Reminder: Rehearsal Monday – Please read!

Hello! Just a reminder we have rehearsal tomorrow, Monday, May 2. This was sent out last week and discussed at rehearsal.  We have had several interruptions in our rehearsal process due to musicals, festivals, science fairs etc.  Please read the remaining rehearsal schedule.  I also ask that singers spend some time on Stand Together and La lluvia to review the parts.  These recordings are on earlier blog posts. Thank you!


Monday, May 2  4:05-5:45pm (combined with Elementary)

Thursday, May 5  FINAL REHEARSAL MANDATORY 3:50-5:05 pm

Tuesday, May 10 CONCERT 6:30pm call time.  7:00pm concert.

Wade in the Water recordings

Water in the Water, Bass, O Geoph Nor Abs

Wade in the Water, Soprano 2, below

Wade in the Water, Soprano 1, below


Hello! We have had several interruptions in our rehearsal process due to science fairs, festivals etc.  We are now behind on our music learning.  We need everyone to commit to being at Thursday’s April 28th rehearsal.  The policy is only two absences per semester and we have been very liberal with this.  We need to also add a rehearsal with the elementary HC. Please note the extended time. Following is the remaining rehearsal schedule:

Thursday, April 28  3:50-5:05 pm

Monday, May 2  4:05-5:45pm (combined with Elementary) New 

Thursday, May 5  FINAL REHEARSAL MANDATORY 3:50-5:05 pm

Tuesday, May 10 CONCERT

Please do your very best to be at everything remaining.  We need all singers in order to be successful and as I mentioned, there have been lots of absences.  Thank you for your commitment and practice!!!

Stand Together Practice File! All on part 3

Please spend some time practicing and learning part 3 before Thursday. We only have two rehearsals before our Dress rehearsal!    Everyone learn part 3.

Stand Together Part 3

Stand Together piano accompaniment

Wonderful Performance! No rehearsal today!

I wanted to congratulate everyone on a very fine performance last night!

I know it was a long day and late night. Thank you, parents. Without your support, this wouldn’t be possible.

If anyone has pictures or videos from the performance tonight, please share them with me!

Enjoy your day off today and see you Thursday, April. 21.  Practice recordings will be posted soon and I would like everyone to commit to some home practice.

Ms. Pegouske :)

Youth In Arts Today! No rehearsal Thursday

A reminder Youth In Arts is today!  Please practice Ease on down the road and Sing to me BEFORE you arrive. :)  Following are the details again:

4:45 – arrive at Ford Community and Performing Arts Center Lobby (please do not arrive too early)

5:00pm – Rehearse

6:15 – Pizza

7:00 – Concert (free to parents and families)

8:oopm – Finish!

Please wear black dress pants, black long sleeve top, black shoes, black socks.  We now have stoles instead of scarves!  Very exciting!   Stoles will be passed out at the concert and must be returned at the end.