Civil Rights Movement

Civil Rights Movement Unit


Caged Bird

CO: Students will demonstrate analysis of figurative language, paraphrasing, connotations, attitude and themes while using TPCASTT.

LO: Students will read and record annotations based on the poem.

Modeled a nice/need to know list

Seldom, Narrow, Clip, Stalks, Trill

Chunk 1. 2 and 3

Vocabulary Routine for AOW #1

For each of the words: 

A. Quote the sentence from the article. 

B.Infer or write what you think the definition is based on context. This is a guess, you can’t be wrong. 

C.Write the context clues that help you determine the definition of the word. 

D. Find multiple synonyms

Synonyms: A synonym is a word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same language. Words that are synonyms are said to be synonymous, and the state of being a synonym is called synonymy.

(Be specific as possible)

Week 22

Continue AoW #1; 

Civil Rights Movement

1.       CO:     Students will demonstrate understanding and application of academic and content vocabulary in a close read by annotating with T2T (talking to text). 

LO:         Students will read and record annotations using T2T (talking to text), SoapsTone and the vocabulary routine.

Supplemental material 

Freedom Writers 

Oprah Freedom Writers


SOAPStone only S/O

Week 21

-Bell Work #1 -4
-Library visit (book check-out)
-Calendars/Book Log/Reading Rates
-Essential Q and quick recap on entire card marking

PBIS/Norms rules Major/Minor infractions/ Seats are assigned 
Go over non-negotiable items (headphones, hats)
Objectives: C: review class norms and procedures in whole group discussion.L: Read, write, speak and understand/interpret and discuss classroom expectations while reflecting on semester 1 goals. 
**Be sure to mark first day present for every student there

Essential Question(s): How has racial injustice impacted the world we live in, historically and in the present day?

Julius Caesar Study Guide

    The Tragedy of Julius Caesar Unit Exam Study Guide 1/10/2020

-Multiple choice

Skills assessed:

Making inferences from the text about characters, theme, and plot

·       Determining vocabulary through context clues

·       Using evidence to support a claim

·       Analyzing and identifying figurative language, such as: metaphors, similes 

·      Understanding and identifying of rhetorical appeals (ethos, pathos, and logos) 

Content assessed (review these sections of the play):

    Cassius and Brutus’ conversation (Act 1, Scene 2)

    Brutus’s internal conflict (Soliloquy Act 2, Scene 1)

–    Antony’s funeral speech 

–    Brutus’ funeral speech 

–    Cold read of informational text

Be able to answer the following Questions: 

    What type of person is Brutus? What is his nature? 

    What are the main purposes of the funeral speeches? 

  What are the various tones of the funeral speeches? How do you know/ what are some examples?

  How do Brutus and Antony use rhetorical appeals in their funeral speeches to convince their audience? 

    What is Cassius’ main goal in his conversation with Brutus in Act 1, Scene 2? Which rhetorical appeals does he use to make his point?

How are the themes of friendship and loyalty illustrated in Julius Caesar. Be familiar with examples and how these themes develop throughout the text. 

Final Exam Times

First Semester
January 15th-FinalsJanuary 16th-FinalsJanuary 17th-Finals
1st Hr. Exam
7:20-8:50 am
90 Minutes3rd Hr. Exam
7:20-8:50 am
90 Minutes5th Hr. Exam
7:20-8:50 am
90 Minutes
10 MinutesBreak
10 MinutesBreak
10 Minutes
2nd Hr. Exam
9:00-10:30 am
90 Minutes4th Hr. Exam
9:00-10:30 am
90 Minutes6th Hr. Exam
9:00-10:30 am
90 Minutes
Beginning Second Semester
January 20thJanuary 21st 1/2 Day January 22nd-1/2 Day
NO SCHOOL1st Hour7:20-8:184th Hour7:20-8:18
2nd Hour8:25-9:235th Hour8:25-9:23
3rd Hour9:30-10:256th Hour9:30-10:25

Important Dates Agenda 1/6-1/10

MondayBell Work #18
Plot diagram for 1-3 hr
4-6 Google classroom AOW
TuesdayBell Work #19
All dialectical Journals completed 10-15
WednesdayBell Work #20
Book talks 
-Practice Test Taking Skills
ThursdayBell Work #21
Post-Test Unit 2
FridayBell Work #22
Julius Caesar Unit Test