Thanks to All Our Parent Chaperones and wonderful students for a GREAT Zoo Trip!

REMINDER: Open Folder Test for Science tomorrow! Includes: Rock Cycle, Rock Types, W.E.D. and Relative Dating concepts

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May 23, 2017

Zoo Tomorrow please check the weather in the morning and dress for it as it currently says rain possible. Also, zoo food prices are very steep so you may want to bring a bagged lunch (no glass containers). Thank you to all parent chaperones!!! If you could arrive no later than 8:15 AM to Mr. Donelson’s room that would be great 🙂 

Global Studies: No Homework. We took the M-step Math Performance Test today. If students do not have their Interactive Notebook pages complete for Rock Types: Igneous, Sedimentary, and Metamorphic they can work on that. The science folder and test is Thursday.

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May 22, 2017

Science: Work on the interactive notebook pages for rock types. Here are the: Science Interactive Notebook Rock Type examples We took the Landforms Test and turned in Folders and Landform Region Packets.

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Urgent Schedule change!

We will now be testing for Landforms on Monday and doing M-step MATH Performance Tuesday. I just got word 2:30 PM Friday that our schedule will change next week flipping Monday with Tuesday from the principal. I apologize for the inconvenience. Please have your student check that they are organizing their Folder, completed their Landform Regions Packet, and are completing the  This Hand is My Land Project following the Handy Guidelines directions for Monday. Here is the project This Hand is My Land Directions & Example

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May 19, 2017

M-step Math Cat testing. No Homework 😉 

Students can complete and organize their folders for next week and study for Tuesday’s Landforms test and Thursday’s Rock Cycle, Rock Types, Relative Dating, and W.E.D. test.

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May 18, 2017

M-step Math Cat testing tomorrow! Early to bed and good breakfast 😉

Science: Complete then study the chart notes! get your folder in order. Here are today’s: Rock Type notes Reminder: Folder is due Thursday and the Test on Rock types, rock cycle, and W.E.D. is on Thursday too! Due to all the State testing interruptions, students may use their folder on the test so a complete and checked folder helps!

Rock Type Folder

  1. 4/26/17 Guided Notes Mechanical & Chemical Weathering 2-1
  2. BW 4/28/17 Rock Cycle Diagram / Rock Type Notes Chart
  3. BW 5/2/17 Weathering Review Quest. #1-4
  4. 4/28/17 -5/2/17 Evidence Reading: Mechanical & Chemical Weathering
  5. BW 5/10/17 TTT reading & structured questions: “The Rock Cycle Interactive Reading”
  6. BW 5/18/17 Evidence Reading: Types of Rock Igneous & Sedimentary WS
  7. HW 5/23/17 Evidence Reading: Types of Rock Metamorphic WS



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May 17, 2017

M-Step update. We will be doing the Math Cat on this Friday  and the Math Performance on Monday. Schedule was changed to accommodate the many students that were absent or needed to finish the LA portion today.

Global Studies: Create an island map by following the directions and examples on the “Handy Mapping Guidelines” sheet. The project is due Tuesday. Here are today’s: My Hand is My Land project and Letter to Mrs. Dirkse notes Many students may need to finish their letter 😉 REMINDER: Landforms TEST is Tuesday! Due to all the interruptions with State testing, students may use their physical map packet they created and their folder on the test 😉 Here is the folder:

Landforms Folder

  1. 4/21/17 TTT reading HEI: Climate Reading: Why do people live where they do? WS
  2. 4/21/17 HEI journal traditional notes/ chart page WS
  3. BW 4/27/17 Landform Drawings / Landform Definition Chart
  4. 4/27/17 Guided Notes Pg. 27-30 WS
  5. HW 4/27/17 What made the landform? WS
  6. BW 5/1/17 Reading a Diagram #1-6 / TopoQuest LIST Activity
  7. 5/1/17 TopoQuest Diagram Activity / Landform Examples Chart WS
  8. BW 5/9/17 Oceans and Rivers Match WS
  9. 5/11/17 Mountains and Deserts Match WS
  10. 5/15/17 Landform Terms / Landforms and Waterways
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May 15, 2017

REMINDER: M-Step testing begins tomorrow! Please make sure students are in bed early and have a good breakfast 😉 It is important that all students are on time tomorrow morning. Students will need a “good fit” book (school appropriate magazine, novel, or comic book) to read if they finish testing before others.

Global Studies: Students may need to finish their Africa or Australia Physical regions maps. Here are notes to help: Africa & Australia Physical Regions and Elevation notes REMINDER: Students may use their physical maps they made on the test so the neater and more accurate the better 😉

land-forms video:


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May 12, 2017

Science: No Homework! Happy Mother’s Day weekend!! Do something nice for and with your Mom 😉 Here are today’s: Chemical Weathering and INB WED notes

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May 11, 2017

Global Studies: Complete the European and Asian Physical regions maps. Here are today’s: Physical Landform Regions2 Europe & Asia notes REMINDER: Students can use their physical maps they make on the TEST so the better and more accurate they make them the easier the Test is 😉

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