Read at Home Plan

Dear Snow Families,

Snow School is launching a Read at Home Plan. With our new Book Room, every Snow student will go home with “Good Fit” Books daily! “Good fit” books are books that are not too hard and not too easy. The expectation is that students improve their reading skills and develop a love for reading.

Snow School Read at Home Plan
Reading Book Bags will go home daily with “Good Fit” Books
Students must read daily:
Grades (K-1) 15+ minutes daily
Grades (2-5) 30+ minutes daily
Reading Logs- Signed daily by parents and checked by teachers.
MobyMax (Students can login through CLEVER on Dearborn Schools home page. Please contact Mrs. Bush for assistance if needed.


Fall NWEA results were sent home yesterday. Please check your child’s backpack.

I am hearing that many people are having difficulty logging on the MyOn from home. I will look into it today to see what I can find out. Until the issue is resolved, students will not be required to spend time on MyOn as a part of their reading log requirement.

Math Quiz Monday

On Monday, the students will have their first math quiz. We will not have large unit tests this year, but instead, smaller weekly or semi-weekly quizzes.

The night before each quiz, students will bring home their work packet from the lesson. They can use that to prepare for the quiz. Monday’s quiz will cover:

  • points, lines, line segments, and rays
  • angles (right, acute, and obtuse)
  • perpendicular and parallel lines

Please email me at if you have any questions.

Classroom Management

Hello! I just wanted to take a minute to introduce our behavior management program. It is important that parents know the behavior plan, as well as, the students.

The behavior expectations for our classroom follow the attached PBIS Matrix. We want behaviors that are respectful, responsible, and safe. The matrix is not an exhaustive list but rather a guide for expected behaviors in school.

Every student begins their day on a green card.  If they are not following the expectations, they will be asked to flip their card.  Each time they flip their card, they will have the following consequences:

1st Card Flip (pink):  This is a warning, there are no consequences.

2nd Card Flip (yellow):  The student will lose 10 minutes of recess.

3rd Card Flip (orange):  The student will lose recess and fill out a Think Sheet (see attached).  The Think Sheet will go home with the student to be signed by a parent/guardian and returned the following day.

4th Card Flip (red):  The student will have a phone call home and/or go to the office with an ODR (office discipline referral).  The student will lose recess and may also have consequences from the Principal.

We will also work toward earning class rewards throughout the year using Class Dojo.  It is a system that allows teachers to set goals for their class and earn rewards when they reach their goal.  We are currently working on earning 1,000 points to get a hot chocolate and donut reward.

Please contact me if you have any questions!


Think Sheet Sample