • Counting items 1-10
  • Writing first names
  • Review of letters Mm, Hh, Aa
I am looking forward to spending my Winter Break with these 2 crazy kids! My nephews Zayden and Liam…they sent me this picture earlier today with a message that read: “We are ready to spend time with you Aunt Julie.”

…Field Trip Details…

On January 8th we will be going to the DNR Adventure Center in Detroit.

  • Plan to dress your child in a light weight, long sleeve t-shirt. We have green rocket t-shirts that kids will put over top of their long sleeve shirt. It is easier to keep track of our kids when they are all wearing the same color 🙂
  • Our bus will be picking us up from River Oaks around 9:15am. One parent (who has cleared the background check) will need to ride with their Preschooler on the bus.
  • We will be eating breakfast at school prior to leaving for our field trip. Lunches will be eaten in the cafeteria at the Adventure Center prior to coming back to school. Parents can pack a lunch for themselves and for their own child if you wish. I can order a sack lunch from the school for Preschoolers if you want your child to have a school lunch (most likely PB&J, fruit, carrot, juicebox). Let me know which option you prefer.
  • William Ford PreK will be joining us for the fieldtrip.
  • All PreK kids have to have their own adult with them at all times on the trip. Those riding the bus must have a cleared background check.
  • Costs of the field trip have been covered by Dearborn Public Schools.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

Mid Year Assessment

Students will be retaking their kindergarten readiness assessment starting the week of February 3rd. This marks the half way point of our year together. Once we return from Winter break, we will be working hard on naming letters and letter sounds. Over break it would be helpful if you could help your child practice skills that we have already covered so that we can move forward.

Skills Practiced So Far:

  • Recognizing numbers 0-7.
  • Counting quantities of items 0-7 and using the last number counted to answer “how many.”
  • Writing numerals 0-7.
  • Naming and ordering the letters in your child’s first name.
  • Writing the letters in your child’s first name (using a capital letter for the first letter, and lowercase letters for the rest).
  • Naming 10 colors (brown, white, purple, black, blue, red, yellow, pink, green, orange).
  • Naming 6 shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle, diamond/rhombus, oval)
  • Finding the front cover/back cover of a book
  • Recognizing the capital letters of our friends’ first names (O, A, B, S, T, M, R, N, H)
  • Recognizing lowercase letters a, m, h, s

Skills introduced in January:

  • Recognizing numbers 8-10
  • Counting quantities of items up to 10, using the last number to indicate how many.
  • Concepts of Print: reading first/last name, finding the first/last letter in first name, finding a capital letter.
  • Introducing letter sounds/movements
  • Naming lowercase letters in friends’ names.
  • NEW sign in procedure to help children practice naming letters in first/last name.

Week of December 16th…

I will be absent on Mon, Dec. 16th to attend a funeral. Ms. Aldafaii and Ms. Flynn (my favorite sub/retired PreK teacher) will be here with children. Please remind children to be good listeners

Upcoming Dates:

  • December 19th…12:30 Parent Meeting at Cotter Preschool- Winter Fair celebration.
  • December 23- January 5…Winter Break- No School for ALL Dearborn students
  • January 8th…Field trip to DNR Adventure Center (details to come next week)
  • January 16th…Parent Meeting at River Oaks 8:45-9:45am
  • January 20th…Martin Luther King Jr. Day- No School for ALL Dearborn students
  • January 21st….1/2 Day for PreK, dismissal at 11:30am.

New Skills to Introduce this Week:

  • Children will be using their number recognition skills this week to further practice counting. Children will be playing 2 math games this week with a partner.
  • Children will be working on social skills- turn taking and encouraging a partner to play a game with them.
  • Children will learn about letter Mm.

Skills Introduced, but Need Additional Practice:

  • Children are working on naming letters in the first name.
  • Children learning to order letters from their first name to spell their first name.
  • Some children are learning to trace or write their first name.
  • Children will work on counting quantities 1-5 and using the last number to name how many they counted.
7 children tracing their first names.

Block Area

On Friday I started changing toys in the block area. We will be talking about different types of homes, as well as building neighborhoods/communities in lessons this week. I thought it might be fun to tape photographs of the kids’ actual homes onto blocks for them to build with!

Would you please take a picture of the front of your house and email it to me?

My email address is

Pictures would work best if they were landscape (sideways) not portrait (up and down). See below for examples of pictures that would fit onto our blocks.

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