Fire Safety House Field Trip

We will be going to the Dearborn Fire Safety House Thursday, October 15, from 9:30-11:30 am. Permission slips were sent home Friday. There are 2 forms to be completed and returned. These need to be back by this Friday, October 9th. If you are interested in chaperoning, please check the box on the form and make sure you see Ms. Debbie in the office to make sure you have a parent affidavit on file. If not, it takes just a few minutes and a driver’s license or state ID to complete the form. The affidavit takes about 10 days to be processed so make sure you get it done quickly so you can help our classroom! :)

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Fireman Steve Visits River Oaks!

Thursday, Fireman Steve from The Dearborn FD came to visit us. We learned a lot about Fire Safety. We learned that there should be a smoke detector in every bedroom and on each floor of the house. Al;so that we should never play with matches, lighters, or candles, and if we see matches or lighters where kids can get them to go tell an adult. We also learned about what to do in case of a fire. Everyone should sleep with their door closed to slow down fire and smoke, and that kids should be able to open their own bedroom window by themselves in case that is the only way to get help. Also every family needs to have a planned escape route with two possible exits and a meeting place a safe distance from the house like a tree, driveway, or neighbor’s house. Families should practice their escape routes so in case of fire you can remain calm.

We also learned what to do if our clothes get caught on fire. Stop, Drop and Roll!

Thanks Fireman Steve!

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Open House This Thursday 9/17

River Oaks’ Open House will be this Thursday from 5-6:30. Here is the schedule of events:

5-5:25 – All children in the gym. Parents of Kindergarten-2nd grade meet with teachers for an informational meeting in their classrooms.

5:30-5:55 – Kindergarten- 2nd grade students will join their parents in their classrooms to show them around. Parents of 3rd-5th grade students will meet with the 3rd-5th grade teachers for an informational meeting in their rooms.

6:00-6:30 – 3rd-5th grade students will meet their parents in their classrooms to show them around.

The Book Fair will be open for families to shop during Open House.

I look forward to seeing you all Thursday night!

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Welcome to a Brand New Year!

I am very excited to be your teacher this year! I can’t wait to meet you in just a few short hours! This year we will be learning and mastering addition and subtraction with regrouping, discovering Earth’s land forms and bodies of water, and exploring and learning about our community! We will improve our reading and writing skills using the CAFÉ Menu during our Daily 5 literature block and 6+1 writing strategies during Writers’ Workshop. We will also continue to use Blueprints to help us organize and add pizzazz to our writing! We will be having a lot of fun as we learn about these topics and much, much more!

Because we will be learning about so many new things, please come prepared to learn! There are three easy steps to do this! First, get plenty of sleep! Seven and eight year olds need about 9-10 hours of sleep every night! Second, eat a healthy breakfast every day! Just like you can’t drive a car without fuel, your body and brain won’t run as well without food. Food is your body’s fuel. So to keep your body and brain at high performance, give it premium fuel by eating healthy! Last, remember to bring the materials and supplies that you need for the day. Having what you need for your job at school will help you have a successful day. Getting your backpack and lunch ready before going to bed is one way to make sure that you have everything you need for school.

I look forward to getting to know you this year! I will be communicating mostly through the student agendas/planners, so parents, please check and sign it daily! A class newsletter will be coming home every two weeks with important dates and events.  And keep checking back here, at our class blog! That way you will be able check what the homework was, refresh your memory on what happened at school, and keep track of important dates!

Have a great day! Go Rockets!

Mrs. Fowler

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