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Peek at Our Week

Good Afternoon Haigh families. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, even though it was a WET one!


Tuesday: Fire safety house field trip (9:30)

Wednesday: Late start, after school Halloween party planning meeting 3:40-4:10

Last week we had a great time learning about bridges and how  invisible forces  help support them. We put our learning to work and created our own bridges and tested them using Unifex cubes. We had some strong bridges!

This week in reading we will be working on identifying the theme in short stories and using the CER method to help support our reasoning. In writing we will work on adding details to our narrative stories and learn about how “red flag” transition words can help move our stories along.

In math we will begin our multiplication unit where we will develop an understanding that multiplication is just repeated addition. We will learn how to represent a multiplication problem by using an array and addition concepts.

In social studies we will be reviewing the natural and human characteristics of Michigan by creating a google slide presentation that identifies and describes these beautiful features of Michigan. Students will learn how to add images to their slides to create a visually appealing presentation of their learning.

Academic Vocabulary:

  1. Fiction- A story invented by your imagination.
  2. Sum- The answer to an addition problem.
  3. Bay-A body of water partially surrounded by land.
  4. Solution- The answer to a problem.
  5. Michigan- Our state that consists of the upper and lower peninsula.

Thanks again to all of you who donated money for our class party fund. Can’t wait to begin planning our very first celebration of the year 🙂

Looking forward to a great week!

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Halloween Party Planning

Good Morning Parents 🙂

Halloween is quickly approaching and I would like your help in planning our party in room 33!  On Halloween Haigh is having the whole school costume party (Time is not set as of yet) and we will have our class party the same day. Ideally, I would like to have party and parade in the afternoon, but will see.
If you are available to help plan for the party, please come to a short meeting with some fun ideas, crafts, games etc. directly after school next Wednesday the 18th. If you can’t make it, it’s okay, you can still come visit the party. I have a lot of parents that want to volunteer and I want everyone to feel invited to participate and plan for not only this party, but all parties we are having this year. I greatly appreciate the help and enthusiasm of parent participation.
Looking forward to seeing you there!
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Peek at Our Week!

Good Evening Families!

I hope everyone had a restful weekend. This one sure did go by fast.


  • Unit 1 math test on Tuesday. Your child was sent home with their unit one pretest to study from.
  • Half day Friday, dismissal at 11:45
  • Halloween school parade has been changed to Halloween, Tuesday the 31st.

We will continue to work on theme as we read a variety of myths. We will work on supporting our ideas with evidence from the text. Students will learn to use the CER (Claim, evidence, reasoning) strategy to help them fully support their claim.

In writing we will begin to write our personal narratives. We will focus on using red flag transition words to move our writing along. We will also learn the importance of word choice and use our word collectors and synonym resource sheet to help us use  strong word choice. Finally, we will learn how to compose a strong ending to our personal narratives.

We will begin our week with our unit 1 math test and our unit 2 pretest. We will begin to work on unit 2 which consists of multiplication concepts.

In social studies we will look at the different regions that Michigan is part of. We will also learn about Michigan’s natural resources.

In science we will continue to learn about force and motion.

Academic Vocabulary:

  1. Myth-A fictional story that explains why something is the way it is.
  2. Climate-The weather conditions over a long period of time.
  3. Theme- The one or two word main idea of a story. Example- friendship, honesty, respect.
  4. Lead- The first sentence in your writing that “hooks” the reader.
  5. Data- A collection of facts such as numbers or words that can be displayed on a graph.


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Peek at Our Week

Good Afternoon parents ad welcome to October! The month of September sure did fly by.

This week we will begin to plan and work on our personal narrative writings. We will learn how to focus on a small moment and tell our stories with strong description, an interesting lead, and with the use of transition words.

We will continue to focus on identifying character traits as we explore the genre of myths. Students will be able to compare myths to fables and explain how they are different and how they are the same.

****Please send in a pair of headphones or ear buds for your child to use during listen to reading which takes place during our Daily 5 literacy block (I have a few old pairs in the classroom for students to use as well).

