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Monday, June 8

Today will be the last post on the Blog. Be sure to continue everything we have worked hard to prepare your children for school success. Once again, we wish you a healthy, happy and safe summer:)))

Please complete this survey for our district, for the planning of schools to reopen. Click on the link to complete the survey.



Dearborn will continue offering free student meals over summer.

Free student meal distributions will continue throughout the summer at seven Dearborn Public School sites.

The district has been distributing the free grab-and-go meals since shortly after the Governor ordered schools to close in March.  That program is slated to end on June 10, which is scheduled to be the last full day of school in the District.

However, Dearborn Schools received permission to continue serving free meals through the summer under the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Summer Food Service Program.

The summer meal distribution will be once a week on Wednesdays starting June 17. Food will be handed out every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to noon at the seven locations.  Each bag will contain seven breakfasts and seven lunches for each child under the age of 18.  Each child will also get a half gallon of milk.

The distribution locations will continue to be Fordson, Dearborn and Edsel Ford high schools, Woodworth and Smith middle schools, Salina Intermediate, and McCollough/Unis School.

One person can pick up food for any child living in the home.  The child does not need to attend that school. 

The District has recently been providing 65,000 grab-and-go meals a week for children in the community.  Those meals, which include lunch and breakfast, are funded through the U.S.D.A. School Lunch Program. Dearborn used that program to offer free lunch and breakfast to all its kindergarten through 12th grade students before the school closure in March. 

“We know our families appreciate the student meal distributions, and we are glad to be able to continue to offer children these meals during the summer months,” said Food Service Director Jeff Murphy.



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Thursday, June 4

It was great talking to everyone these last few days on the phone. Today, I will post helpful information for you to refer to throughout the summer. I would also like for you to go back and repeat the activities on my Blog, from weeks ago. It is good to repeat the lesson for better understanding. Most importantly, please continue the learning with all of your children, throughout the summer. Children forget what they have learned, if they do not continue the learning all the time.

Remember, we have one special project that we were not able to finish, due to the schools being closed. In the fall, when they are finished, we will give the project to each of you.


-All the capital and lowercase letters

-Shapes, colors

-Recognize numbers out of order 1-20

-Count 1-30

-Write first and last name

-Write the numbers and letters

-Read books to your child and have your child “pretend read” books to the family

-Be sure to use the many preschool and educational websites that we have shared with you. Also, google search preschool science activities, reading, art, music movement, letters, numbers, shapes and just about anything for good learning for all children. YouTube and google search have good resources for education.

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Wednesday, June 3

We are going to continue our phone calls today and tomorrow, and we look forward to talking to everyone. Please be sure to watch the video on Moving On to Kindergarten. I sent it in an email a few days ago.

Just a reminder, that the first day of school is on Monday, August 31, 2020. It will be a half day for students. Please check the Dearborn Schools home page for any updates or assistance that you might need during the summer. There will be food distribution during the summer, at McCollough, so please know that these resources are available for you.

Our preschoolers that are now kindergarteners in the fall, only need to have an updated physical and immunization form completed from the doctor. Your preschooler is already registered, since they were in Preschool.

If you know any child that will be four years old by December 1, they can complete an application online, or go to Cotter Early Childhood Center today Wednesday or tomorrow Thursday, between 12noon -2pm. You can stay in your car and pull up and someone will give you a preschool application. If you are not able to go to Cotter, complete the application online. It is very important to complete the preschool application, so your four year old child can attend preschool in the fall. PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH ANY FRIENDS, NEIGHBORS OR RELATIVES THAT HAVE A CHILD THAT WILL BE FOUR YEARS OLD BY DECEMBER 1.

COTTER EARLY CHILDHOOD ADDRESS IS: 13020 OSBORN, just off Schaefer next to Miller School

Activities for Today: Water Play

-Get a cup of water, and a paintbrush or Q-tip and go outside and water paint on the sidewalk. See what happens to whatever you water paint.

