Not A Box…STEAM Week Design Challenge!

Henry Ford Elementary School will be participating in the STEAM week Design Challenge May 28 – 31st. The objective for this challenge is for the students, in all grade levels, to create something unique out of cardboard that is inspired by a real-world objects from their imagination.  In order to become inspired we need your help collecting everyday materials that you and your family can find around the house for us to modify. Send materials in to your child’s teacher by May 28th.

Items to Donate:

  • Paper towel rolls, wrapping paper or toilet paper rolls
  • Small boxes (shoe box, cereal box, gift box)
  • Yarn or string
  • Tape (packing tape, duct tape or masking tape)


Let’s prove we have the next generation of top engineers, designers, inventors and innovators at Henry Ford!

Thank You

Week of May 13th

Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Finished M-STEP!!!

NWEA starts thursday May 16 !!

Please make sure your child is sleeping early and eating Sohoor or breakfast!


Dr.  doctor

Jr.  Junior

dept.  department

Hwy.  highway

Mr.  Mister

Mrs. Missus

appt.  appointment

Pkwy.  parkway

Sr. Senior

ex.  example

Ave. Avenue

Rep. Representative

lbs. pounds

oz. ounces

St. Street

Week of May 6th

Hope you had a restful weekend!

Ramadan Mubarak!

M-Step is almost done!

We will start NWEA the week of the 13th!!

Please encourage your child to read daily and practice NWEA on the web!

Math test on Tuesday

Week of April 15th

Hope you had a restful weekend!!!

Please make sure your child is practicing M-STEP!!

Testing Starts Tomorrow Tuesday, April 16th!!

Please make sure your child is getting enough sleep and eating a healthy breakfast!

GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Week of April 8th!!

Welcome Back!!

M-Step meeting tomorrow at 9:10 !!

Please make sure students are practicing for M-Step using websites.

M step Practice Questions

M Step Practice

Prepdog by RIT

Math/ELA M-step by target Continue Unit 2

Spelling words

flammable (flame)

production (produce)

provision (provide)

television (televise)

consumption (consume)

dividend (divide)

composition (compose)

admiration (admire)

conspiracy (conspire)

completion (complete)

volcanic (volcano)

serenity (serene)

criminal (crime)