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Tomorrow’s Meeting

Good morning! Even though next week is Spring Break, let’s still plan on having our first zoom meeting at 11:00 am. I have emailed you all an invite that should have a link and password on how to join. You will need to register for zoom and add the application (it’s free). I am looking …Continue reading


It is such a beautiful day outside today. What a great day for a scavenger hunt. Attached is a picture to take along with you for your walk. While you are out looking for these things talk about the colors you see, or the shapes, and the letters that the object might begin with! Also, …Continue reading

Therapist Blogs

Hello! Here are links to our fabulous therapist blogs. Feel free to subscribe to them. If they have your email address they may have already subscribed you, but I just wanted to be sure you have access to these great things as well. Linda Lilly – Occupational Therapist khadija Lodhger – Physical Therapist …Continue reading


Hello everyone! Today we will work on sorting and counting. Take out all your silverware (spoons and forks *butter knives if you want*) and have your child put all the like items together. Then count each group and talk about more/less. Some of you might have small/big spoons and forks too. You can talk about …Continue reading

Letter of the week

The letter of the week is P! Things to do at home for letter P Find things that begin with the letter P around your house Make the letter P with paint, pencil, or a pen Trace the letter P with at least 5 different colored crayons Come up with words that begin with letter …Continue reading


Hello everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and that you were able to get outside. Today we are going to work on math, specifically number identification. It is important for the kids to use a 10’s frame and subitize (recognize a number of objects without counting them). This skill is important because it helps …Continue reading


Hello! Sorry this post is so late! I lost track of time today! 🙂 Our letter this week would have been letter O. Letter O is a vowel so it has 2 sounds, it says O like its name and “oak” and “ah” like octopus. Here is a video to do with your children. We …Continue reading


Hello everyone! Today we will be doing a sequencing activity! It will be to a favorite song The Itsy Bitsy Spider. Attached is a file that you can print. If you do not have a printer you could draw or talk about the pictures on your device you are using for these activities. 🙂 Here …Continue reading

A note from our Physical Therapist

Here is some exercises to do at home with your children to help with their physical needs. Ms. Khadija has put together these for us! 🙂 Dearborn Public Schools Physical Therapy Home IdeasAll children have varying positional and movement tolerances and capabilities. If you have questions regarding your specific child, please contact your physical therapist …Continue reading


Hi everyone! Today we will be working on patterns. Patterns are important because they help your children make predictions, understand what comes next, and how to make logical connections. There are several types of patterns AB (red,yellow,red yellow), ABB (red, yellow, yellow, red, yellow, yellow), AAB (red, red, yellow, red, red, yellow), ABC (red, yellow, …Continue reading

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