Holiday Shop

It’s that time of year! Tomorrow is our Annual Holiday Shop at River Oaks. Students can bring money and shop for inexpensive gifts for family and friends. All items are $2 which includes sales tax. So make a list and check it twice! Our class time to shop is 10:45-11:15 TOMORROW, Tuesday, December 1st. 

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Snow, Snow, Snow!

Now that winter weather has made an appearance, out come the heavy coats, boots, hats and gloves!

Here are some guidelines to help manage winter outerwear.

  1. Coats – Make sure that your child has a warm coat every day. They go out every day for recess unless it’s below 20*
    1. Check that zippers work and that kids can do them on their own.
    2. Label it with their name – usually on the tag works well.
    3. If it is a jacket system (2 jacket parts that can be separated), help them know how it works.
    4. Teach your child how to get the sleeves turned the correct way.
  2. Boots- Winter boots should be insulated and waterproof for kids to play in the snow.
    1. Bring shoes to change into. We want to keep wet boots in the hallway so our carpet stays dry in the classroom
    2. Fashion boots are NOT the same as winter boots.
    3. Wearing winter boots all day is uncomfortable. They are bulky and hot. It would be like wearing your winter coat inside.
    4. No winter boots or shoes to change = No snow at recess.
    5. Label both boots and shoes with your name.
  3. Hats – If your coat has a hood, hats can be optional.
    1. Label it with your name.
    2. Encourage your child to put it inside the sleeve of their jacket when they take it off their head.
    3. Never share hats!
  4. Gloves/Mittens – Your child needs a pair every day. Hands get cold very fast at low temperatures because they have very little body fat.
    1. Label them.
    2. Encourage your child to put their gloves inside their hat, then their hat inside the sleeve of their jacket. This will help them keep track of their gloves and hat, AND keep you from having to buy replacements.
  5. Shoes – Students need dry shoes to wear every day, especially if they bring boots.
    1. Label them!
    2. Make sure they can tie them quickly and securely. We still have students that cannot tie their own shoes the first time they try.
    3. Check the fit. Kids grow rapidly. There should be a thumb’s width of space at the toe. Less than that=too small. More than that=too big. Both will cause problems with walking and foot development.
    4. Check that they are not broken or worn out.

Please have your child practice getting all of their winter outerwear on BY THEMSELVES. We do not have a lot of time to allot for putting on and taking off of jackets and such. Please help them become independent and efficient! (It’ll make your life easier, too!)

Now… Who wants to build a snowman?

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MyOn Projects Are Due!

MyOn projects are due! Your child has had 20 minutes everyday to work on them in class. During their time on MyOn, I have redirected many students to make project choices. So far, I have 1 student who has completed the Social Studies project, 9 have completed the Math, and NONE have completed the science project. Yet, many students have been logging on to MyOn at home. Please talk to your child about using their time wisely during class. I will keep the projects open until December 1, so that students can work on them over Thanksgiving recess.

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Spelling Words: Week 10

This week’s spelling words are based on the vowel teams for the sound long o. We are working with the chunks ow, oe, and oa. All these chunks make the same sound – long o.

The words are:

  1. grow
  2. low
  3. toe
  4. goes
  5. soap
  6. flow
  7. know
  8. these
  9. gave
  10. together

What other words does your child know that have the same patterns and sounds?


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The Week Ahead 11/16

Here’s a look at the week.


  • Informational text/Asking questions throughout the reading process.


  • Reading and writing about Thanksgiving.


  • Telling time to the nearest 5 minutes and drawing hands on a clock to show time.
  • Counting and making amounts with coins.


  • States and properties of water

Social Studies: 

  • Learning how to read a map.

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MyOn Projects are here!


Wondering what books your child should be reading? Problem solved with MyOn Projects! Just have your student login in to by entering River Oaks Elementary (Dearborn Public Schools), their username (student number) and their birthdate (MM/DD/YYYY). At the top of their home screen their will be two categories: Library and Projects. Click on Projects. There you will see three projects posted: Science, Math, and Social Studies. Each project has books to read and/or listen to about the current 2nd grade topic. The directions for each project are in the description. To see the list of books, click on the book icon in the Project box. Once students are done reading the number of assigned books, they can then click on the writing icon in the Project box to complete a short writing activity. Please note that there is a DUE DATE for each project.

We have been working on them in class, so your student should know how it works. The suggested work is to read one book from a project per night. Then they can choose books from their recommended list to read.


Happy reading!

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Science Power Hour – Help Needed

Our Science Power Hour will be Tuesday, October 27 from 2-3 pm. Students will rotate through 4 stations in groups of 5 to explore the various properties of matter. I have one volunteer so far and need 3 more. Please consider helping out if you are able. No science experience necessary. Please email me at or call the school and leave a message at 313-827-6750.

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