Week of May 29

But I Read It On The Internet Part 1

But I Read It On The Internet Part 2

But I Read It On The Internet Part 3

Website Evaluation Gizmo

Kid Rex Search Engine (instead of Google – it’s for kids!)

Week of April 3

Search our Library Catalog to see what books we have (called Destiny)

Michigan Electronic Library (mel.org) – kids’ version


StoryMaker on ABCYA

Google Classroom

Week of March 20

Go to Myon to find and read a Fairy Tale, Fable, or Folk Tale.


When done, go to SeeSaw and draw a picture from your story.

Include a : label, caption, and voice recording. Tell us something that happened in the story in your voice recording.

Examples of what to say on SeeSaw:

Second Example

Great Line Up Song for March is Reading Month



Week of March 13

Search our Library Catalog to see what books we have (called Destiny)

Choose your school name from the list of Elementaries (Snow or Howe)

Choose “catalog”

Search by typing in the box at the top of the page

**Mrs. Wilcox will tell you what word to look up, based on today’s story.

Next go to Brainpop or Brainpop Jr. to look up the same word – see what else you can learn about today’s word:


Brainpop Jr. 

Login for Brainpop at Snow Elementary: (you can search without logging in, but to try most extra activities, you will need to log in.


Mrs. Wilcox will give you the login info.

Week of February 27

Welcome to March is Reading Month!

Dr. Seuss’ birthday is March 2.

Choose 1 of the following 4 links to a Dr. Seuss book to read:

1.  The Cat in the Hat Comes Back 

2. The Cat in the Hat

3. Let’s See Who This Is!   -Did you know famous people like to read to kids

for March is Reading Month too?

4. Green Eggs and Ham (with a hip-hop twist)

Let’s Visit Seussville – the Dr. Seuss website and click on “Books” to see a list of his books

Week of January 16, 2017

Typing Lessons at Typing.com. Make sure to log in to earn badges!

Typing Practice Through Games Click on a Typing Game listed for your grade

SeeSaw (to finish or edit your MLK drawing from last week). Click “Sign On” in top right corner, then click, “I am a Student”, then click Blue Bar at bottom of Screen (google sign on), then click white bar near top “Google Sign In).


Week of January 9, 2017

Use SeeSaw to draw a picture and write 1-3 facts about Martin Luther King, Jr.


Week of December 4, 2016

I can learn to code computer games.

I can tell my neighbor how I coded a game.


This is Hour of Code Week worldwide! (Intro Video) (Meet the Programmers) (Code Stars)

Let’s try Hour of Code and learn to be a computer programmer!


Lego Bits and Bricks (good for younger students)

Puppy Adventure (Tynker)


Hour of Code

Make sure to find games for your grade.

Week of November 13

Search for an animal of your choice on one of the following websites:

National Geographic Kids


Ranger Rick


Typing Practice Through Games Click on a Typing Game listed for your grade

SeeSaw Respond to one of today’s stories by creating a drawing and a caption to your drawing.


Sign up for My StoryBoardThat.com classroom

StoryBoardThat.com – Try to make your own story with these characters and word bubbles!


**StoryBoard created by one of the 3rd grade students this week

Week of October 31



Go to SeeSaw and draw a picture of you as president. It could show what you would do as president.

Write a caption to your drawing finishing this sentence stem:


If I was President, I would _______________________________________.

Copy this sentence and finish the sentence as your caption in SeeSaw.

You may need to join my class, if you weren’t here last year. I will give you the code.

Image result for kids drawing of president

Learn to draw Barack Obama