House Presentations and Peer editing

All videos and peer assessments are due by 4/10/19

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Famous Deaf Person Presentations

Students will be researching information related to a famous Deaf individual.  A slide show will be required as well as a signed presentation of material.  We start Tuesday, February 26th!

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Students are to complete the Places Unit in this week’s assignment.

Unit 3.1 vocabulary quiz will be Febuary 11th.

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Second semester begins!

Welcome back!  We will be start off our semester with learning about places and how to explain them and navigate through them.  You can download new vocabulary by clicking on the vocabulary tab and selecting Unit 3 – Part 1.

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ilearn sign up

Last week we all logged onto ilearn and completed the homework unit.

Starting Monday, Oct. 22nd, student will submit their first signed video on learn.  It will be under Unit 1 – Video submission.  Students must introduce themselves in ASL first telling me their first and then their last names.  Each student must then tell me at least 4 characteristics of themselves on the video.  There is an attached rubric on ilearn.

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ASL Deafined Units

We have added a few more units to finish.  They are as follows:

Math Number Challenge 1



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Students – make sure to finish the following units:


Numbers 1-20

Fingerspelling 1

All activities in each unit must be finished to get credit for the unit.

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Today we started to use the website  Each student has an account that was purchased by Dearborn Schools for use during the 2018-19 school year.  It is a great opportunity to learn new signs and to reinforce the signs we have learned in school.  Students can access this site from home too!

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Welcome to ASL!

Welcome to ASL, or American Sign Language!  I am very excited to start a new language and a new way of thinking about a language.  ASL is a visual language and must be learned with your eyes.  Listening, therefore, must also be done with the eyes.  For that reason, very little talking will be done in class, either by the  instructor or student(s).  Make sure that your phone is put away for the hour, and not serve as a distraction.  I need 100 % of your visual attention when you enter this room.

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