Of Mice and Men Reading Check Questions


Attached are the reading check questions for each chapter. You will be quizzed to help you stay on track. Be ready for class discussions and small group collaborations. To help you stay on task use the audio links and the text pdfs I included under “Links.” If you absent you are expected to stay on task. Come prepared to class. Thank you! Happy Reading 🙂 Of Mice and Men chapter questions


Hello Studious Students, 

I wish you a safe and enjoyable spring break. Within this break remember to take time to admire a tree, smile and STUDY 🙂 

You should all have a copy of the Spring Break Workbook that I created, and the booklet from College Board with a full length practice test. 

Please complete the reading section of the practice test on the bubble sheet provided in the workbook. Correct your test (answers in the back). Show me your score on April 8. Of course it is in your best interest to complete the entire exam. 

My workbook is to be completed in its entirety. It is not as long as it seems. Many pages are review and notes to read over. Please take your time and work diligently on each assignment. Each of those exercises is to help you prepare for the PSAT or SAT. Remember the second article in the workbook (p. 142 Passage C1) is to be fully annotated (steps 1-5) directly on the article. You will have a quiz on Monday, April 8 when you return (10 questions). If you have any questions please feel free to email me over the break. 


Have a beautiful break. You will be missed 🙂 

Linking College Board to Khan Academy

Hello Students,

Guess what? You can link your PSAT score from College Board to Khan Academy with three easy steps. Why do this? Well, if you link your score with Khan Academy, they will create a individualized practice based on your score in math and reading. It will benefit and maximize your study sessions with Khan Academy.

If you do not know your College Board login info, either click “forgot username and password” or call their costumer service department. I have the instructions attached in this power point and other links to help.