• Math Test Monday 4/27

    We will be having a math test on Monday, April 27. It will be over the addition and subtraction strategies that we have been practicing. These include: Base 10 blocks, decomposing, and open number lines. Students will need to show their work and explain how they used a strategy on some problems. When explaining their(…)

  • Addition Strategies Explained!

    I just discovered an excellent blog that explains many of the math practices. Here is a resource compliments of Mr. Elementary Math, that explains the addition strategies that we are using. MagnifyingAdditionStrategies You can also visit his blog by clicking here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

  • Our Awesome Storyboards

    Our Awesome Storyboards

    Our students worked hard on their projects. They had to write about each of the story elements: Characters, Setting, Plot, Problem, Solution, and Lesson/Message and illustrate them. I am so proud of how the students worked together in pairs and helped and supported their partners. Many thanks to the parents that came in to help(…)

  • Spelling Bee

    Wow! Congratulations to all my students! What a great first round! I can’t believe I ran out of words before we had finished the first round. We still have 10 people to whittle down to the top 3 for Mrs. Fowler’s class to represent us Friday for the 2nd Grade finals against Ms. Sims’ class.(…)

  • Valentine Class List

    Here is the class list. Valentine Class List  

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