Nov. 21, 2014

Science: Complete your Study Guide for the District Common Assessment & Pollution #11.  Here are today’s: Environmental Problems Global Warming notes Here is the NASA CO2 satellite data: ; Here is the CO2 experiment: ; Here is a USDA Report on Climate Change and US farming and forestry:

Reminder: Your District Test on Ecology and Quiz on Pollution is Tuesday! Here is the Pollution Folder 5 due on Tuesday:

Human Activities & Environmental Pollution

  1. HW 11/13/14 THIEVES 4-1 WS
  2. BW 11/17/14 Pollution List and Classify / Chart: 3 Waste Management Activities
  3. HW 11/17/14 Talk to Text: “Talking about Trash” article
  4. BW 11/19/14 Garbage Review #1-3 / Video chart notes: Water Pollution
  5. 11/19/14 Chemical Water pollutants Chart / Questions:#1-5 Great Lakes article WS
  6. HW 11/20/14 Talk to Text: “Water Pollution Great Lakes” article
  7. BW 11/20/14 Water Pollution Review #1-3 / BW 11/21/14 Air Pollution Review #1-4
  8. 11/20/14 Air Pollution Notes Chart / Smog Bar Graph and Questions #1-5 WS
  9. HW 11/20/14 Talk to Text: “Super Smog in China” article
  10. 11/21/14 Global Warming Class Notes WS
  11. HW 11/21/14 District Common Assessment & Pollution Study Guide WS


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Nov. 20, 2014

Science: Due tomorrow! #9 Talk to Text read: Super Smog in China and answer the Questions #1-4 in complete sentences. Here are today’s: Environmental Problems Air Pollutions notes Here is a link about Ozone: ; a link for Carbon Monoxide: ; a link for Smog: ; a link for Radiation: ; and a link for Acid Precipitation:

REMINDER: Bring your Article of the Week to class tomorrow!!

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Nov. 19, 2014

Science: ALL HOMEWORK is due tomorrow!! #6 Talk to text or Box and Summary Read, ” Water Pollution in the Great Lakes” Then on the back of you notes from today #5 answer the 3 questions based on information from the article. Here are today’s notes: Environmental Problems and Solutions Water Pollution notes Here are the video links: Frog News at ; Lake Erie Pollution at and Urban Stream Pollution at

Where do we go in Dearborn to drop of waste chemicals?

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Nov. 18, 2014

Social Studies: Box and Summary Read the AoW “Will football, food, and family… holiday shopping?” then identify your evidence and create your T-chart. Here are today’s: 5 themes-Quiz Review notes

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Nov. 17, 2014

Science: Complete their persuasive paragraph about waste disposal(#2). Talk to Text read and answer the 5 questions for the article: “Talking About Trash”(#3). Here are today’s: Environmental Problems and Solutions Garbage Pollution notes

REMINDER: 5 Themes Project, Folder, and Quiz 1-2 is tomorrow!! Study notes, complete that project, and put your folder in order!!

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Nov. 14, 2014

Social Studies: Complete the 5 Themes Capstone Project. The notes and Rubric are here: 5 themes-Practice and Project Rubric notes REMINDER: The Quiz on 5 Themes is Tuesday! So study your notes and reread ch.1 section 2! Folder was posted yesterday!

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Nov. 13, 2014

Science: Complete the THIEVES 4-1 WS #1 next folder. Here are today’s: Ecosystems 1 3 Final Relationships Notes Here is the symbiosis examples link:

Social Stuides: Reminder the Quiz on the Five Themes and the Folder is on Tuesday! Here is the Folder:

Geographic Five Themes

  1. HW 10/30/14 Thieves 1-2 / Map Skills “Using a Grid” WS
  2. BW 11/3/14 Map Grid Skills: “Name the City” / “Casey’s Island”
  3. 11/3/14 – 11/6/14 The Five Themes of Geography Notes 1-2
  4. 11/3/14 – 11/6/14 The Five Themes Reading (2 pages)
  5. HW 11/3/14 Pg. 589 #1-3Absolute & Relative Location/ Relative Location #1-5
  6. BW 11/6/14 Using Map Scale / Relative Location Practice #1-2
  7. HW 11/6/14 Box and Summary Read: “A Brief History of Michigan” Place & HEI
  8. BW 11/10/14 Talk to Text: “This week in Michigan History” / “Where would you make steel?”
  9. HW 11/12/14 Five Themes Study Guide / Dearborn “Five Themes” WS
  10. BW 11/14/14 “Looking at the Earth” / “Classifying Five Themes” practice WS
  11. HW 11/14/14 More Practice / Geography Project Rubric WS


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Nov. 12, 2014

Social Studies: Complete #9 the five themes for Dearborn activity. Here is today’s: 5 themes-practice notes also, Edmund Fitzgerald, five themes notes Here is the song link:

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Nov. 11, 2014

Science: Complete your interactive notebook pages 8, 9, and 10 if you did not finish in class. Also, complete your Symbiosis Project. Here are today’s: Ecosystems 1 3 Donelson Coevolution Notes and Interactive notebook Review Here is a video about coevolution: REMINDER: Quiz 1-3, Folder 4, and your Symbiosis Project are due Thursday! STUDY and Prepare:

Ecological Relationships

  1. HW 10/21/14 Thieves #1-3
  2. BW 10/23/14 Carnivores #1-3/ Limiting Factors White Tail Deer LIST
  3. 10/23/14 Limiting Factors Circle map/ Limiting Factors Web notes
  4. 10/23/14 – 11/11/14 Notes 1-3 Types of Interactions WS
  5. 10/23/14 Carrying Capacity Circle maps/ Deer Predation Article and Graphing
  6. BW 10/27/14 Limiting Factors Review #1-3/ Competition #1-4 & Notes
  7. HW 10/27/14 Competition WS
  8. BW 10/31/14 Niche #1-4/ Predator & Prey Adaptations WS
  9. HW 10/31/14 What Goes Up Must Come Down Activity
  10. BW 11/5/14 Predators & Prey Review #1-3/ Symbiosis Review #1-3
  11. 11/5/14 Analyzing Relationships Activity
  12. HW 11/5/14 Directed reading Part A #1-15
  13. BW 11/7/14 Talk to Text: Okay Apart but…Great Together/Directed Reading Part B #16 – 25 & Symbiotic Relationships #1-8
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Nov. 10, 2014

Social Studies: Reviewed Five Themes. Students need to reread pages 15 to 18 in their books and complete any activities from their folder #3 to #7. Here is #3 notes: 5-themes notes(1-2) here is #4 Five Themes Readings: Five Themes of Geography Reading2012 here is number #7 A Brief History of Michigan: 5 Themes A Brief History of Michigan


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