Concert Thursday, Jan 15 – Stout – See Details!

Our Concert is tomorrow! Please report to the BAND ROOM at 6:05 pm in uniform. We will rehearse at 6:10 pm .  Concert BEGINS at 7:00 pm in the auditorium.  Be sure to practice your music today!  You should know it so well that you could sing it if you were the only person on your part.  See you soon!  Our next scheduled rehearsal after the concert is Thurs. January 29.!!

Rehearsal Monday, January 12, 4-5 pm Stout. We need everyone.

Hope everyone is enjoying their cold day!  Because schools are closed, we cannot have rehearsal today.  We are scheduling our dress rehearsal for MONDAY, January 12 from 4-5pm at Stout. Please understand we need all students to be present. The concert is Thursday the 15th and success of the students depends on having the full group.  Please make every effort to be there.  I have cleared my schedule in order to do this.   In the meantime, please continue to practice and memorize the music.  Students already have binders of music and the MP3 files are on the blog. Click on the MP3 file section.  See you Monday and thank you for honoring your commitment to the group.

Please Practice with Blog Recordings – need parent help

Dear Parents:

Please help and make sure your child is practicing with the blog recordings. It is at the top of the page where it has “mp3″  practice files tab. Click on it and all of the recordings will show up. Be sure to practice with the correct part.  Thank you to all who were present yesterday. We had several absences and those students are now behind in learning the music. It should ALL be memorized at this point.  We have one more practice before our January 15 concert. Thank you for your help in making sure practice is happening at home.  That’s why this is Honors Choir. !! Happy Holidays.

DSO Caroling List! Please check –

THanks for signing up! We will stay after rehearsal Thursday until 5:30pm.  If I missed anyone, please reply to the post and I will add you and make adjustments.


Olivia Kirk

Katie Pegosuke

Sophi Rumler

Lia Murphy

Addie Reush

Dania Jadallah

Nora Heaton

Kyla Heaton

Ava Dobos

Nora Karoub


Jamie Clark II

Olivia Kirk

Sophi Rumler

Stella Doverspike

Lia Murphy

Catherine Dicks

Elizabeth Dicks

Geoffrey Dicks

Katie Pegouske

Ava Dobos

Emma Cornejo

Lily Kanclerz

Maddie Mendez

Nora Karoub