Summarizing Fiction

As we near the end of the school year, students have been working on summarizing stories. This is when students have to retell a story in their own words and include the important characters, events and details. They also have to include transition words such as, in the beginning, next, then, after that, and in the end or finally. This is an important skill that they will use throughout school. Many students are able to retell a story orally, but they also need to be able to write a summary and keep it to one page. You will find a link at the end to the form that we use in class. Please have them practice summarizing their books that they read at home.

The summary is very important as students’ reading levels increase. The written summary is a required part of the DRA (the assessment we use to determine reading level) on levels 28 and above. Being unable to complete a summary can keep a student from progressing to higher reading levels.

I have also included an example of a completed summary of Tops and Bottoms, a book that we read in class. This was done “live” in class, so it is not the best quality, but will help the students and you understand what a summary looks like.

Summary worksheet

Tops and BottomsIMG_3066

Adding on an Open Number Line

Yesterday we reviewed how to add on an open number. This is a key strategy that all students must know and will use in 3rd grade. Here are the examples we worked in class along with step by step instructions.

IMG_3057 IMG_3055 IMG_3054

Today we will continue this and review adding by decomposing/making a friendly number.

Have a great day!

Week at a Peek 5/31

Free-Clip-Art-Images-for-Memorial-Day-4-300x188Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend honoring those that have fallen protecting our freedom. It’s a short week this week but we’re still working hard!

Reading– Summarizing the important events in our own words using transition words.

Spelling– Irregular plurals- plurals (words that mean more than one thing) that don’t follow any rules. Test will be right after lunch on Friday.

Writing- Using a checklist and rubric to self evaluate our writing.

Math- Review unit on adding and subtracting strategies, place value, and graphs.

Science – Continuing with plants, plant parts and functions, and the life cycle.

Social Studies – Being a good citizen.

Please dress children in lightweight layers. Our building does NOT have air conditioning, though some rooms do like technology and gym. Students may bring a water bottle to class providing that the top seals and does not leak.

Please encourage your child to follow the River Oaks expectations at all times while at school. We are still working and learning until the end of the school year.


Field Day Is Almost Here

Dear families,Field Day

Thank you for sending in the yellow permission slips and $3 for a pizza lunch. If you haven’t sent them in, please do so ASAP. If your child is not participating in Field Day, please send me a note excusing them so that I know the slip was not just forgotten. So far, I am missing slips from 6 students.

Field Day is THIS Friday, June 3rd. Kindergarten-2nd grade will be doing the activities from 9-11:15 AM. We will be doing an inflatable obstacle course at some point in the afternoon.

Please apply any sunblock or bug spray AT HOME. We are not allowed to apply it at school. Make sure that your student is wearing school appropriate clothing and tennis shoes. Please no flip flops or sandals. Also students may bring a towel and a shirt to change into after field day due to water activities. Please make sure both are labeled with your child’s name (first and last).

Field Trip Today!

Today is the day! We will be leaving by 9:00 and returning by 11:30 for lunch.

Please wear weather and school appropriate clothing. Tennis shoes recommended.

Thanks to our chaperone volunteers: Mr. Sayed, Mr. Rashid, Ms. Dennis, and Mrs. Alanoon. Chaperones please arrive by 8:45 AM. No coffee or beverages on the bus, please.

Can’t wait! We are going to have fun!

Field Trip Next Week!

Families, our field trip is next week. The due date for permission slips and money was TODAY! If your student has not turned in the slip or the money yet, please do so by MONDAY, MAY 23 at the latest. We have to pay in advance. It is $5 per student.

Also, we have our 3 chaperones already. Thank you very much for your volunteerism!

Bus Safety

Attention all bus riders! Coming home today with the eldest child of each family at River Oaks is a note from Mr. Martin outlining the District’s bus policy. Please read and review these rules and expectations with your child. It is imperative that students not only understand the expectations but demonstrate them every day through their behavior choices. We want all children to have a safe and comfortable journey to and from school.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Read Mr. Martin’s note and bus regulations by clicking the link

Bus Regulations

Field Day is Coming!

Mark your calendars! River Oaks Annual Field day is coming  FRIDAY, JUNE 3rd! Fun! Games! Excitement!

We are asking for donations of cases of bottled water. Last year it was hot and water was in short supply. We don’t want that to happen again! So if you can, please, please, donate a case of water. Mark it with “FOWLER” and drop it off in the office. Donations are being accepted any time through June 3rd.

We will of course need volunteers, too, so if you are interested in helping out please contact Ms. Sandi in the office.

Let the games begin!