Exit Tickets!



I have been encouraging the teachers I work with to use Exit Tickets! Here are some tips for using them!

How to Use

1. Create

Decide what you’d like to find out about students’ learning at the end of the lesson. Write a question or pose a problem on the Exit Ticket, or post the question or problem for students to see.

2. Collect

Set a specific amount of time for students to complete the Exit Ticket. Stand at the door to collect the tickets as students leave the classroom. Students could also post their exit tickets in a designated place in the room before leaving and/or transitioning.

3. Clarify

Examine the tickets carefully. Depending on your purpose, it might be helpful to sort the tickets into piles – for example, tickets that demonstrate students have grasped the content, tickets that show that students don’t understand, and tickets that you aren’t sure about. Consider starting the next lesson with interesting ticket responses or with a graph or chart that highlights common responses.

When to Use

Use Exit Tickets at the end of class to:

  • Check students’ understanding by having them summarize key points from the lesson
  • Verify that students can solve a problem or answer a significant question based on the lesson
  • Emphasize the essential question for the day’s lesson
  • Have students ask questions they still have about the lesson
  • See if students can apply the content in a new way
  • Formulate guided groups for students who did not demonstrate understanding after the lesson
  • Create extensions for students who demonstrate mastery after the lesson


Verbal Exit Ticket

Have students line up at the end of class while you stand at the door. As they reach the door, students must share an idea or concept they learned with you. Each student must give a different answer. As students stand in line, they can discuss different possible answers before they reach you.

Notes for the Week of September 9th!


Welcome to our first full week of school! Just a reminder…if you would like to sign up for some open coaching I have attached my schedule for the month of September. Thank you to those teachers that have signed up! I am looking forward to going into rooms!

This week I am meeting with a giving an orientation with the Edsel Ford Highschool Cadets. The Cadet program is for Juniors and Seniors who are interested in becoming teachers. These students come to designated classrooms once a day to work with classroom students at grade level or above. They work closely with teachers to create lessons for these students. This semester, Jaime McShane and Deanne Jones, both Long teachers, have cadets coming to their rooms. If you are interested or think you may be interested in this please let me know.

This week Nowlin is having their Bookfair! I have recommended two books for the students. The first on is Pete the Cat and the New Guy! It is a great book for those new kids in class…it gives a spin on being new and what you can contribute to the class. The second book is Dog Man, for whom the ball Rolls. My son, who is now in middle school has loved the Dog Man books.

Have a Great Week and know that I am here!

Hello and Nice to Meet You!


Thank you all for the warm welcome that I have had at both schools! I am looking forward to getting to know everyone on each staff at Long and Nowlin!

I was able to meet with both Josh and Veronica to discuss my role as your Instructional Coach! I am excited that both buildings are engaging in PLC. I think it is a wonderful initiative and will make these already strong buildings stronger.

Along with doing intervention with Second grades in both buildings, I will be available for coaching partnerships one in each building per quarter. If you are interested in a partnership please let me know. For the month of September I will be doing “al a cart” coaching and then in October I will begin formal coaching rounds.

I will be attending a meeting tomorrow (Friday) to finalize some questions regarding DRA administration in classrooms for the year. As soon as I have a solid answer I will share with Veronica and Josh for their approval and then I will share the information with both staffs. I am hoping to have information out by this Monday.

Each week I will be blogging, one part of my blog will be a Read Aloud suggestion. This week’s book is called What Does It Mean to be Present by Rana DiOrio. This book focuses on the here and now. With many of our students having trauma or anxiety this book gives them small suggestions on how to be present in the moment. Something I know I also need to work on.

Have a great Weekend. I look forward to working with all of you this year and beyond.