June 12

Monday, June 12th

We are mostly set for tomorrow’s picnic/pool.  There are still some open spots for bringing in food.  If you have time, check out the sign up and see. Departure time is 9:40 so please be here at 9:30.  Make sure the kids are sunscreened up upon arrival at school and have extra to reapply before heading to the pool.     🙂

Wednesday there is a PTA sponsored gathering after school for Mrs. Doman and Mrs. Strez who are both retiring this year.  If you are able, pls. make the time to stop by and wish them well.   They both have given a tremendous amount of time and energy to being terrific teachers at DuVall and in our district!

Thursday is iffy.  The weather currently is saying thunderstorms starting around 11 so I guess I’ll just be checking the weather to see what our outcome will be.  If it’s looking like it is for sure going to rain, please feel free to let your child bring in a board game for us to play and we will make the most of it here at school.  I’ll up date the blog Wednesday evening.

The promotion ceremony is at 10 Friday.  Students should come dressed for the ceremony.  It only lasts about 45 minutes with a walk through the building and clap out beginning at 10 so BE PROMPT because we start on time! Right after, there will be refreshments in the cafeteria for pictures and then elementary school is over.  Onward and Upward!

Thank you to all for a terrific year.  It’s been a pleasure getting to know the families at DuVall. You have filled my year with terrific memories. I will miss this group of kids and their families. I appreciate your support and hope your child will remember our adventures fondly.  Have a wonderful summer and Good Luck next year!





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June 8

We need you!!

Below is a link that will take you to a letter by Michigan elibrary that has fantastic resources and ideas for your child(ren) for the summer.  PLEASE take the time to check it out and/or print it.


For our pool/picnic day we still need more sign ups.  Available to sign up are brownies, dips, pasta salad and veggies.  Please go to sign up genius to send something in!  We DO have enough drivers though 🙂

We need  more drivers for Rolling Hills Water Park trip on Thursday or we can’t take everyone!!!!  Check your schedule and see if you can join us, the weather is looking great! The trip is on Thursday, June 15th from 10:15-3:30. We need more drivers as of today, we only have 2 and they can transport 7 students. 

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June 5

June 5th

Thursday after school we will be having a sundae bar for SAFETIES.  The permission slip will come home tomorrow.

Sign up genius is all set so if you haven’t signed up for the picnic, please check it out! Also, we do NOT have enough drivers for the waterpark field trip, check your schedule and let us  know if you can drive PLEASE!!!

Friday is field day so make sure your child is dressed appropriately.

This week in:

S.Studies-Skit presentation is Wednesday first thing in the morning, at 9:00   Please make sure your child has his/her costume on and is ready to go when they arrive at school Wednesday morning.  If you can come, please do, they are cute and the students have worked hard.

Math-We are reviewing multiplication and division this week.

Please encourage your child to continue to do his/her work and be on good behavior.  It’s tough at this time of the year and they are beginning to get squirrely………:)

Dates to Remember:

June 7th: Mini Skits “Road to the Revolution”

June 9: Field Day

June 13th: End of Year Picnic

June 15th: Field Trip to Rolling hills Water Park

June 16th: Last day of school at Promotion Ceremony at 10:00.

Have a great week!

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May 31

Inland Seas and End of Year Picnic Sign Up!

Our trip was FANTASTIC!  Please make sure to get some details about it from your child.  They have little booklets that they made and should easily be able to tell you about their day using it as a reference.  Thank you for your support in our crazy ideas but this one was worth it even though today we are all a bit worn out! We are hoping to make a book with the pictures taken for kids to look at end enjoy before the year is over.   Parents who went:  Please send any good pictures you have to Mrs. Ranka by Friday for her to get that photo book done and THANK YOU for going!!!

Below is the sign up for our end of the year picnic.  It’s for BOTH classes.  Please feel free to sign up when you can and thanks in advance!!!


All library books are due by this Friday so please encourage your child to look around the house and send any you find in 🙂

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May 31

American Revolution Mini Skits

The fifth grade students have been working on mini skits to show the events that led to the American Revolution. We plan to have a dress rehearsal Monday, June 5th. Please help your child prepare over the weekend by having them gather their props and their costume.


On Wednesday, June 7th, we invite the parents to our performance. The mini skits will begin at 9:00 AM in the gymnasium and should be less than an hour. Please have your child come to school Wednesday morning in their costume.
The students have worked hard on their mini skits and it would be wonderful if you could attend their performance!

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May 31

Inland Seas Field Trip

A great big thank you to the parents who supported this awesome experience. We also want to thank those who joined us yesterday. A great day was had by all.


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May 23

Field Day

Mr. Tapp needs parent volunteers for field day on Friday, June 9th. If you can help please email him tappb@dearbornschools.org.

Thank you Ms. Habhab and Ms. Merdita for volunteering already!

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May 22

Social Studies Mini Skits

The dress rehearsal of our Road to the Revolution Mini Skit is Wednesday morning. Please have your child dress in their costume before coming to school and have them bring a change of clothes.

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May 22

Sutton’s Bay Important Info

We are one week away from our boat trip!  I got an email from them today reminding me to remind you that the temperature on the water is up to 10 degrees colder so the kids need to remember to dress weather appropriate, rain or snow will not keep us from sailing.  A warm hat, gloves, rain coat, layers and/or sunscreen could be appropriate.  Below is a link for you to check the weather as it gets closer!  Students need to be at school on Tuesday at 7:15 with departure at 7:30.  They need to bring a lunch and something to drink.  We will eat dinner before returning after the boat trip.  Parents attending are:  Mrs. Sullivan, Mrs. Aytes, Mrs. Farhat, Mrs. Occhipinti, Ms. Habhab, and Ms. Sleiman.  Parents who are driving, this is the address we will be going to:

100 Dame St, Suttons Bay, MI 49682


We should be home between 10-10:30.  You will get a phone call from a parent to let you know when we are 15 minutes away.  Please be on time and leave room for the bus to park.

Don’t forget no school this Friday or Monday due to the holiday weekend!

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May 19

Memory Book

Good Evening!!

We need pictures of your child from Kindergarten through 5th grade by Wednesday, May 24th for an end of school memory book. If you want the pictures back please label your picture with your child’s name and let us know; otherwise we would like to keep them. Also if you have any pictures of the kids with other children in their grade, please send them (group pictures).

Also, parents will be taking pictures of your child on Monday. All the pictures will be used for a memory book for all the kids.

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