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Science Supplies Needed and this week’s Info

I am planning another investigation for when we return from break. Please use the sign up below to donate items.

Tomorrow, we will be going to see Wonder and to the Dearborn Historical Museum, we will leave DuVall at 9:30. Please be sure to send your child with a disposable bag lunch.

Enjoy the long weekend and Thanksgiving with your families.


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November 14th

We made $677 on the bake sale!  An ENORMOUS thanks to everyone who came in and worked and/or donated delicious items.

I also want to thank all the parents who continue to support our science Curriculum. It requires a lot of materials and I appreciate all of you who have donated items. These children are lucky to have such supportive parents!

Students are bringing home a permission slip on Tuesday to see the movie Wonder and go to the Dearborn Historical Museum next week on Tuesday.  Please remind your child to give it to you.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, November 15th is a late start.

Conferences are November 15th and 16th.

No School November 22-24

Enjoy the chilly week 🙂

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November 6th

Thanks to everyone for sending in candy for the troops!! It was mailed off today and we had a grand total of 133 lbs.  Great work and kudos to all!! 🙂

Parent Teacher Conferences begin this week. I sent home reminders for those parents whom I hope to see on Thursday night this week. If you signed up for next week, please look for those reminders on Monday. If you haven’t had a chance to sign up for a conference or you need to change your conference please use the link below.

Unit 3 Math tests are coming home today.  Grades were pretty good.  We begin Unit 4-Division.  Please encourage your child to work 15-25 minutes a night on Khan Academy.  They are practicing their 5th grade mission, hoping to complete it by the end of the year and master all of the skills.  

We are in need of some items for our next science investigation. If you can donate an item, it would be greatly appreciated. I created a sign up so that we don’t get duplicates.

Don’t forget no school tomorrow and we have our bake sale!

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Bake Sale Update

Here’s the updated link to the 5th grade bake sale. There are a few more items added that we”ll need. The PTA has a perculater that we can use for coffee, I’ll make sure thats available for our morning sellers to set up.

Everything will be sold for a donation.

We’re still in need of the following;

Coffee cups with lids….PTA will provide stir’s

Small paper plates


Fruit….bananas were a hit when I sold them during the bake sale over the summer

Table Cloths

If you are selling first thing in the morning) please arrive a few minutes early to set up and have everything ready before the doors open. Kerri Abbott is the only one signed up to sell and set-up in the morning so far. If anyone needs to drop their donated items before Tuesday, they can drop it off at her house after 4pm on Monday. Here is her address:  Here’s Kerri’s address:  22336 Olmstead

Thanks in advance!!!!

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Fall Conference Sign Up

I have created a Fall Conference Sign Up on Sign Up Genius. If you signed up at Open House or if I tried to coordinate your time with a sibling’s time, then I signed you up. Please sign up for a time if your child’s name isn’t listed.

If you need assistance, please let me know.

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Science Supplies Needed

I am hoping to begin our next science investigation early next week. We need the following items. If you can donate an item please let me know.

200 3 oz plastic cups, the bathroom size

1 medium sized bottle of ketchup or mustard

1 container orange juice

2 boxes of baking soda

The student just LOVE the investigations, so I thank you in advance.

Mrs. Ranka

If you saw the first post, the spoons have been delivered.

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Help your Child Spread Joy this School Year and 10/31 Post

Wednesday night students will be bringing home their behavior card for the month of October.  Please look it over, read the back and sign it.  If your child has lost all of their letters we are hoping you will have a serious conversation with him/her about it and how it affects their school work.  We also hope you can visit the possibility of a consequence at home as well as the loss of fun at school.  We hope that by working together your child will realize their actions cause consequences and that they will WANT to improve.  Thanks in advance for your continued support!  🙂

This week, we have 2 opportunities for your child to reach out and show kindness to others.

We are collecting Halloween candy beginning tomorrow through Friday to send to our troops overseas.

We will also be collecting Cans for a Cause November 1st – 20th. These cans will be distributed to those in need. There will be a competition amongst classes for the most cans collected.

