Thursday, May 18 – End of Year Celebration 4-4:30 info! Sign up!

Hello! Thursday, May 18 will be our end of year celebration from 4-4:30 pm in the choir room at Stout. PLEASE return your binder if you haven’t already and any loose music you have.  Students will receive sign up information for next year!

Below are some treats that would be nice to have!  Please sign up for it by commenting below!  We have 36 people in our group  🙂

Large Veggie plate with dip –  still need someone!

Large Fresh Fruit plate – Corrina Osenbaugh!!!

24 bottled water  — Aaron Bleu

24 bottled water – Aaron  Bleu

2 bags chips – Sadie W.

3 dozen cookies –  Sadie W.

3 dozen cookies- Geoffrey D.

3 dozen brownies Maddie, Avery

3 dozen cupcakes-  Marie

small plates- Olivia K.

napkins – Olivia K.

Thank you!!!!


Beautiful performance!!!! See you May 18!

You sang beautifully at the Dearborn Symphony Concert!  Thank  you so much for working hard, singing beautifully and watching Maestro Markou!  I hope it was a wonderful experience for you to sing with the symphony!

See you on May 18 from 4-4:30 pm at Stout for our end of the year celebration! Bring your folder that day.  More details to come!

Ms. Pegouske

Concert Update! after intermission….

For families who bought tickets to the concert, the symphony has graciously provided seats in the balcony for choir members!  After intermission, we will head to the balcony as a choir and sit together.  If parents need to take their child home at intermission, please be sure to have them see their director before leaving so we know they left the building.

The 2nd half of the concert has some beautiful music and talented soloists who are only a few years older than our students!  A great opportunity!

Meet at 6:30 sharp , if able.

Parents and singers:  I realize our original time was 7 pm, but we desperately need to rehearse with Mr. Walters.  If you are able , please arrive at 6:30 sharp to rehearse.  We will meet in STUDIO A, where we met yesterday.  If you are unable, please arrive promptly at 7.  We need our best chance of success today and rehearsing together will help.

Thank you for your dedication and understanding.

Ms. Pegouske

Last Night’s Rehearsal and Meet at 7:00pm Sharp today.

The other directors and I were very disappointed with last nights rehearsal. Honors Choir members are the best singers from every middle school, and you are expected to uphold behaviors that match your musicianship. Last night I saw students chewing gum, singers were talking on stage DURING our song, talking on the phone DURING our song, students eyes were not on Maestro Markou, and students were dropping all types of objects on the stage.

Parents, your support in talking with your child about this would be greatly appreciated.

PLEASE make sure your child practices our music BEFORE coming to the center tonight.  At least for 30 minutes.  EVERYONE needs their black binder with the piece in it.

I am going to advise students the following to avoid these issue for our performance tonight:


  2. NO GUM
  4. Bring your binder with music
  5. Wear concert black (wear shoes that you are comfortable standing for our ENTIRE song)
  6. Keep your eyes on Maestro Markou

Please make sure you eat a healthy dinner and drink plenty of water and USE THE RESTROOM before we meet at 7 p.m. SHARP.  I know each one of you is capable of this challenging piece with the symphony, please continue your hard work!

Ms. Pegouske

Meet at 6:30 pm SHARP at the FPCAC Thursday- Please read

Hello!  Nice job at rehearsal!  PLEASE arrive NO later than 6:30 at the Ford Community and Performing Arts Center.  We have a few spots we need to practice before singing with the orchestra!  Make SURE you have your binder and your music hole punched and inside the binder.  Thank you!!!

It is VERY important that we have everyone today!  It is our final chance to practice. Each person is important!

Just a note, there is an event going on at the center today, the parking lot will be very full! Allow yourself EXTRA time to arrive and get inside.  

Thank you!  We are very proud of all of you!!