• Valentine Class List

    Here is the class list. Valentine Class List  

  • Jury Duty

    I have been called to Jury Duty on Monday, February 9th and will be absent. I hope to be back on Tuesday. I look forward to participating and fulfilling an important role in our justice system.

  • Valentine’s Day Party

    We will be having a Valentine’s party on Friday, February 13th at 2:00. We will be having an Ice Cream Sundae Party with Mrs. Kemian’s Kindergarten class. We have done this for several years and it is always a big hit! Throughout the day students will be passing out Valentines to their classmates. Please make(…)

  • Cookies with Kindergarten

    Cookies with Kindergarten

    Wow! Our students had a terrific time making cookies with Mrs. Kemian’s class. We got to roll the dough, cut out holiday shapes, bake, and decorate sugar cookies. And we all love EATING them! Thank you to Mrs. Wehbi for helping make our baking experience a success!

  • The World On a String

    The World On a String

    We have been working on Geography in class. Students have been working on how the world is broken down into smaller communities. To demonstrate, we made a colorful mobile of the key concepts with the geographical term on one side and the name of the area we live in on the other. The World —(…)

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