Tomorrow we will have a quiz in math on telling time and solving elapsed time on an open number line. We have been working really hard at this and your children are doing great. Please take a few minutes to review this with them today so they are ready for their quiz tomorrow. We will be switching gears and  looking at data and graphs in math this week. We will learn how to interpret and represent data on pictographs and bar graphs.We will use our own personal data folders to help us relate graphs to the importance in our everyday lives.

We will continue to explore the geography of Michigan and learn about the Great Lakes. We will also begin to explore the different regions of Michigan.

We will continue our focus on force and motion and begin our mystery science investigations.

Academic Vocabulary

  1. Narrative- A real or fictitious story that is made up of a clear beginning, middle, and end.
  2. Peninsula- A piece of land that is surrounded by water on three sides.
  3. traits-A way a person or character in a books acts.
  4. motion- A change in position of an object.
  5. location- A place or position.

Reminders for the week:

Monday 10-2—–PBIS party. Students who have shown good behavior at Haigh have earned a special party. Please see the previous post for details.

Wednesday 10-4—— Firefighters visit the 3rd graders to present about fire safety. All 3rd graders in Dearborn will also get an opportunity to visit the firehouse for a fire safety demonstration. Our class will be visiting October 17th; look for a permission slip sent home this week. This is a quick field trip and parent chaperones are not needed.

Friday 10-6—— Outdoor movie night at Haigh @ 6:00. Please come and join us for a movie and fun with students and families of Haigh.


Looking forward to a productive week.

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Dear Families,


On Monday, October 2nd we will be having our first PBIS celebration of the year. This celebration is to recognize your child’s positive behavior for the month of September. Our theme will be Float, Fly, Glide! This event will take place outside, so let’s hope the weather stays pleasant!


Be sure to check the weather forecast and make sure your child is dressed appropriately, students will be outside for 45 minutes.  


Thank you,

Haigh PBIS Committee

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Peek at the Week

Good Morning Haigh families 🙂 I hope you are all enjoying this SUMMER weather we have going on. My family and I embraced the sun and enjoyed a day at the beach yesterday.

This week we will continue to complete our NWEA testing in all areas. We are almost done with these.

Students took their first spelling and academic vocabulary test on Friday. They did a pretty good job for their first academic vocabulary test. Please look for their test in their owl folder tomorrow to check out their grades.

Our new academic vocabulary words are:

  1. Elapsed time- the difference between the start time and the end time.
  2. County- a division of a state. Michigan is divided into 83 counties.
  3. Geography- the study of places.
  4. Force- a push or a pull on an object.
  5. Moral- a life lesson.

**Spelling and vocabulary test is on Friday 9/29**

We will continue to work on fables as we review our CAFE strategies this week. We will be looking deeper at the characters in the stories we have read and work on selecting traits to describe our characters based on evidence from the text.

We will focus on elapsed time all week. This is usually a tough concept for students of all ages so your support at home helps tremendously. We will begin our math rotations this week so students can review telling time, addition concepts, and work on elapsed time in small groups. Last week students practiced logging in and taking a pretest for This is an excellent website for students to practice math concepts as well as fact fluency practice. Multiplication facts are never to early to begin mastering! Students are able to sign in at home. The class code is: halim9

During our Michigan studies this week we learned how geographers used relative location to describe different locations. We used the desk maps to practice using cardinal directions to describe cities that are relative to Detroit. This week we will continue to look at Michigan’s location and the important characteristics that make Michigan a beautiful place to live.

This week in science we will begin our first science unit on force and motion.

This week is looking to be another HOT one. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately and think about sending a water bottle along with them each day. The temperature in our classroom rises by the hour. Frequent water breaks are needed to keep everyone safe and smiling.

Thank you for your support. The classroom routines are beginning to run smoothly and our daily schedule is working well. This year is looking to be GREAT!

