Legoland – Here We Come!

We will be going to Legoland, Tuesday, December 5, 2017. We will be leaving at 8:45 and returning by 3:00. The cost is $3 per person. Permission slips are coming home today! I am able to bring 2 additional chaperones. Chaperones MUST have the Parent Affidavit completed and on file by  December 4th in order to accompany us on the trip. The affidavit takes 10-15 business days to be completed. If you are interested in chaperoning and need to complete the affidavit, please contact the office at 827-6750.

Students and chaperones will have to pack a bagged lunch including a drink. There will not be food available to purchase.

All permission slips and money (cash only- exact change) are due by Wednesday, November 27.

I look forward to sharing this great experience with your child!

Bridges Home Connections

We have been practicing addition facts and using groups of 1’s, 5’s and 10’s to reach a target number. The Home Connection book has several activities and games that your child could do to enhance their learning about these concepts. These pages are NOT mandatory and do not need to be turned in, but are up to your discretion as a parent to decide whether to do them or not. The activities are on pages 63-70. Please enjoy!


Spelling Words for the Week of 11/13

This week we are focusing on vowel teams and patterns that make the long e sound: -ee, ea, -y ( at the end of 2 syllable words). Many words with this vowel sound that sound the same, but are spelled differently and have very different meanings. These are called homophones or homonyms. For instance, “beet” and “beat.” Beet is a purple vegetable. Beat has multiple meanings such as –the steady pulse in music, or to defeat an opponent. So it is very important to know the context of the word, or how the word is being used, in order to determine the spelling since several of these words sound the same. I did NOT include any on the list because of the confusion, but your student may notice these words while reading. We will be addressing homophones later this year.

Here are this week’s words:

  • meat
  • queen
  • beet
  • baby
  • mean
  • team
  • please
  • only
  • carry
  • easy

Chaperones Needed

Greetings! The 2nd Grade team have some exciting field trips in the works for this school year. In fact, one is just a few weeks away! We will need chaperones on several of these trips. The district REQUIRES that every parent volunteer and/or chaperone have a background check before being allowed to help in the classroom or accompany the class on a fieldtrip. These background checks, or Parent Affidavits, can be completed at the school’s office. You will be asked to complete a form and provide a valid driver’s license or state ID. If approved, the affidavit is valid for three years from the date issued. If you completed one at any of the Dearborn Public Schools within the last three years, it is still valid. It takes at least 10-15 BUSINESS days to be completed. If you are unsure if you have done this or not, or whether your affidavit is still valid, please call the Main Office, and the office staff will be happy to check for you.

If you would like to volunteer at anytime this year, please visit the school office to have this process started. If interested in volunteering for the upcoming trip, please come in as soon as possible to start this process.

If you have any questions regarding the Parent Affidavit, please call the River Oaks’ Main Office at (313)827-6750.


We look forward to you helping our class make lifelong memories!

Spelling Words for Week of 11/6

This week we will focus on long o vowel teams – “ow”, “oe”, “oa”. These all make the long o sound as in ocean. The “ow” pattern can be tricky because “ow” can also make the /ou/ sound as in “out” and “how.”

Here are the words:

  • grow
  • low
  • toe
  • goes
  • soap
  • flow
  • know

sight words

  • these
  • gave
  • together

Here are a couple of videos to help out.



Strep Throat Notification

Dear Parent,


A confirmed case of strep throat occurred in your child’s classroom this week.


According to the Disease Control Division of Wayne County Health Department, the incubation period for strep/scarlet fever is approximately 1-3 days.  Period of communicability, if untreated, is 10-21 days or longer;  if treated, it is within 24 hours.  A child is to be excluded until under treatment for twenty-four hours.


Symptoms of strep throat are usually sore throat and fever.  Scarlet Fever symptoms may also include a goosepimply bright red rash on neck, chest, and extremities.  Contact your doctor if you have questions about your child’s symptoms.


If you have any questions, please contact your Dearborn School Nurse through the school office.


Important Reminders

Just a few reminders…

  • Half Day – Friday November 3. Dismissal will be at 11:45.
  • Conference slips- Conference slips were sent home today. Please RSVP -check the date and time and then mark the slip “Satisfactory” or “Sorry, this time doesn’t work.” PLEASE send the bottom portion of the slip back either way so that I know whether or not we need to reschedule. Once a satisfactory time has been scheduled, please mark your calendar. Students are welcome to join the conference at the parent’s discretion. On your scheduled date, please allow enough time for parking, and walking to the classroom to be ready at your designated time. If you are suddenly unable to make your appointment, please call the office to let us know. Reports cards will be given at Parent Teacher Conferences.

Have a great evening!

Spelling Words for Week of 10/30

We are working on vowel patterns that make a long i – y, i, and ie. The pattern “ie” makes a long i sound when it is at the end of a one syllable word and always follows a single consonant. The pattern “y”makes a long i sound when it is at the end of a one syllable word and follows a consonant blend (2 consonants). The pattern “i” makes a long i sound when it is in the middle of a word and is followed by “ld” or “nd.”

Here are this week’s words:

  • try
  • pie
  • cry
  • tie
  • wild
  • mind
  • remind

Sight words

  • keep
  • myself
  • work

Halloween Party

Dear Families,


Halloween is upon us!

Tuesday, October 31st, at 2:15 will be the River Oaks Annual Halloween Parade followed by a short Classroom party. We will start putting costumes on at about 1:50. At 2:15, weather permitting, we will join the classes and proceed to the back playground and march around the track. Parents and families are welcome to come watch, wave and take pictures from the asphalt area of the playground. If it rains, then students will parade through the hallways and into the gym or cafeteria where families and parents are gathered. After the parade we will head to our room for a few fun activities. Here are the school mandated guidelines regarding costumes.



  • Non-violent -No blood or gore
  • School appropriate
  • No Masks or full make-up
  • No weapons, brooms, etc.
  • Bring costume in a bag; do not wear it to school
  • Students must be able to put it on by themselves.
  • Needs to go on over clothes.


Party – I have a few activities and could use 4 parent volunteers starting at about 2:00 to help set up and run. I have 4 stations that students will rotate through 5-6 students at a time.

  • Craft Activity – all materials are purchased and I would love 2 parents to run this.
  • Refreshments Station – 2 parents to help pass out food.
  • Passing out Candy- students will pass out any goodies that they brought in to pass out.
  • Halloween Bump – math game


Of course any help is welcomed especially with setup and cleanup. You are welcome to come enjoy this time with your student.


Donations – Students are welcome to bring candy or small novelties to pass out, if they wish. We have 21 students in our class. Please NO peanuts/ Peanut Butter. We have a peanut allergy in our class.

Please consider donating one of the following items:

  • Small bottles of water
  • Cookies
  • Veggie tray
  • Chips (individually wrapped)
  • Goldfish crackers (individually wrapped)


Please email  me at fowlerj@dearborn or complete the form that is being sent home today and return to me on Monday. That way I can contact you if I receive multiple response for an item.


Thank you for your continued support.


Mrs. J. Fowler