Mrs. Alaouie’s Synthesis Video

I recorded this video. It’s not the best…recording videos like this is new to me. I discuss what a synthesis is and how to quote, summarize and paraphrase. I take you through a student sample (different from the one we did in class). Anyway, if you want to watch it, I am sharing it. I […]

Argumentative Synthesis Essay OUTLINE

Please indicate your academy at the top in a header. I. Intro Paragraph Hook: strategically hook the audience/readers. Think about rhetorical strategies that will be effective in your writing.  Claim: Write your claim at the end of the introduction. Remember to include the topic and your stance in one sentence. Test it-if you take out […]

Today’s Assignment (with sub)

Hello, I apologize about not being there today, but Monday we will continue working on our projects. Please read the following to complete the assignment for today with the sub. Due at the end of the hour. Assignment: Students are to write a letter addressed to an incoming 9th grader discussing the following:   Dear 9th Grade Student, […]

SAMPLE Synthesis Essay and Prompt

Sample Argumentative Synthesis Essay 2 Synthesis Prompt Student Sample Attached is the student sample we reviewed in class. Take a closer look and read through the essay looking for the rhetorical strategies the student used to make his argument effective. Think about your essay and what strategies you used to convey your perspectives. Are they […]

Step 4 – Create an Annotated Bibliography

Annotative Bib 1 Annotated Bibliography-2 Annotated Bibliography 4 Annotated Bibliography – 3   Step 4 – Create an Annotated Bibliography- Student Samples attached An annotated bibliography is essentially a Works Cited page that you will create. However, rather than simply refer to the sources used in your response, it will include all 6 of the […]

How To Write Citations-Sources to help

Annotated Bibliography is required. One per group. Use the following links to help you format and create MLA citations for the bibliography. Remember a list of citations should be alphabetized and the second lines in all citations should be indented and every line after that. Use the following link to help you […]

Synthesis Project STEP 3

Students are to find sources by Wednesday, but Step 4, the annotated bibliography, won’t be due until Monday, May 13. instructions for that will come later. Step 3 – Finding Sources-DUE Wednesday, May 8  The most effective Synthesis Prompts give the test-takers a wide variety of sources to consider. These sources are of various types, […]

CLEAR instructions on STEP 1 & 2 of the synthesis project

You are  creating page one of the prompt. See examples in the previous post. Choose a topic-DONE Step 2: Copy and paste the first half of the prompt. Introduction: This section will serve as an introduction to your topic. It should be one to two paragraphs in length (preferably one). In this paragraph, you will […]

SAMPLES-Synthesis Project Step 1 & 2 Due Friday, May 3

Step one is to find a topic and step two is to create a prompt page. The prompt page is due Friday. Create a google doc and share it with classmates and Mrs. Alaouie. Most of the prompt page is copy and paste directions from the original (see links below). Create a introduction and a […]

Lexile Chart

Great job testing today. Very proud of you. If you want to check the grade level that aligns with your score, check out the attached chart. LexileConversionChart

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