What’s Happening This Week of 4/18

Here’s a brief overview of the upcoming week.

NWEA testing continues Tuesday and Thursday with the Math section. Please make every effort to have your child here and properly rested and fed to take this test.

Math– Measurement- we are learning to use appropriate measurement tools for the task such as ruler, yardstick, or measuring tape. We are also learning to measure to the nearest inch and to make estimates. We will be learning equivalent units inches-feet, feet-yards, inches -yards. We are doing a lot of measuring at school. Next week will be using the metric system.

Reading – We are practicing QAR’s (Question-Answer Relationships) to answer questions about a text. We have practiced In the Book – Right There, and Think and Search, and In Your Head. Basically they’re strategies to help decide if an answer is in the book (answer can be found in text) or in my head (based on what I already know).

Spelling – ore/oar chunks.

Science– Plants and Plant Parts. We have made a foldable labeling the parts and the purposes of each part. Are seeds we planted last week are really taking off!

Social Studies– Continuing with How People Work and Live in the Community. We will be learning about goods and services and how businesses help the community.

Writing- We have just finished writing a nonfiction article on a landform. We will be starting to write an opinion piece.

Please continue to check your student’s planner and green folder daily. Students should be reading at least 20 minutes a night. I send home books everyday! Also students should be doing a spelling activity every night as homework.

Thank you for your continued support!

Enjoy the beautiful weather!

NWEA Testing is Here

This week we are beginning our End-of- Year NWEA testing. This is the district mandated standardized test for all grades K-5. This test is completed online over several sessions. Each students’ test is individualized with questions generated by the program based on your child’s performance. In class we have practiced reading questions and choosing answers that make sense. We have also talked about the importance of reading the whole screen, and not just the answer choices at the bottom. Another strategy that we’ve talked about is to click on the speaker button to have the computer read the question, choices, or directions. It is imperative that students read and listen carefully to the directions and questions in order to know how to answer the question.

So how do you help your student do their best? Easy!

  • Be positive. A positive Can Do attitude can make a difference! You’ll love them no matter how they do on the test!
  • Encourage them to try their best. Tell them, yes, there might be some hard questions, but they can do it!
  • Encourage them to take their time, and think about each question. Answers should make sense.
  • Make sure your child gets a good night’s rest . 9-11 hours per night is recommended for children 6-8 years of age.
  • Eat a powerful breakfast! Good food=good fuel!

Happy Testing! You CAN do it!

Math Test Tomorrow

We have been working very hard on partitioning shapes into equal parts as well as practicing several mental math strategies for +/- numbers 0-20.

Partitioning means to divide shapes into EQUAL parts.

Halves (half, 1/2)- a shape divided into 2 EQUAL parts. A half is 1 of the 2 equal parts.

Thirds (1/3)- a shape divided into 3 equal parts. A third is 1 of 3 equal parts.

Fourths (1/4) – a shape divided into 4 EQUAL parts. A fourth is 1 of the 4 equal parts.

Students need to be able to partition rectangles and circles into halves, thirds, and fourths SEVERAL different ways.

Mental Math Strategies to know:

  • Make a 10
  • Doubles, Doubles +/-1
  • Near 10
  • Fact Families
  • Decomposing

Here is a copy of the 2nd+Grade+Pre-Test+Unit+8

Reading Month Celebration

Tomorrow is Rainbow Day. All 2nd graders should wear yellow of any shade.

Also we will be having 2 assemblies tomorrow. The first will be at 10:00 when local author Dr. Bashar Salame will be reading his book, Let’s Change That; If Animals Can, We Can Too! He will be having autographed copies of his book available for purchase for $6. If you would like a copy, please send in $6 cash.

Our second assembly will be at 2:00 and will feature the Big Bee, our school-wide spelling championship match. Two of our very own classmates, Ana AbuRayyan and Mahdi Diab will be competing for the championship! Let’s GO Team Fowler!

Our March is Reading Month committee will be wrapping things up with awards and a special guest presenter!


Spirit Week Starts Monday

This week is Spirit Week! Students and staff get to dress up to show their River Oaks Pride!

Monday is Superhero Day. Come dressed as your favorite superhero -school appropriate with no weapons of course! There are so many good ones or create your own!

Tuesday is Pajama/Crazy Hair Day. Time to show what you really look like when you wake up! 😉 This is also the last day to turn in reading logs for the month to be tallied for Reading Month Awards.

Wednesday is Dress to Impress Day. Wear your nicest clothes. It’s Spring Picture Day and Parent-Teacher Conferences too!

Thursday is Rainbow Day. All of 2nd grade is to wear YELLOW (any shade). At 2:00 is the Big Bee along with the Reading Month Awards.

2nd Grade Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee

Our 2nd Grade Spelling Bee is tomorrow, Friday, March 18 at 10:30 am in the new gym. Parents of our classroom finalists are welcome to attend. Our classroom finalists are: Ana AbuRayyan, Mahdi Diab, Nevaeh Dennis, Ahmad Mokadam, and Zain Sayed. I am so so proud of everyone in our class for giving their best effort and showing sportsmanship.

The top five from 2nd grade will go on to compete at the Big Bee next Thursday in the gym.

Good luck competitors! I know you’ve been working hard!


Classroom Spelling Bee

Here is the list for our Classroom Spelling Bee this Friday at 2:00. This is a fun competition and does not count as a grade. Parents are welcome to come and root our students on! The top 5 spellers will move on to the Grade Level Bee for 2nd grade Friday, March 18. From there the Top 5 2nd grade spellers will move on to “The Big Bee” All School Bee at 2:00, Thursday, March 24.

2nd Grade Classroom Bee

Last year, 2nd grader Lana Lakkis took home the trophy and the Detroit Zoo Family Year Membership!

Good Luck Spellers!Spelling Bee

Wanted: Kleenex

Thank you to the families who have recently donated Kleenex. It was greatly appreciated. However, we are in need of some more. If you could send in a box or 2 of Kleenex/tissue, we would be very appreciative. With the crazy weather, students have been going through it rapidly.

Thank you from the stuffy,Sneezing kid runny noses of Room 3.

Guess Who Came to Read?!

Who are Black and Orange, smart, play football, and loveIMG_2838 IMG_2839 IMG_2841 IMG_2840 IMG_2842 to READ?

Why Dearborn High’s Football Team, that’s who!

Thursday, River Oaks was visited by the Pioneer Football team! We had 7 team members including River Oaks alumna, Malik Harajly, read to our class The Boy Who Loved to Eat Books!

Afterwards, they talked to the class about perseverance, teamwork, and how reading is important to them.

Go Pioneers!