Dec. 19, 2014

Have a Happy and Safe Holidays!!! See You Next Year;)

Science Extra Credit Opportunity: Invasive Species Extra Credit You may use any unlined paper. Harder stock works better;)

Don’t forget to complete your WORD WALL word.

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Dec. 18, 2014

Science: Complete that Ecology Study Guide and work on your word wall vocabulary. Here are today’s: Ecology Unit Review notes If you want to review some more here are some Ecology Jeopardy Games to play: Ecosystem jeopardy and Environmental Science JeopardyREMINDER: Ecology Post Test, Folder, and Book is due tomorrow! Get a good night’s rest;)


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Dec. 17, 2014

Social Studies: If students did not finish their AoW Talk to Text and Evidence & Warrants paper, they must finish by tomorrow and should have their AoW folder with them. Otherwise, work on your Science Study Guide and put your Science Folder in order. Here are today’s: Article of the Week notes

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Dec. 16, 2014

Science: Complete your Study Guide 1/2 Sheet on lined paper. Instructions are in the notes. Here are today’s: Environmental Problems and Solutions Biodiversity and Habitat Loss notes & Study Guide master

REMINDER: Ecology Final is Friday! Completing your Study Guide homework is studying;) Here is the Folder due Friday:

Human Activities : Environmental Problems& Solutions

  1. BW 12/2/14 Pollutant 3-2-1/ T-Chart Resources
  2. 12/2/14 -12/16/14 Double Entry Journal: Environmental Solutions Notes
  3. 12/2/14 Buddy Read Guided Notes Fossil Fuels ½ sheet
  4. BW 12/4/14 Conservation Frayer Model / Alternative fuels table
  5. HW 12/8/14 3rs Venn Diagram / 3Rs Statements
  6. BW 12/10/14 Competition Review #1-3/ Biodiversity Loss Notes
  7. 12/10/14 Exotic Species Chart
  8. BW 12/12/14 Frayer Model Vocabulary 4-2
  9. 12/12/14 Buddy Read “National Wildlife Federation: Invasive Species”
  10. BW 12/16/14 Relationships of Organisms: Purple loosestrife & Red-wing Blackbirds


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Dec. 15, 2014

Social Studies: Complete your Study Guide for Wednesday. Here are today’s: Climate Zones and People HEI notes

REMINDER: Seasons, Climate Zones, Climates, and Continents TEST is Wednesday! *Also, the folder posted on Thursday 12/11/14 is due!

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Dec. 12, 2014

Science: Write the Invasive Species Summary Paragraph. Here are today’s: Invasive Species Sub notes

REMINDER: Ecology Post Test is on Thursday or Friday (Based on computer accessAlso, all Science Books and Folders are Due by Thursday!!!

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Dec. 11, 2014

Social Studies: Complete the Talk to Text Reading and Characteristics of Climate Zones activity #9. Here are today’s: Climate Zones Map Sort and Climates Reading

REMINDER: Seasons and Climate Zones Test is Wednesday! Here is the Folder 6 that is due:

Seasons and Climate Zones

  1. BW 12/1/14 Sun and Earth #1-4/Talk to Text Pg. 11 and 12
  2. 12/1/14 Notes 1-1 “Understanding The Earth” /Seasons Tree Map
  3. HW 12/1/14 Frayer Models: Equinox & Solstice / Season Diagrams
  4. BW 12/3/14 Season Review #1-3 / Season Cause & Effect Notes
  5. BW 12/5/14 Talk to Text “The Reason for the Seasons”
  6. 12/5/14 -12/9/14 Effects of Latitude/Climate Zones Notes WS
  7. BW 12/9/14 Season and Line of Latitude #1-5/ Pg. 14 #1&2
  8. HW 12/9/14 Temperature Zones / Climate Zone Map WS
  9. HW 12/11/14 Talk to Text: “Climate Around the World” & 5 Characteristics
  10. BW 12/15/14 What’s the Temperature? #1-6/ BW 12/17/14 Pg. 14 #3&4
  11. 12/15/14 Practice Map!
  12. 12/15/14 Talk to Text: “HEI: Climate Reading” and Notes
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Dec. 10, 2014

Science: No Homework unless you did not finish your Invasive Notes Chart. here are today’s: Environmental Problems and Solutions Invasive Species Here are video links to Purple Loosestrife: ; Asian Carp:  and  ; Garlic Mustard :  ;  Kudzu Vine:  ; Zebra Mussels:   and  ; Emerald Ashborer:   ;   Gobies:  ; and finally Sea Lamprey:

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Dec. 9, 2014

Social Studies: Complete the Temperature Zones/Climate Zones Map Activity. Here are today’s: Climate Zones Notes and Map Activity directions

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Dec. 8, 2014

Science: Venn Diagram on the 3Rs of Conservation. Here are today’s: Environmental Problems and Solutions REUSING and RECYCLING notes

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