Class Info

Instructor: Miss Swift



Room A-14


Google Classroom Code:

1st hour: klay4sb  | 2nd hour: w2g24ao  | 4th hour: ky9tpa |  5th hour: hk85ug | 6th hour: a05re9g


Course Description:

Language Arts focuses on the many facets of language (reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing) and their roles in our academic, personal, and social lives. It is designed to build off of middle school classes in order to lay a firm foundation for successful high school writing and reading analysis. A framework of essential questions will guide our study and help students form clearer pictures of their personal identities.


LA1 Essential Question:

  • Is it necessary to struggle in order to be successful?


Class Materials:

    • 3-ring Binder (1” or larger)
    • 5-tab dividers
    • Notebook
    • Pencils and Erasers/Pens
    • Highlighters in a variety of colors
    • Pencil sharpener
  • Requested: Tissue boxes for classroom use
What you must bring with you to class EVERY DAY:

  • DHS Planner (no planner, no passes)
  • ID (Media Center usage)
  • SSR+ (individual choice) book
  • Class materials listed

Class Structure

There is an turn-in box located in the classroom with designations by hour. In the same location, you can also find the previous weeks’ assignments (this is where you check for any absent or missing handouts). All assignments will also be posted on the blog.


Every day we will begin class with 15 minutes of SSR (sustained silent reading). In addition, everyone is expected to read at home in order to finish at least one book per month. There will be a summative assignment tied to this reading.


Furthermore, there will be weekly homework assignments posted in Google Classroom and Khan Academy.


All assignments must be organized in your binder under the correct tabs. A master table of contents will be kept in the classroom for student reference. Required binder labels:

  • SSR+
  • Classwork
  • AoW (Article of the Week)



Follow the below steps to find out what you missed:

  1. Check Google Classroom
  2. Ask a trusted classmate
  3. Email teacher for clarification
  4. Make arrangements to take a missed test/quiz

** If a test/quiz is announced before your absence, it MUST be taken when you return. If homework is due the day of your absence (and you were in class when it was assigned) you MUST turn it in when you return.

** All missed assignments (assigned when you were absent) are due 2 days after you return from the absence.


Any copying of classmates’ assignments or plagiarism will result in a ZERO.


The most important thing to understand is that your teachers do NOT give you grades. You EARN your grades through your own hard work and effort!


Expected Behaviors:


  • Gum, Food and Drink: You are welcome to have a drink with you in class – so long as it has a top/cap. If you have a documented health reason to require food during the hour, that is the only exception. If you want to chew gum – dispose of it in the trash can. If I find students sticking gum on my bookshelves/cabinets/tables/chairs – EVERYONE will lose the privilege.
  • Classroom Care: Our classroom is available for everyone – so everyone needs to share responsibility for its appearance.
  • Do not write on desks or leave trash/gum behind.
  • If you use materials, make sure you return them to the correct place.
  • Leave chairs pushed in and books neatly arranged on the bookshelves.
  • Take ownership and help contribute to our beautiful classroom’s upkeep (even if you aren’t the one who made the mess)!


Cell Phone Usage: Cell phones should be turned to silent (not vibrate) and kept out of sight during class, unless you receive direct permission from the teacher. If you would like to use your cell phone for academic purposes you must ask the teacher first. Otherwise, your phone must be kept out of sight. If you are using your phone inappropriately in class, you will be required to turn it in to the teacher, and pick it up at the attendance office at the end of the day. This includes, but is not limited to, texting (even if it’s your parents!), emailing, and using social media.

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