-Use chalk on top of the water and see what happens

-Water the flowers with your Mom


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Tuesday, June 2

It was so good seeing most of you Monday, and so many smiles from our preschoolers. We hope you liked the special projects that we have sent home. We want you to finish the one booklet, and the directions are in the letter that I have put in the bag.

I have emailed everyone yesterday, and would like you to watch the presentation with your preschooler. It is a beautiful presentation about moving on to kindergarten. We hope you enjoy the slide show. Please remember that we will be calling you on Wednesday or Thursday, in the early afternoon, so please answer the phone. We hope to talk to all of you.


-The weather is going to be beautiful and finally warm, so go outside and use your sidewalk chalk to create some great art work on the sidewalk or in your backyard.

-Write your name, some shapes, some numbers and even your address.

-Draw a picture of some of your preschool friends and try to write their names on your drawing.

-Remember to get your exercise and to watch a music video.

-Continue watching , so you can continue learning the letters, and listen to some of the stories online.


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Monday, June 1

Today starts a new month and almost the end of this school year.

I am sending this before June 1, because I have something that I want you to read today. We were in our preschool classroom today, and were getting your special projects and art work ready, so we can give everything to you.

I just found out today, that it is ok to schedule this on Monday.





-Inside your bag of art work, you will find a book made out of lime green paper. On the front you will see your first day of preschool picture.

-First, on the front of this book, decorate around your picture. You can use glue, to put stickers, tissue paper, markers, or whatever you want. Be sure you do not put anything on your picture.

-Next, open your book, on the left side, I want you to color a picture of what you learned in preschool and write your story on this page.. Be sure to write your first and last name on the bottom of this page.

-Next, on the right side of the page, you will see your first day of school picture, with whoever brought you on your first day of Preschool. There is a special paper that you can color and decorate.

-Last, close your book, and on the back page, I want you to color a picture of you and your friends and some of your favorite things you did during the school year.

Inside your bag, you will find some special art work, papers and your preschool diploma. These are all special papers, that we want you to keep for a long time. When you are older, you will have these special things that you made in preschool, and one day, you can show your own children what you did in preschool.


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Thursday, May 28

It is so hard to believe, that this is the end of May. On Monday, it will be a new month called June. You know what that means? Summer vacation is almost here, and you will be going to kindergarten, in a new classroom and a new teacher. We will still see you as you walk down the red hall, so we are happy that you will be in our red hall too.


-We are going to continue using the playdough and make some of your favorite foods, just like you do at our playdough table in the classroom. Remember, all the different foods you make for us in the classroom, and we have so much fun together, pretending to eat all that food? Today, I want you to make some of your favorites for your family.

-Make some of your favorite fruits

-Make some of your favorite vegetables (Make Reggie Rainbow happy)

-Make some of your favorite things you like when you barbecue outside

-Make some of your favorite salads

-Make some of your favorite spaghetti

-Make your favorite foods

-Make your least favorite foods

-Make some of your favorite ice cream

-Make some of your favorite cookies

-Make some of your favorite candy

-Make some of your favorite pizza

-Make the animal that the milk and beef come from ( Hint- Cow)

-Make a garden to show where all the vegetables grow

-Make some trees, where some of the fruit grow, like apple, peach, plum, oranges

-Draw a picture and tell your family a story about all the things you made with your playdough

-Watch a YouTube about healthy foods and where they grow

-Be sure to get some exercise, to build your body and brain to get strong and healthy.


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Wednesday, May 27

Today, I would like you to use different things with your playdough, and things that you have in your house. For example, a rolling pin, a fork, a spoon, a plastic knife, a plastic cup, toothpicks, q-tips, scissors, change, like a penny, nickel, dime, quarter, or anything interesting you have in your house.

I want you to use your IMAGINATION AND EXPLORE.


-Using some of the tools that I mentioned, and see what patterns you can do in the playdough

-Flatten the playdough with your hands, and roll some of your items across the playdough, and see what it makes

-Poke at the playdough and see what you can make

-Put something into the playdough and look for the buried treasure

-Play the “Buried Treasure” game with your family and see if they can guess what treasure you buried, or if they can find your buried treasure.

