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Dearborn Public Schools

Welcome to McCollough Preschool Class

Welcome to our preschool class, at McCollough-Unis School.  We are so excited to have your child in our class, and look forward to a year of learning and fun.

McCollough -Unis School

7801 Maple

Dearborn, Michigan 48126

Telephone:  313-827-7217

Teacher:  Mrs. Ali

Teacher Assistant:  Mrs. Ramadan



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Tuesday, March 31

Today is Tuesday, and it is the last day of March. Tomorrow will be a new month called April.

Please remember that the city of Dearborn and McCollough Unis School, will have food and other resources if you need help during this time.

Some Activities for Today:

-We are going to work on the letters : Rr, Ss, Tt

-Look in books or magazines, and try to find these letters.

-Look for both capital letters and small lowercase letters.

-Practice writing the letters too. Remember, we start to write our letters from the top down. I know you are busy working at home on all these activities, and I cannot wait to see all of you.

Get some exercise for your brain and body to feel happy and healthy.

–Try to hop like a bunny, and count how many times you hop.

-Try to jump like a frog, and count how many times you jump.

-Try to crawl around your living room and see how far you can crawl like a baby.

-Stand in place and march and count to 20.

-Try to skip around your house and then take a rest.

Remember to look at these awesome websites:

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Monday, March 30

It is hard to believe that it is the end of March. As we all have to stay home, know that we miss seeing all of you. Most important, please stay safe and healthy and follow the guidelines during this time of COVID 19 crisis.

I hope everyone had fun with the surprise letter that you received at home.

Just a few reminders:

-All school playgrounds are closed. No one should be on the playgrounds during this mandated school closing.

-Food is still being distributed at different locations in the city, if needed.

-Next week, April 6-10 is Spring Break. You and your family can take a break from school learning.

-Please remember to use any paper, that is not needed, like the back of paper you get in an envelope, to color, write, or practice cutting. Be sure that it is not anything that you need to keep.

-If you know any family with a child who would turn four by December 1, our preschool application and registration is on hold right now. We do not know when it will take place, but do not worry, because it will happen when we have more information. We will keep you updated about when registration for fall Preschool will happen. Be sure to check the Dearborn Schools television channel and on the district website for updates.

Some fun activities for today:

-Letters for today are Oo, Pp, Qq

-Try to see what you find in your house that starts with these letters.

For example, the letter Oo, you might look for something orange.

For the letter Pp, you might find something pink or purple, or a pocket.

For the letter Qq, you might find a quilt on someones bed.

Some other fun activities to do, using things in your house are:

-Use spoons and forks to make a pattern.

-Use socks to make a pattern and see which color sock has more or less.

-Look at all the pillows in the house, and count how many different shapes and which shape has more or less. Count the different shapes.

For example, circle shape pillows 2 , square shape pillows 6, etc.

Remember to look at your couches, chairs, beds, and you will see shapes everywhere!

-Count who has more shoes in your family. (Probably mom will have more).

-Remember, to have fun:)

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Thursday, March 26

Well, it is the end of our week already and hope you are all doing well. Follow the government guidelines for COVID 19, and let’s hope this passes soon, and we get back to school. Remember to wash your hands and cover your nose and mouth every time you cough or sneeze, just like we do in school.

It is going to be a nice sunny day, and not as cold as other days. If you can go outside with your family, try a scavenger hunt looking for things around your yard, up in the trees, up in the beautiful blue sky, or by your neighbors houses.

Activities for today:

-Look for things inside or outside of your house, that start with the letters Kk, Ll, Mm, Nn.

-For the letter K, you might see a kite

-For the letter L, you might see leaves

-For the letter M, you might see mitten

-For the letter N, you might see a number

You might even see something up in the sky, or the clouds shaped like something awesome. Just have fun!

Another great website for learning at all grade levels is:

I miss all of you and hope to see you soon.

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Wednesday, March 25

Today is such a beautiful sunny Wednesday, and a perfect day to sing some of our favorite songs to your family.

I would like for you to sing two songs to your family. It is the same songs we sing every morning at Circle Time.

The first song is “Today is Wednesday, Today is Wednesday…”

The second song is “Good Morning Mr. Sun, Our Day has just begun…”

Activities for today:

Work on the letters: Gg, Hh, Ii, Jj

-Find them in papers or magazines

-Practice writing them and say the sounds

-Think of some objects that start with those letters, like giraffe for G, Heart for H, Ice for I, and Jump for J.

-Exercise Time Today is:

-Growl 5 times like a lion for the letter Gg

-Hop 10 times for the letter Hh

-Crawl on the floor like an iguana for the letter Ii

-Jump 10 times for the letter Jj

***Be sure to check the mail, with your parents, when it is delivered to your house this week. I have sent you a surprise:)))))))

Remember to wash your hands with soap and water and do not touch your face. Be a good helper at home and have fun too.

