We Can Use Academic Vocabulary!

Academic vocabulary is very important. The correct term helps us be more specific and descriptive when talking and writing. It also helps us understand informational texts. Knowing academic vocabulary also helps us perform better on tests especially NWEA and M-Step. The kids get very excited when they see our vocabulary in other places such as books, websites, and tests! They often exclaim. “Hey, that’s our math word (or science, or social studies)!” or “Hey, that word was on MyOn!”

Here’s a quick snapshot of students using our academic Word Wall in our classroom to complete an activity today.IMG_2757

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Spelling Activities

Just a quick reminder that students should be doing one spelling activity per night. I collect the folders on Friday, and all 4 activities should be in there. I will then return the folders Monday with the past week’s graded work, test, and the new list and paper for the current week.

Please make sure to sign the activity column each week to verify that you saw that your child completed the assignments BEFORE they turn them in. Sign the test column to confirm that you saw the test AFTER I have graded and returned it.

Please do not sign ahead on the form. By signing the form weekly, you are able to have timely discussions with your student about his or her progress. It helps hold the child accountable for their grades by having to show you their work and know that the school and their family are working together as a team to monitor and support their learning.

Thanks for your support! Happy Learning!

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Math Test 5 will be Wednesday

Today students took a practice test for Math Unit 5. Afterwards, we went over it and they had the opportunity to correct their answers and or copy sample answers. Here is the sample answers that we went over in class. Please encourage your student to show work even on the yes and no questions. On number lines, make sure that they label the numbers they land on and how big the jump is. The decomposing for subtraction is tricky because of having to break the 10’s to give to the 1’s. Also, The last story problem about basketball is more about why the strategy the girl uses is correct rather than getting the same answer. Is how she thought of 6+8 as 6+6=12+2 a good way to find her total? Please look at my examples. I hope they help.IMG_2753 IMG_2752

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Math Strategies

We have been working on solving two digit subtraction with regrouping. We have done a ton of these in class. Here is the chart that we use to help us remember the steps.

image2 image1

  • Step 1: Break apart into 10’s and 1’s.
  • Step 2: Compare 10’s to 10’s and 1’s to 1’s. If the 1’s from the first number is larger than the second number’s 1’s, then go to Step 5. If the 1’s from the first number are smaller than the second number’s, then go to Step 3.
  • Step 3: Break the 10’s apart from the first number and give 10 to the 1’s.
  • Step 4: Compare the 10’s to the 10’s and the 1’s to the 1’s. The first number’s 10’s should be bigger than the second number’s and same with the 1’s.
  • Step 5: Subtract the 10’s. Subtract the 1’s.
  • Step 6: add the 10’s and 1’s together. That is your answer.


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Learning 21st Century Skills!

Today our district Technology Coach, Mrs. Gwizdz, visited and showed us some new skills on our Chromebooksk11663357 using Google Classroom. Mrs. Gwizdz showed us how to complete an assignment using Google Slides to showcase our knowledge on Solids and Liquids. Today we created a Title slide, learned how to search and add an image to the background, and changed font colors. We then added a second slide and added an image to it and learned how to adjust the size of the image to fit our slide. We’re not done yet, but already the students’ skills are growing! Just ask them about it!

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News Flash for Week of 1/19

Hi Everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed the 3 day weekend. This week is an extremely busy and important week. Please be on time and make sure to get a good night’s sleep and eat a healthy breakfast to fuel your body and brain.

Wednesday – Late Start-class starts at 9:35 and NWEA Math at 1:00

Thursday – NWEA Math at 9:00. Writing Prompt Day 1.

Friday – Social Studies Test Unit 3. Writing Prompt Day 2.

Monday – January 25th will be Math Test Unit 5.

There will NOT be a spelling list this week due to all of the other testing. Spelling will resume 1/25.

Study guides for Social Studies and Math will be coming home this week.

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How Do We Use Water?

We are inquiring about how we use water in our daily lives. Hopefully, last night your child kept track and recorded data on the usage of water at your home. Also, they should have inquired about how an adult in your home uses water at their job. We will be collecting this data and creating a class data chart. We hope to share our data with you next week.

To expand on our learning, here is an interesting video about water uses.

The Uses of Water


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