Updates for Next Week–September 8-11

First, I would like to say thank you so much for your patience and supportive comments. It means a lot to me as we work through the beginning of the school year online challenges. I know many of you are working and need some idea of a schedule so I am posting a basic schedule for next week. This is tentative because there could be some changes for 5th grade Math depending on Mrs. Courtright’s schedule and as we get more into the curriculum. However to help with your planning, we will be on Zoom for live sessions (hopefully lol), in the morning and afternoon will be Schoology assignments/small group or one on one meetings. I hope this helps with your planning.

Students will be logging on in the morning at 8:55 so I can take attendance. It is important for them to be on time in the morning, so we can start our day. That being said, Zoom (as you know from last week) provided some challenges. There have not been great connections, but I am thinking positively for this upcoming week! If you have trouble, students can leave the meeting and work on some of the websites that they are familiar with for Math and Reading. These will be posted on Schoology as well. They can also read their books if they have access to some at home. If you are utilizing books, students should be reading books at their level, which would be various chapter books or other non-fiction informational text. Once I have done orientation with students on Schoology, they will become familiar with that and will be able to access assignments etc. from there. For now, I have to send the Zoom link through email. I will send that on Monday. Everytime students login to Zoom, they can use that same link.


8:55-10:15 Zoom for live lessons

10:15-10:35 Snack/bathroom/recess

10:35-11:45 Zoom for live lessons

11:45-12:25 LUNCH/RECESS

12:25-1:00 Check in/pm attendance/questions

1:00-1:54 Specials

Tuesday–Gym Wednesday–Enrichment Thursday–Art


2:00-3:50 Reading assessments with appointments/small groups/Students work on Schoology assignments.

Once students are familiar with Schoology, we will be communicating through there and not the blog, but until that time I will use the blog and email for communication. Again, everytime they join Zoom, they will use the same link. I will also be communicating with your child through their own school email, so it is important they check it in the morning and in the afternoon to stay up to date with information. They should be using only their school account.

Hopefully I didn’t miss anything! I hope this is helpful not more overwhelming! More to come…..

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Zoom Explanation


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Sorry—-technical difficulties! Don’t worry about the meeting right now!! I will see you at 11 a.m. for materials pickup. If you would like to try again at 1:00, I am going to try again!!! I know it is a half day, so it is optional, just would like to try it before Tuesday!

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Zoom Meeting Link for tomorrow

Topic: 4th/5th grade meeting
Time: Sep 3, 2020 09:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 816 4206 5215
Passcode: 628805

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Zoom Meeting and Materials Pickup

We are going to try to do a Zoom meeting tomorrow at 8:55. Fingers crossed everything will cooperate. It will just be an opportunity to say hello to each other and for me to go over a couple things. It will be quick so we will share our Important posters on Tuesday next week. Keep them in a safe place! I will send the Zoom meeting link to your email so be sure to check your email!! You also may want to look over the meeting expectations so we can have a smooth meeting 🙂

Materials Pickup is also tomorrow (Thursday) 11 a.m.-12 p.m. You will pull up on the bus lane on Francis near door 4 and I will greet you (with a mask) and give you your materials!

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Wednesday, September 2nd

Amazing Job on yesterday’s assignment!! The posters looked fantastic! Be sure to put them in a safe place because I would like you to share it to introduce yourself when we are able to meet 🙂

Reminder—-Materials Pickup tomorrow (Thursday) at 11 a.m.– 12 p.m. Please pull up on Francis in the bus lane by Door 4 and I will greet you and give you the supplies.

Below are activities for the day:

Attendance Form

Please complete the following assignments by 12:00 today.

Language Arts

“Enemy Pie”

  1. Look over the questions that you will have to answer on the Enemy Pie form.
  1. While listening to Enemy Pie think about what you think the author is trying to say to you. What lesson or moral is being taught here. 
  1. Complete the google form

Watch and Review the slide show for Student Expectations during Meetings:

Mrs. Alabakoff’s Class Expectations

Have a wonderful day!!

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Important Book Assignment

Forgot to post this, but make sure you put your Important Book poster in a safe place. If we are able to do Zoom on Thursday, I would like everyone to share their poster! It will be the way we get to know each other!

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Tuesday, September 1st

First of all, I would like to say “Awesome Job” for the first day. I received all of your wonderful emails. I also love all of the First Day of School pictures! It is so nice to see you even if it can’t be in person right now.

Thank you also to parents for your patience with all of this. There will be a bit of a learning curve, but if we support each other, it will all be fine!

Please complete the form by clicking on “Attendance Form,” so I can mark you present for today.

Attendance Form

Please complete the following activities by 12:00 today. Tomorrow another assignment will be posted.

Listen to “The Important Book and complete the activity after listening to the book.

Isn’t this a great book? It is one of my favorites! Did you like it too?


Make a poster about you in the same format as the book. You should include at least three things about yourself, besides the most important thing……You can write in the first person (I, Me) or third person (He, She). After you write, decorate around your poem with pictures about yourself. I could draw some water balloons, watermelon or a picture of my favorite book. The pictures can be the ones in the poem or other things you like. Be creative!!

Follow this template:

The most important thing about (your name) is __________________________

(Your name)/He/She is ______________________________describe at least three things about you.

But the most important thing about (your name is _________________________.


The most important thing about Mrs. Alabakoff is she loves her students.

She loves spending time with her boys and playing water balloon baseball, going on long walks on a sunny day and eating ice cold watermelon,

But the most important thing about Mrs. Alabakoff is she loves her students!

Extra activity: Choose a book on Epic (getepic.com) that you can start reading for Read to Self.

Login class code is gmc1913

Have a sunny day!!

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First Week Orientation Form

Hi everyone!

There seems to be a problem with the one Orientation Form. Basically you just need to use that for the links on the bottom and those do work. I will fill out the top part on a paper copy and include it in the materials bag that you will pick up on Thursday!

Thanks for your patience!

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Welcome Back!

Welcome back video

Welcome back to school! I am so excited to welcome you back and I am looking forward to a great year!

This Thursday, September 3rd, I will be up at the school to distribute materials from 11 a.m – 12 p.m. Please come to the bus lane on Francis near Door 4 so I can greet you and give you your materials that you need to start the year!

This week will be a soft start, so you will be checking the blog or email for information, not Schoology just yet. Later in the week, I will set up a zoom call so I can meet you virtually.

For Monday, I am attaching some of the things that you (and your parents) are going to be doing:

Welcome Back Letter (including important links)

DuVall First Week Orientation Letter

Student/Parent Orientation Power Point

Student Activity #1 (Due at the end of Monday)

Email me from your school email. Tell me something about yourself and two things you learned from watching the power point!

Student Activity #2 (Optional)

Make a First Day of 4th or 5th grade sign and take a picture of yourself with the sign. It may be cool to take one of you with a mask on as well! Send the pictures to me.

Have a great first day!!

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