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Parent Meeting Tomorrow 9-19

Dear 3rd Grade Parents,

Please join us for an informational Parent Meeting on  Tuesday Sept. 19 @ 3:45-4:30 in room 32 We will discuss Home Routines, Helpful Websites, Homework, and Positive Reinforcement.  We look forward to seeing you as we continue to work as a team toward your child’s success.  If you are unable to attend, please feel free to check out our blogs for helpful information on the same topics and you may contact us at any time with questions.

Thank you!

Haigh 3rd Grade Teachers

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Peek at Our Week

Happy Sunday Haigh parents! I really enjoyed meeting all of the families at open house last week. Many thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to make my day and come and “Meet the teacher!” This year is sure to be great!

This week we will continue taking our fall NWEA assessments. Please encourage your child to do their best. We will be taking our scores and graphing them in our data folders and have many conversations about setting goals and working hard to show improvement through the year. You can help me out with this by encouraging good work habits at home.

We have just started working on our daily five expectations as well as working hard at building our reading stamina. Our goal is to work on their language arts choice for 20 minutes without interruptions. So far we have achieved around 13 in a half minutes. I am certain that we will be at the 20 minute mark in no time! This week we will work on reading and analyzing characteristics of fables.

In writing this we week we will set up our writing binders as well as listen and engage in stories that help us define what is included in a personal narrative. Your child will create lists of topics to help them brainstorm a plethora of ideas for their own personal narratives.

In math we will be working on telling time to the minute as well as solving elapsed time word problems. Your child will learn how to solve elapsed time problems on a number line. We will also begin to set up our expectations for math workshop rotations and practice working and moving between rotations. Math homework will be coming home in a packet tomorrow to reinforce the concepts learned in class. This packet is due on Friday. (I will send the packet home, but it is also attached on my blog under the homework tab.)

In social studies we will begin with discussing the geography of Michigan. We will be working with desk maps as we explore the unique qualities of Michigan.

This week your child will be bringing home their spelling words/academic vocabulary words and homework. Please make sure your child is doing at least 3 of the activities on the choice board. Please note that your child also has 5 academic vocabulary words that they are responsible for knowing the definition and the spelling for. We do a variety of activities to reinforce these words in class but often times parents help their child create flashcards and give mock spelling tests in the home. Spelling and academic vocabulary tests are given on Friday.We will also be tracking our progress of these weekly tests in our data folders.

The academic words this week are:

  1. analog clock- a clock that has hands that move to tell the time.
  2. digital clock- a clock that uses digital numbers to tell the time.
  3. stamina- the ability to something for a long time.
  4. fable- a short story that has animals as the characters and teaches the reader a lesson.
  5. engineer- a person who designs and builds things.

Your child will also have a reading log to complete each week. The reading expectation is that your child is reading for at least 25 minutes each night. Their is also a comprehension piece that they must complete.

Our special schedule has been finalized:

Monday: library checkout and art

Tuesday: gym, please be sure students have their gym shoes

Wednesday: Technology and music

Thursday: Media

Friday: Music

Reminder: 3rd grade parent meeting is scheduled for Tuesday the 19th directly after school in Mrs. Joachim’s room. We will be discussing routines and procedures, technology, and homework expectations. Please join us if you can 🙂

Looking forward to a GREAT week!

I apologize for the long post and promise that they won’t be this long each week. If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail me at:

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Teamwork is FUN in Room 33!


Students worked hard today during our very first science STEM activity. We discussed what an engineer is and how they help solve problems by asking a question, making a plan, and putting their plan into action. Today’s question was which group can make the LONGEST paper chain using only 1 piece of paper, scissors, glue, and tape. I was very impressed at how well they took this task and really worked together with smiles, interest, and perseverance. We will discuss what we noticed about each of our chains during class tomorrow.

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Welcome to the the 2017-2018 School Year!


Welcome to my blog!  I’m so glad that you have taken the opportunity to visit.  This site will keep you updated on class learning and important information.

Please take a moment to subscribe with your email and you will be notified any time a new post has been added to the blog.

I look forward to a year of growing and learning together with your third grader!

–Mrs. Halimi

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