May 6, 2016

Science: Complete your Geologic History Timeline Project and your Article of the Week about the Science of Emojis which are both due Tuesday! Ch. 3 Geological History test notes REMINDER: Your Science Book will be collected Tuesday as well so remember to bring it to class 😉


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May 5, 2016

Social Studies: No Homework 😉 Study the characteristics of forms of government and review presidential versus parliamentary government over the weekend! Here are today’s: Citizens Rights and Government Characteristics notes Reminder: Your QUIZ on 3-4 and 3-5 in Science is tomorrow so STUDY! Reread each section and know your vocabulary 😉


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May 4, 2016

Science: Work on your Timeline. Bring it to the Quiz on Friday to work on. It is due Monday. Here are today’s: 3.5 Geological history timeline project directions notes REMINDER: M-Step testing is tomorrow! Bring a book you  want to read if you finish early. Quiz on 3-4 and 3-5 is Friday! Here is the Folder due:

Fossils & Geologic History:

  1. HW 4/25/16 Notes 3-4 Types of Fossils pg. 74-79
  2. BW 4/26/16 Fossils #1-4
  3. HW 4/26/16 Talk to Text, “History in Rock” & “Mold and Cast Fossils” and #1-5 & #1-5
  4. BW 5/2/16 Box & Summary, “Dinosaurs already in trouble..” and #1-4
  5. 5/2/16 Summary Reading Pg. 80-85 #1-14
  6. HW 5/2/16 Life in the Geologic Time Scale / Frayer Model: Geologic Column & Time Scale
  7. BW 5/4/16 Pg. 79 #1-10 / Pg. 85 #1-8
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May 3, 2016

Social Studies: No Homework but studying the notes from today is always a good idea;) Presidential different from Parliamentary notes Here is an extremely helpful video:

REMINDER: Thanks again to ALL our Parents and Students for a great M-Step Attendance and Effort! * Tomorrow in Science you will need color pencils or crayons and a glue stick would help.

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May 2, 2016

REMINDER: M-Step Math Part 1 is tomorrow! Bed early and good breakfast 😉

Science: Complete your Frayer model about, “Geologic Column”. Did you complete your summary reading? Did you label life changes on your column? If any are incomplete use the notes to complete them by Wednesday! Here are today’s: 3.5 Geological history notes

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April 29, 2016

Social Studies: Should have completed Box and Summary readings of #2 & #3. Here are today’s: Forms of Government notes REMINDER: M-step Testing is on Tuesday and Thursday next week. Please try not to be absent either day. We want to get to bed early Monday and Wednesday and have a good healthy breakfast. Thank You Parents for all the help last Thursday as all students were ready to test and present. Thank You Students for working hard and truly doing your BEST!

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April 26, 2016

Science: Talk to Text and Questions, “Mold and Cast Fossils” and “History in Rocks” Here are today’s: Types of Fossils Notes.

Science NWEA is tomorrow! Get a good night’s sleep and breakfast. Do not forget to bring a book, magazine, or comic book to read silently if you get done early tomorrow.

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April 25, 2016

Social Studies: Guided Notes, Definitions, and Comparison Activity #1 which is due tomorrow. Here are today’s: Limits on Government Quiz notes and Science Assignment REMINDER: Relative Dating Quiz in Science tomorrow! Wednesday is our Science NWEA testing day, and Thursday is our M-Step Day 1 ELA Test. Please early to bed and good breakfast each day 😉 Lets try not to be tardy or absent this week :)

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April 22, 2016

Science: Complete the “Finding Clues to Rock Layers’ Activity sheet. Here are today’s: Rock_record_Relative_Dating of Fossils notes Reminder: Quiz on Relative Dating 3-1 & 3-2 is on Tuesday! Here is your folder that is due Tuesday: 

Reading Rock Layers: Relative Dating

  1. HW 4/14/16 BW & Summery Notes 3-1
  2. BW 4/18/16 Frayer Models: Uniformitarianism and Catastrophism
  3. HW 4/18/16 “Rock Layers” Activity WS
  4. BW 4/20/16 History Record #1-4 / Summary Notes 3-2 / Definitions #1-4
  5. HW 4/20/16 “Time to Practice!” Activity Packet
  6. BW 4/22/16 Directed Reading A / Frayer Model: Principle of Superposition
  7. 4/22/16 Summary Reading pg. 78-79 Relative Dating with Index Fossils / Definitions #1-3
  8. 4/22/16 Relative Dating Activity
  9. HW 4/22/16 “Finding Clues to Rock Layers” Activity WS


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April 21, 2016

Social Studies: Complete the “Roots of Democracy” activity packet. Here are today’s: Separation of Powers notes 3 REMINDER: Quiz will be on Monday on the Our US Government Unit. Here is the Folder Due:

Our United States Government

  1. HW 4/13/16 TTT read, “The Separation of Powers” and Questions
  2. BW 4/15/16 US Government #1-4 / BW 4/19/16 Separation of Power #1-6
  3. 4/19/16 – 4/21/16 PowerPoint Notes 1 WS
  4. HW 4/19/16 TTT read, “How does our system of checks and balances help protect our rights?” and “Checks and Balances”
  5. BW 4/21/16 Sentence Starters, “American Government: Checks and Balances” #1-10
  6. HW 4/21/16 Box and Summary, “Roots of Democracy” and activities. WS

Will also need science materials Monday 😉

A great video about our checks and balances:

A great video about federalism:

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