Halloween Party… the Details!

We will be having a Halloween Party on Monday 10/31 at 1:30 followed by the River Oaks’ Halloween Parade at 2:30. All parents and family are welcome to attend our parade and cheer us on! Parents are welcome at our party beforehand, too, but with limited space younger siblings and strollers are discouraged at the party. If you would like to help with the party either by volunteering or sending in supplies, that would be WONDERFUL! Please Click on the link below to sign up to help.

Our party schedule is as follows:

Starting at 1:30, groups of 4 students will be rotating through 5 stations : Cookie decorating, Skeleton building, Snacks, Halloween Bump (math game), and Changing into Costumes. Each rotation will be 10-12 minutes long so that we finish in time for the Parade. After the Parade, our class has Media to attend until 3:15. Afterwhich, we will be getting ready to go home. Students will wear their costume home.

Halloween Sign Up Sheet


Costume Guidelines

  • Students will be changing into them before the parade. Please send their costume in a bag.
  • Students need to be able to put them on by themselves.
  • No weapons of any kind.
  • No blood or gore.
  • Costume needs to be school appropriate.
  • Masks are not to be worn due to safety.
  • No full faced makeup. It is very itchy and often is worn off by the time of the party.

I am looking forward to seeing all the great costumes. Be sure to check out our bulletin board about what costume the students suggested I should wear! I hope my costume lives up to their expectations!


Please email me if you have any further questions at fowlerj@dearbornschools.org.


Social Studies Test 10.26

There is a Social Studies test tomorrow on Unit 1: What is a Community? A practice test and vocabulary flip book was sent home to study. It will be a multiple choice test, and I read aloud the questions, so the students need to understand the terms and be able to pick out an example. They do not need to be able to spell the words. Most students seem to understand and know the concepts. I am expecting great results tomorrow.

Happy studying!

Homework 10.18


Today your child has brought home their Unit 1 Math Test. Please review it with your child and have him or her make corrections in the white space near the problems they answered incorrectly. If you need more room, you can use the back or attach a sheet of paper. Please SIGN and RETURN the test so that I can ensure that you saw your child’s grade. Your child will be keeping all math tests in their Data binder at school.

Correcting and reviewing their test is their most important math homework tonight. There is a one question assignment on Google Classroom. Please only have your child do tonight’s homework on Google Classroom. I have two other assignments that we are working on in class.

Also don’t forget your reading and spelling activities!

Notice for AOL Email Accounts

Dear Parents,

If you are an AOL email user, please be aware that you may not receive email notifications due to AOL policies. We are working to resolve this issue with AOL.

Thank you for your patience while we work with AOL to make sure you get classroom notifications from your teacher.


Technology Department


Support River Oaks’ PTA and sell some delicious Krispy Kreme Donuts!

Order forms were sent home Wednesday. A box of a dozen of either chocolate frosted, raspberry filled, lemon filled, or creme filled are $9/box (one flavor per box). A box of a dozen glazed donuts is $8/box. Coffee is homer-simpson-donutsalso available.

All forms and money are due MONDAY, October 10th. Please make sure your child’s first and last name are on the form and envelope. Also please write the teacher’s name at the top to help the PTA know where the orders go to. Remember cash or checks ONLY. Checks should be made payable to River Oaks PTA.


Reading and Spelling Homework

Tomorrow is Friday! And that means the Homework Menus and notebook are due tomorrow!

Please make sure that your activities are signed and that your notebook is up to date. There should be 4 Reading activities and 4 Spelling activities completed for this week.

KIds — make sure you don’t forget! It’s NOT your Mom and Dad’s homework…it’s YOURS!!!!


Math Homework 10.6

Today in class we played a game called, Race to 20. This was a fun game to help us get used to using a numberline to solve math facts.

I sent a copy home with your student. Please play this game tonight with him/her and have them explain the rules.

Here is what you need:

  • game board (supplied)
  • paper clip (supplied)
  • 2 game pieces (either from another game, or Cheerios, M & M’s, buttons, etc.)
  • pencil or pen to use with the paper clip as the spinner.
  • good sportsmanship (positive attitude and kind words)


  • Put your two game pieces at start (10 on the numberline).
  • Player 1 spins  to decide addition or subtraction. Then player 1 spins for the number of hops to move.
  • Then Player 1 moves his token accordingly.
  • Next Player 2 spins both  spinners and moves his/her piece.
  • The game continues until one player lands on 20.

Things we learned playing the game.

  • There are no “do overs” if we don’t like what we spun.
  • If we are on 0, and we spin subtract, we miss a turn.
  • We say positive words when our partners are frustrated.
  • We are good sports about winning and losing. We don’t make a player feel bad.
  • We play fair and honest.

Enjoy the game. The board and paper clip are yours to keep!

Science Supplies Needed

Tomorrow we will be doing an experiment on insulating properties of materials. Please send to school with your child tomorrow, if possible,:

  • a pair of socks that they can put their hands in. (These will be sent home unharmed).
  • 1-2 EMPTY plastic bottles with screw caps (like from bottled water or pop)

Don’t worry if you do not have an item, we will make due with what we have.sockswater-bottle

Thanks for your help.