Field Trip Today!

Today is the day! We will be leaving by 9:00 and returning by 11:30 for lunch.

Please wear weather and school appropriate clothing. Tennis shoes recommended.

Thanks to our chaperone volunteers: Mr. Sayed, Mr. Rashid, Ms. Dennis, and Mrs. Alanoon. Chaperones please arrive by 8:45 AM. No coffee or beverages on the bus, please.

Can’t wait! We are going to have fun!

Field Trip Next Week!

Families, our field trip is next week. The due date for permission slips and money was TODAY! If your student has not turned in the slip or the money yet, please do so by MONDAY, MAY 23 at the latest. We have to pay in advance. It is $5 per student.

Also, we have our 3 chaperones already. Thank you very much for your volunteerism!

Bus Safety

Attention all bus riders! Coming home today with the eldest child of each family at River Oaks is a note from Mr. Martin outlining the District’s bus policy. Please read and review these rules and expectations with your child. It is imperative that students not only understand the expectations but demonstrate them every day through their behavior choices. We want all children to have a safe and comfortable journey to and from school.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Read Mr. Martin’s note and bus regulations by clicking the link

Bus Regulations

Field Day is Coming!

Mark your calendars! River Oaks Annual Field day is coming  FRIDAY, JUNE 3rd! Fun! Games! Excitement!

We are asking for donations of cases of bottled water. Last year it was hot and water was in short supply. We don’t want that to happen again! So if you can, please, please, donate a case of water. Mark it with “FOWLER” and drop it off in the office. Donations are being accepted any time through June 3rd.

We will of course need volunteers, too, so if you are interested in helping out please contact Ms. Sandi in the office.

Let the games begin!


Math Test Corrections

Math Test Unit 9 come home today. It was on measurement and estimating measurements. Please have your child correct the problems he/she got wrong either directly on the test or on another sheet of paper. Please sign and return the math test and corrections to school by Wednesday.

Many students got some of the Yes/ No word problems wrong because they didn’t actually work the problem out. Please encourage them to write the number model, show their work, and get an answer before circling yes or no.

Also students didn’t carefully read the box with My Estimate and Actual Measurement. Remember an estimate is a guess based on what you know. Actual measurement is the length the object really is.

Grading is as follows:

1 = 95% or above = Exceeds Expectations

2 =80-94% = Meet Expectations

3 = 70-79% = Progressing Towards Expectations

4 = 69% and below = Area of Concern

Peek at the Week

Here are the highlights of the week:

Reading- Using comprehension strategies such as Prediction and Asking Questions to think about the story.

Spelling- Homophones- words that sound the same but are spelled different and have different meanings. Plus 5 words from previous lists.

Writing– Using a checklist to improve writing, and adding details to narrative writing.

Math– Using Base 10 and place value to solve problems. Counting and solving money problems using dollars and coins. Using correct dollar and cents notation.

Science– Life Cycle of a Flowering Plant

Social Studies– Being a Good Citizen

Important Reminders

  • Check folders for homework and unfinished classwork. Some students have quite a bit to catch up on.
  • Students have math, reading, and spelling homework EVERY night unless noted in their planner.
  • Please check, read, and sign their planner EVERY day. I often write reminders and notes in their planners.
  • Remind students to follow the school expectations for behavior. It may be getting spring-like, but there is still another month of learning and work ahead of us.
  • Encourage your child to persevere when work is difficult or challenging. Encourage your child to think of ways to help his/herself before jumping in and helping them.


Field Trip Announcement

Ms. Al-Zaharnah’s and Mrs. Fowler’s classes will be going to the Dearborn Historical Museum on Thursday, May 26th from 9-11:30 AM. We will be back in time for lunch at the school.

Permission slips went home today and are due back with payment by Friday, May 20th. The cost is $5 per student. 

We need 3 chaperones per class. Chaperones are FREE! Due to the small space, we will not be able to have more than 3 chaperones for each class. If you volunteer, please make sure your Parent Affidavit is on file in the Main Office.

On this trip we will be learning first hand what life was like for pioneers in Dearborn and experience what school was like almost 200 years ago. This is a fun hands-on learning experience that is well organized and ran by the Historical Museum volunteers.

Thank You!

Dear Families,

Thank you so much for all the wonderful thoughts, comments, and gifts during Teacher Appreciation Week. You spoiled all of us with your generosity. The morning feasts and the luncheon were absolutely fantastic! And the new microwave for the Teachers’ Lounge was so incredibly thoughtful and appreciated! We at River Oaks are blessed to have such wonderful families to work with. It is truly an honor working everyday with your students.

Thank you again!


Mrs. Fowlerthank-you

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you to all the moms (aunts, grandmas, dads) who work so hard to help your children everyday. Thank you for making sure they are prepared, well-rested, fed, and eager to learn. I hope you enjoyed the special gift that your student has worked so hard on. They had a great time designing and personalizing their pots.

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