September 8

Welcome Back!

Dear Parent or Guardian,
I am your son/daughter’s 8th grade English Language Arts teacher.  I am extremely excited to begin this school semester.  Our goal is to help your son/daughter to be successful in language arts. It is important that we all do our part to guarantee success in the class.

In this class, we will continue to build our English language arts skills. We will work on reading, writing, listening, and speaking. These abilities will be developed within the context of different literature units.

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November 26

Happy Thanksgiving!

I send my warmest wishes to you and your family this Thanksgiving. I hope you enjoy your families and stay safe in these uncertain times! Take time to just sit with each other and find what you are most thankful for. I am thankful for getting the opportunity to work wonder students that brighten my day and never fail to give me a good laugh. 


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November 1

Parent/Teacher Conferences


Parent Teacher conferences will be held virtually this year beginning on Monday, November 9th and continuing on Wednesday, November 11th. Conferences will take place from 3:20 to 7pm each day. Due to the unusual circumstances of virtual parent teacher conferences, I have created some way for parents to sign up and schedule an appointment. To ensure continuity within the building, we have decided to use Sign Up Genius as a source to create our sign-up forms for parents.

I have created time slots of five minutes so that I will be able to see as many parents as possible.

I will use the same zoom link for all conferences on the day we are scheduled to conference.

Thank you!

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October 20

In-Person Learning labs 10/20

Dear students and parents,

I would like to inform you that starting tomorrow the In-Person Learning Labs will be postponed until further notice due to the increasing numbers Covid-19 cases in Dearborn. Please be advised that we may return to learning labs in person at any point in time. I will of course attempt to give you a couple of days advance notice for planning concerns.

Learning Labs are voluntary for some teachers, they may still be holding and attending in-person learning labs.

Thank you for understanding. 

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October 4

Learning Labs

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s): 

Beginning October 5, 2020 our school will begin to hold in person learning labs. For the past week, we held learning labs virtually. As a district we continue to closely monitor community COVID positivity rates. Positivity rates have been below five percent for the past two weeks. Therefore, we are welcoming our students for face to face learning labs. 

Learning labs are small groups of students who meet with the teacher. Learning labs will be in-person where your student will be allowed to attend on a scheduled basis to receive academic assistance and/or social emotional support. A staff member is present with your child at all times. We are currently only starting with 1-3 students per learning lab.

For learning labs the following measures have been taken to ensure the safety and health of students and staff:

  • possibility of staggered starts to limit class sizes 
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for staff and students
  • High touch point areas will be cleaned and sanitized between learning groups

Your child has also received a similar email that goes over the schedule for their learning lab. 

In order to ensure a safe environment and a smooth process for learning labs we are asking all parents to implement the following: 

Parents must submit a Covid-19 School Health Screening Agreement (see below) the first time their child attends a Learning Lab.  This commitment is signed by the parent one time and confirms the parents will adhere to the screening criteria each time their child(ren) attends a Learning Lab. Students are to print and have parents sign. If they do not have a printer, the parent must accompany the student for the first time and the teacher will have a printed copy ready for them. The Health Screening Agreement will be kept on file in the main office of each school. The teacher will submit to the office. Here is the parent consent form; it is in English and in Arabic. Parents must also check their child’s symptoms before bringing them to school. Please review here: 

يرجى الاتصال بالسيدة مي دكروب لترجمة اللغة العربية على الرقم 8278939

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September 20

Learning Labs

Good evening,

I  hope you are doing well. We will be implementing our virtual learning labs starting on Monday, September 21st. The virtual learning labs are happening during Asynchronous times. Teachers will set up their virtual learning labs and create small group instruction to help improve students’ literacy skills. After each assessment, teachers will pick different groups of students for the learning labs based on the skills they need to improve on. 

8th grade Learning Labs times:

  • 4th(A day)/3rd (B day) hrs: 12:10-1:05pm
  • 5th(A day)/2nd (B day) hrs: 1:10-2:05pm
  • 6th (A day)/1st (Bday) hrs: 2:10-3:10pm

If you still have any questions, please let me know. 

Mrs. Alhassan

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