Spring NWEA Testing

Our class will be NWEA Testing on April 25th and May 2nd. This is a very important test that is used to show academic growth. Please ensure that your student is well rested and has had a healthy breakfast on those mornings. This will help your child perform to the best of their ability and allow them to show what they know. Please encourage your child to take their time to read the question carefully and to check that their answers make sense before going on to the next question.

We are encouraging students to meet or exceed their RIT goal. This is the predicted amount of growth based on past performances and is determined by NWEA. I will share their goal with each student individually.

The most important thing is for each student to try their personal best and to show improvement. If students take their time, read carefully, and think about their answers all students should be able to improve.

Thank you for your support!

Fowler’s News Flash for Week of 4/17

This week we are working on the following topics.

Reading – Identifying the main idea and supporting details in a multi-paragraph passage.

Writing – Writing a multi-paragraph informational text about their business including natural, human, and capital resources with an introduction and conclusion.

Spelling – are/air spelling patterns.

Math – Measuring objects to the nearest inch and centimeter. Determining the best measurement tool for the job and explaining reasons why it is. Finding the difference in length between two objects.

Science – Identifying the needs of a plant. Planting a seed and observing the life cycle of their plant.

Social Studies – Determining the natural, human, and capital resources for their model business.



Grand Opening of Rocket City

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony


Rocket City

Please come to our ribbon cutting ceremony for Rocket City, our model community.

Friday, April 21st

2:00-3:00 PM

Presented by River Oaks Second Grade

We have compiled the wonderful businesses that our second graders made and brought into school into our model community, Rocket City. Please come and take a guided tour of our city by your own personal city ambassador.

We look forward to seeing you Friday. Projects will be sent home at the end of our ceremony.

100th Day of School

Wednesday is our 100th Day of School. Mr. Martin is asking all students and staff to dress as if they are 100 years old. So pull the old glasses and pearls, sweaters and shawls and your imagination to create your “Golden Years” persona. I can’t wait to see all of you as senior citizens! See all you Golden Girls and Guys on Wednesday! Here are a few images to get your ideas going.

Valentine’s Day

We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on Tuesday. Monday we will be creating Valentine Bags to hold our Valentines. Students can bring valentines to pass out to their classmates on Tuesday. They may also bring small wrapped candy or goody bags to pass out if they desire. We will have a few fun Valentine activities while students pass out their Valentines. We have 22 students as well as Ms. Plecha and myself. 

Last Call for Winterfest Tickets

Winterfest is next week – Thursday, January 26 from 5:30-7:30.

Last day for tickets is TOMORROW! Tickets are $10 per family to enter and participate in all the games and activities!

Food tickets must be purchased in advance also. $2/person = slice of pizza, water, and a bag of chips. You must buy tickets for food in advance. TOMORROW is the last day to purchase tickets.

We will be raffling off 2 bikes, and a lot of themed gift baskets. Raffle tickets cost 25¢ each. Students get to place their ticket in the bucket in front of the prize they want to win. (like we did for the Halloween Pumpkin Raffle) You must be present at Winterfest to win.

So buy your tickets, and come see me and the rest of the River Oaks staff next Thursday!


May the odds be always in your favor!

Happy New Year!

New Additions to Room 3

Hope everyone had a restful holiday break!

2017 has brought some new faces to our classroom. We welcome Ali S. from Maples Elementary. He is already making himself at home as our class welcomed him with our typical River Oaks’ Rocket hospitality! That brings our class roster to 22 students. The kids love having an even number!

We are also joined by Ms. Stephanie Plecha (pronounced PLE-kah), a Teacher Intern from U of M Dearborn. We are so lucky to have her! Ms. Plecha has a strong Science background and is excited to be at River Oaks and working with your students. Currently, she is enjoying getting to know your children and our routines before leading lessons in our room. Not only do our students get to experience some different lessons, but they benefit from having TWO teachers in the room all day long! Please join me in welcoming Ms. Plecha to River Oaks!


