End of the Year! Physical Education and Computer Applications

Computer Application:

As we come to an end to the school year, I will not be posting any new assignments! These next 9 days are going to be make-up days! Complete any missing or late work, anything in the grade book that is marked as zero is considered missing/incomplete. Once you have completed an assignment mark it as “turned in” this will not count against you if it is turned in late! My suggestion for someone who is behind it, to begin with, the 50 States Project as this will help bring up your grade! During these 9 days, any assignments that started since April 13th are the ones that you are able to make up. This coming week I will be updating grades, make sure you check MiStar to see where you stand! The last day to turn in late assignments will be June 10th! If you have any questions email me and I will do my best to help you! As always stay safe!

Girl’s Physical Education

As the year is coming to an end (9 more days left of school), I am not assigning any new assignments. I might continue to post D-Shine activities for you to complete if you want to stay active and do something. But these are not required! These next 9 days will give you the opportunity to catch up on any missing work that started since April 13th. When you turn in missing work or late work, make sure you click the “turn in” button, otherwise, I will not know if you completed or turned in anything from the past! I will be updating grades this upcoming week, if you have any questions please email me and we can take a look at it. To know if you are missing anything check the grade book, anything that is marked as a 0 means it is missing/you did not complete it. Turning in late work does not count against you! As always stay safe and email me if you have any questions!

Tuesday, May 19th Update!

This week is only a four day week! Friday starts our mini break into Memorial Day! For Physical Education, D-Shine reflections are due by Saturday. This week, you are choosing two days to perform workouts and write your reflection.

For Computer Applications, this week is a catch-up. Try and complete any and all missing work! I accept late work with no plenty! Thursday, there will be a Google form available for you to complete. In this form you will tell me what missing work you have completed.

Update Since April 22

I just wanted to update everyone on how class assignments are going and grading! First off, this past week has been a great week for P.E, more than a majority of students were actively participating and engaging in lessons! I was pleased to see how much work my students have put in! We are keeping with the same outline for P.E which is daily reflections based on the D-Shines worksheets. Since this month is Ramadan the activities and nutrition facts are geared towards working together with family. Keep up the great the work!

Computer Applications on the other hand needs a little TLC. I understand that some activities may be slightly challenging. Therefore, the articles and videos attached to the assignments are a step by step guide that will help! We are coming close to the end of school with only about 5 weeks left, we need to make sure we are keeping up with assignments and turning them in!

Grading, I am keeping up with grades on Google Classroom and MiStar throughout the week. If you do not see a grade yet posted on MiStar, it will be on Google Classroom.

As I come to an end to this post, I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. As always, if you need any help please reach out via email, arifih@dearbornschools.org.

Thank you!

Girl’s Physical Education and Computer Applications

I hope everyone is doing well and staying during this time! Just a few reminders for P.E and Computer Apps.

In Physical Education (P.E) I am posting assignments from Sunday night that are due on Saturday (due a week from assigned date). Students are looking at the D-Shines activities and nutrition facts of the day and are completing a daily reflection. Students are supposed to pick one of the three activities, perform it, and complete the reflection.

Computer Applications: Students need to check in throughout the week and complete the two assignments that are assigned throughout. These assignments are very similar to what we have been doing since the start of the new semester.

Physical Education Online Class Google Class Codes

I hope everyone is staying safe! I have sent out emails with google classroom codes for each grade level. I am posting them here as well. Every week students are to complete assignments within google classroom. These assignments include but are not limited to physical activities, nutrition fun facts, and reflections. Please make sure your child is logged on to the right classroom and participating to their fullest ability!

Class Codes:

Hour 1 Girls 7/8th Grade : rllrvaj

Hour 2 Girls 8th Grade : 6exfmf3

Hour 3 Girls 6th Grade: ieza23x

Hour 6 Girls 7/8th Grade : ylqdxnj

Hour 5 Computer Applications

Students have started the semester on Google Classroom and are familiar with the way this Google Classroom works. Students are expected to log on each week to check on the assignments that are due. Students have two assignments that are due within the week. Make sure we are keeping on task with these assignments as it is easy to fall behind!

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Welcome to my iBlog, my name is Hanna Arifi soon to be Hanna Kamerovski (newly married). A little bit about me, I am a seond year teacher but first year teacher in Dearborn. I came from the outskirts of Chicago where I taught my first year at a suburban High School.

I am the Physical Education and Computer Appicaltions Teacher at Woodworth Middle school.

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Physical Education:

Boys 7th Grade: Volleyball and Basketball

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