-Use your fingers and tools to write your name in the playdough

-Write your address in the playdough

-Write how old you are in the playdough

-Write your phone number on the playdough, using your fingers or tools

-Watch a music and movement video and get some exercise

-Read a book to your family and ask your family to tell you their favorite part of the book, and you tell them your favorite part of the story.


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Tuesday, May 26

I hope everyone had a nice celebration for the Ramadan Eid and enjoyed the long Memorial Day weekend. Each year on Memorial Day Monday, the city of Dearborn has a fantastic parade on Michigan Avenue. Because of the Covid 19 situation, there was no parade this year. Hopefully, next year, you will be able to watch the parade. It is a fun day and a great parade to watch.

Last week, you made playdough. I loved the pictures that you emailed to me and all the different colors of playdough everyone made. This week I want you to use the playdough, to make different things. We will focus on something different each day.

Activities for Today:


-Make different size balls

-Roll out different size snakes and worms

-Make different letters of your name, both capital and lowercase

-Make some shapes: circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, hearts, diamonds, stars

-Make some numbers

-Make people in your family

-Make some of your favorite toys

-Make wavy and zigzag lines

-Make a playdough pizza

-Make some playdough cookies

-Color a picture of some of the things you made with your playdough

-Tell your family your story and have them write it on your drawing

-Get outside and play, the weather is finally warm.


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Thursday, May 21

It is hard to believe that Ramadan Eid is almost here. I know that you and your family will be busy getting ready for a beautiful celebration. It will be a little different this year, because we are still in quarantine. I wish all of you many blessings to you and your families for Ramadan.

Activities For Today:

-Ask Mama what you can help her with in the house.

-Maybe clean your room, maybe help fold clothes and put them away, or help clean up the house with your family.

-Make a Happy Ramadan Eid Card for your family, and decorate it and color some special things.

-Be sure to write your name on the card

-When you talk to your relatives overseas, tell them about all the things you are learning at home and tell them about your favorite activity.

-Get some exercise and google Jack Hartman videos, and get some exercise and movement.


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Wednesday, May 20

We have been inside our houses for a few days, because of all the rain. I am so glad that Mr. Sun came out and dried up all the rain.

Activities For Today:

Today, I would like for you to make a noise maker. Sometimes, a noise maker is called a rain stick, because of the sound it makes when you move it around slowly, or shake them fast. It sort of sounds like rain falling down. You can make a noise maker out of a paper plate, or an empty paper towel tube or an empty toilet paper roll. It is easy and so much fun to play with.

Supplies Needed:

-One or two paper plates, big or small size, or empty paper towel tube or empty toilet paper roll

-Stapler and any kind of tape

-Few spoons of uncooked rice, or beans, or little rocks

-Crayons or markers

Directions How to Make:

If using a toilet paper tube or toilet paper roll, follow these steps:

-If you are using paper towel tube or toilet paper roll, first tape one end completely, so nothing can fall out.

-Next, put some rice or whatever you are going to use, and drop in into the other open end.

-Now it is time to tape up this end, so nothing can fall out.

-You can decorate the outside of the noise maker.


If using paper plates, follow these steps:

-Lay the paper plate on the table, and put the rice, beans or rocks on the plate.

-Next, put the other plate on top and staple the plates together, all around to seal the edges, so nothing falls out.

-If you want, just use one plate, and fold it in half, then staple the edges.

-You can color and decorate the plate noise maker


More Activities to do with your Noise Makers:

-Tap and count

-Touch different parts of your body

-Play a game with your family, so they can say position words like, on, behind, in front of, on the side, under, above, and you have to put the noise maker wherever they say.

-Watch a Youtube of Jack Hartmann or GoNoodle and tap and move to the music.

-Say your ABC’s and tap your noise maker

HAVE FUN:)))))

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