I love and miss all of you.

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Tuesday, March 24

Just a few reminders again, that Sheeba Restarant, Access and our own McCollough Unis School are providing food, if any family needs help, during this time.

Some Activities for today:

-Look through some of your books and find the letters: Cc, Dd, Ee, Ff

-Practice writing these letters on paper, and remember to say the sounds of each letter.

Find one of your favorite books and read the story to your family. Just like we do at school, when it is Daily 5, Read to Someone.

Color a picture on paper of your favorite part of the story you read.

Remember to write your name on your drawing and hang it up on your frig.

Check our this website of the Houston Zoo… it is awesome!

Have a fun day and remember to be a good helper at home.

I really miss you:)))

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Monday, March 23

Happy Snowy Spring day!

I hope you had a good weekend and stayed busy, and had fun too. I really miss seeing all of you and your smiling faces.

This week, our focus will be on letters, both capital and lowercase letters.

Focus Letters for today: Aa and Bb

Activities for Learning:

-Look through magazines or newspapers and circle or highlight all the letter A’s and B’s, using only a paragraph of the page. Be sure to look for both big capital letters and small lowercase letters.

-Count how many capital letters you found, and write down the number.

-Count how many lowercase letters you found, and write down the number.

-Which of the letters did you find more of/ less of, was it the capital A or B or the lowercase a or b?

-Be sure you practice saying the sound of the letter and the name of the letter.

-Practice writing both capital and lowercase letters.

-Find something in the house that starts with both letters.

Show your family what you did and FaceTime or WhatsApp your relatives that live in another house, and show them what you did too.


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Thursday, March 19

Today is going to be a rainy day, and it’s a perfect day for some fun indoor activities. Remember our scavenger hunts down the school halls, and around our beautiful McCollough Unis School? Today, I would like for you to go on a shape hunt in your house. Look for things that are circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, ovals, diamond/rhombus, hearts, wavy lines, zig zag lines and curvy lines. Ask your family to help you and when you are finished, count how many of each shape you found inside your house. Remember to use tally marks and have fun. Be sure to color a picture of all the shapes you found, and bring it to school when we come back from this break.

Some Important Things to Know:

. McCollough Unis is giving free breakfast/lunch grab and go. Visit the school website for details.

Comcast Cable is offering free internet to families while our schools are closed, due to COVID 19.

ABCmouse is a great website, and is now offering free access from home.

It is one of the many websites, that I have listed on the papers, that I have shared with you , with great internet and phone apps. Please have your students’ use these great learning websites, because they are age appropriate for our students.

It is also a good idea to check out our Cotter School website. It is full of great information for you to explore.

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Activities to do at home…

I will be sharing many activities for you to do at home, to continue learning and have fun too. Be sure to check my Blog for activities for home learning.

We need to continue all the skills that we have been working on, such as writing your first and last name, know your shapes, know your colors, practice your cutting skills, counting from 1 to 25 and higher, writing numbers and recognizing the numbers also.

Things to Do:

Keep a good schedule:

After you wake up, help mom make breakfast together and help make your bed.

Help mom with chores in the house, such as folding clothes, matching socks and putting things away.

Read at least three books together.

Be sure you exercise and have fun with your family.

Check out the Cotter Blog, as there are many ideas for you to enjoy with your family.

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March is Reading Month

The month of March was a busy month, and a fast month. We celebrated March is Reading Month, with some parents as guest readers. The preschoolers were so excited to see their parents reading a favorite story to their friends. We also had our bus trip to the Outdoor Adventure Center, in Detroit. Everyone enjoyed the bus ride seeing everything outside, and the waterfront also. We had parent teacher conferences, and shared information with the parents, and how to continue the learning at home. Kindergarten round up information was also shared.

We also have a school closure for our state of Michigan, mandated by our Governor of Michigan. Please check the Iblog and Dearborn School website for updates.

Please keep working with your children, during this time at home, and be safe and healthy.

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February Fun

February was a fast and very cold month.  We had some snow / ice days and our mid-winter break also.  We learned about hearts, Valentine’s,  friends and family.  We made a special heart project for our families too.

Our parent meeting was cancelled, due to the snow day.  Our topic was going to focus on the impact, that technology has on young children, and how important a good routine and sleep is for children of all ages.  I shared the information of age appropriate websites for our preschool students.  I  shared phone apps that offer good learning skills for our students also.

Our classroom was also featured on the GSRP website, and parents were so happy to see their children working and learning in the classroom.

Parents, please remember to mark your calendar, and be sure to attend the kindergarten round-up meetings, which are held at each school.  They are in March and April, and you must attend the kindergarten meeting, where ever your child will attend kindergarten, in the fall 2020.

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