As the marking period wraps up, we have many district required tests to administer this week and next.

Tomorrow, January 20th, we will be taking the Math NWEA. This is a standardized test required by the district to show growth. We have the opportunity to take this test on touchscreen Chromebooks. This is much easier for the students to manipulate, however, please stress to them that this test is not a game. Their scores will show up on their report cards and become part of their permanent student record. There is not a time limit on taking the test and I encourage students to take their time, re-read the questions, and on the math portion, use their whiteboard to use strategies to solve the problems if needed. Most students are taking the Primary version of the test which reads the question and answer choices to the students. I encourage them to replay it as often as they need to to help them understand the question. I had several students who earlier this week took the 57 question Reading test in 26 minutes. That is not even 30 seconds per question! And this was with me reminding them not to rush! I do not want students to stress out about this test, but they need to “Show What They Know!” by taking their time and thinking about the questions. There will be questions that they won’t know as the test program explores the boundaries of the students’ knowledge. Just encourage them to do their River Oaks Best and make sure they get a goodnight’s sleep and a hearty breakfast to fuel their brain!

We also will be finishing the District Writing Prompt to see what they know about writing. At this point in the year, they should be writing in complete sentences, using correct end marks and commas, spelling high frequency words correctly, using spelling patterns/chunks to approximate tricky words, and capitalizing beginning of sentences and names of people and places. They also should be able to organize their ideas with a topic sentence and have several detail sentences, along with a concluding sentence.

Next week, we are wrapping up our Science Unit on Water, and our Social Studies unit on Local Government.

I am also meeting one on one with students to check in on their reading levels. Please encourage your child to read and write about their reading every night.

Book Orders from Scholastic

Yesterday, I sent home book order flyers. There are MANY awesome books for our 2nd graders that are Good Fit Books. These books are also very affordable compared to Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You can either fill in the form with your student’s name, check the boxes of the book titles that you want, and send in the form and either cash or a check made payable to “Scholastic Books,” or you can go online and enter my 5 digit code located on the front of the form, and order books using a credit card. The books will be delivered to the school, and I will pass them out once they arrive. All orders must be in by next Wednesday, January 25. I will then place the order and the books should be delivered the first week of February. Happy Reading!

Parent University

Parents Bring your Young Child to School!


River Oaks Elementary is hosting Parent University workshops for children

ages 6 months to 4 years old.


Parents and children will gather together each month for hands on games, activities, and fun,

learning projects that you can repeat with your child at home.


Our Topic: Social Emotional Development

Meeting Date: Friday, January 20th

Time: 9:00-10:00 am

Where: River Oaks Elementary school cafeteria.


Register for this workshop and a free gift*, by emailing

bassj@dearbornschools.org or call 313-827-6750.


*free gifts are limited to the first 10 new participants.



Holiday Party Sign Up

Thank you so much for all of the donations. If you are curious about what we need please click on the link for the Sign Up. It does work! Right now  parents have volunteered to bring these items:

  • Goldfish crackers
  • water
  • pretzels
  • ice cream cones

We still need:

  • green frosting ( or white – I have food coloring)
  • cupcake liners ( paper baking cups)


Holiday Sign Up

Thank you for your generosity!

Holiday Party is Here!

Wow, it’s already that time of year! Friday we will be having our Holiday Party. It will be from 2:30-3:15. I am asking that students donate $1-$2 to help cover the cost of the activities. I have some fabulous activities planned, and would love some help. This year the activities include :

  • Fingerprint ornaments          
  • Frosted Christmas tree             
  • Candy Cane Reindeer              
  • Snack/goodie station

These activities are fun and potentially messy! I will also need parents to to help package the projects to take home.

Attached is a form to fill out to sign up to donate. (This one works! I asked for help from the tech department!)



Holiday Sign Up


Thanks for all your help and support!

PS. River Oaks is having a sing-along at 1:45 in the cafeteria with a Staff Ugly Sweater Contest following. Last year I came in 2nd place and I’m hoping to win this year!