So, show empathy to others by sending in Halloween candy and canned goods this week!

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Halloween Party

Our party will begin after the parade and will conclude at 3:15. If you would like to send in treats that is fine. Please keep in mind that we have a student with nut allergies and a students with a dairy allergy.

As far as our activities, we will eating, playing games and listening to stories. It should be a fun afternoon.

Below is a notice from Mr. Attee

On Tuesday, October 31st, students will be allowed to bring costumes to school.  Students will not be able to wear their costumes during the morning, but may put them on in the afternoon prior to our Halloween Parade at 2:00 PM.  Weather permitting, we will walk around the school during the parade and then have time for class group pictures.  Parents are invited to walk with their children during the parade, but must check into the office first in order to obtain a visitor’s pass.
Notes about costumes:
PLEASE DO NOT WEAR COSTUMES TO SCHOOL. Instead, bring your labeled costume in a bag, with your student’s name on it.  Students will be able to change into their costumes in the afternoon. Students may NOT dress up as clowns, IT (Pennywise), or the Joker as several younger students may be frightened by these costumes due to images they may have seen in the media. Weapons or toys that resemble weapons are NOT permitted.  Classroom activities will vary on time and type, so please check the blog of your child’s teacher for details!
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October 25th

Election Day Bake Sale:  We’re still in need of volunteers to sell between 7am-9am, 9am-11am and 3pm-5pm.  We also need a few items to be donated. The link is below:!/showSignUp/10C0E4AAAAA23A0FD0-5thgrade

Halloween is quickly approaching. DuVall will have a school-wide parade at 2:00 on October 31st. Parents are welcome to line the sidewalks around the school or the sides of the Gym if the weather is bad, to see our parade. After the parade at approximately 2:35, we will have our party. We are currently looking for ideas for the entire fifth grade. If you have a quick and easy craft or game, please let us know.  Again this Halloween, we will continue our tradition of taking all extra candy to donate to the troops overseas.  Please send any extra or unwanted candy to DuVall with your child by Friday, November 3.  We will pack it up and send it off.  Thanks in advance and let’s see if we can beat our amount from last year! 🙂

Instrumental: Students are not able to call home for their instruments, please make sure that the students bring their instruments every Monday or Wednesday and/or figure out how to help your child remember.  If you have a system in place already, thank you!!!

This week in:

Math: We continue to practice measuring with a protractor and working with shapes and classification.  Unit test will probably be late next week.  

Language Arts: This week we are reading nonfiction text and are “Talking to the Text.” While the students are reading they are writing notes, thoughts, connection, feelings, predictions, etc in the margin of their text. This can be done with fiction as well, they can just “flag” their thoughts on a sticky note. We have also begun our reading groups or duos. Each student is part of a group/duo. They are responsible for reading an assignment weekly and completing a task to show their comprehension and level of understanding of the text. In addition to this, students should be reading a minimum of 20 minutes per day.

Writing:  We have completed our narrative stories. We will be working homophones this week in grammar and spelling.

Science: The students will be completing an investigation called “Changing Matter: Is Weight the Same or Different?” This investigation will show that weight doesn’t change when matter changes state.

Social Studies: This week, we went over the Unit 2 review. The assessment will be on Thursday. It will be multiple choice with 3 essay questions. The essays are: 1. Choose 2 different Native American groups to compare and contrast. 2. Explain what Christopher Columbus’ goal was when he set sail in 1492. Then give at least 2 reasons why his goal was important to Europeans. 3. Name 3 items that were exchanged in the Columbian Exchange. Then, explain 2 positive and 2 negative effects of the Columbian Exchange.

If you have not done the survey monkey about the boat trip, please do so by Friday of this week!      Dates to remember:

Animation Camp 2017 films: October 25 6-7:30

PTA Halloween Dance: October 27 5-8

Halloween Party and Parade: October 31st

Card Marking 1 Ends November 3

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Halloween Parade and Party Update

As your children are thinking about their costumes in the next few weeks, please be aware that DuVall is NOT allowing masks, clowns, or weapons this year.

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