Welcome to Foods for Life!

Foods For Life Syllabus (Autosaved)


Food Guidelines

At the top of the Guidelines sheet it describes how to organize your binder, with that said, your binder should be in this order:

Title Page

Syllabus (grade scale) signed

Classroom Guideline -signed

  1. Bellword divider

Bellword sheet

2. Lab Handout divider

Safety in the kitchen – signed

Power point 1

Power point 2 (3 pages)

Measurement and Abbreviations

Kitchen Equipment

Kitchen duties

3. Lab Housekeeping duties

Classwork Divider

Gina’s crazy kitchen/A not so safe super

measurement activity

4. Recipes

cookie recipe

measurement/cookie demo

pretzel recipe (eventually)

5. Extras

eventually a safety test




So you learned how to make 6 basic types of eggs! Now that people is a lifelong skill! The question is did you learn anything academically about eggs?  Many Egg Packets are missing see below and turn them in after break.

Egg Packet     In this order!

Book Notes (30)

Eggs Selection & Storage (10)

Egg Dishes (5)

Ins & Outs of Eggs (15) #1 = shell

Eggs Pre Assessment ( 40)

Total 100 pts, FA