Jan. 13, 2017

Global Studies: Complete the 5 Principles of Democracy Foldable Project which is due Wednesday. Here are today’s: The 5 Principles of Democracy notes and Foldable Project directions Many students will want to take advantage of doing Quiz corrections as they received their Democracy Quiz back today. REMINDER: The Quiz on the 5 principles of Democracy and vocabulary (represent, civilization, originally, consent, established, influence, concept, privilege, feature, and principle) will be next Friday.

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Jan. 12, 2016

Science: Answer question number 6 on the “Analyzing Relationships Among Organisms” A word bank to pick from is in today’s: Competition and Niche notes

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Jan. 11, 2017

Global Studies: Talk to Text Read the 4 principles you did not read with your buddy in class. Complete the SUM It Up for each. Here are today’s: Who Rules answers notes

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Jan. 10, 2017

Science: Talk to Text read, “Competition: Example 1 and Example 2” then answer the questions #1-5. The notes included an example of Talk to Text reading with Example 1: Competition Notes with Predator prey population CER Here is a video about Competition between water plants for light energy:

Here is competition between species in Yellowstone national park:


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Jan. 9, 2017


Global Studies: Complete the Activity Sheets titled, “Who Rules?”. They are due Wednesday. Here are today’s, Types of Government Review Folders were passed back to students. Quizzes will be returned next class when all students have tested.

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Dec. 24- Jan. 8, 2016-17


Enjoy your time off with family. Looking forward to seeing all of you again, ready to learn Monday Jan. 9, 2017! Be safe 🙂

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Dec. 21, 2016

Science: No Homework. We collected Data from owl pellets. REMINDER: Your Democracies QUIZ and Types of Government Folder is tomorrow!!

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Dec. 20, 2016

Global Studies: Box & Summary read, “Do citizens have rights?” At the bottom of the article put these types of governments in order from MOST rights to LEAST rights: dictatorship, presidential democracy, theocracy, constitutional monarchy, and parliamentary democracy. Here are today’s: Democracy, Limits, and Rights notes Reminder: Quiz on Democracies from Government Systems Part 2 and the notes on the blog is Thursday. The Folder below is also due Thursday:

Types of Government Today

  1. BW 11/17/16 Talk to Text, “Ancient Greek Governments”
  2. BW 11/28/16 Greek Gov. Review #1-5 / Answers #1-6 From TTT #3 and #5 Articles
  3. 11/28/16 Talk to Text, “Why are there different forms of government?” / Double Bubble: Presidential Democracy & Parliamentary Democracy
  4. 11/28/16 Forms of Government Table / Double Bubble: Absolute Monarchy & Dictatorship
  5. HW 11/28/16 TTT, “Government Systems Part 1”
  6. BW 11/30/16 Forms of Government Review #1-4
  7. BW 12/2/16 Paragraph Comparing Absolute Monarchy to Dictatorships / Answers to #1-2 Questions from Article #8
  8. 12/2/16 Box & Summary, “How do leaders get or keep power?” / “What limits are on power?”
  9. 12/8/16 TTT, “Government Systems Part 2”
  10. BW 12/8/16 Presidential and parliamentary Video Questions #1-6 / BW 12/20/16 Democracy Review #1-4
  11. HW 12/20/16 Box and Summary, “Do citizens have rights?” with rights sort list


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Dec. 19, 2016

Science: Complete, “What Goes Up Must Come Down” as #3 in the folder #1-6 a-d. Here are today’s: Predator Prey Notes

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Dec. 15, 2016

Global Studies : Complete the pre-write, “Argumentative Essay Organizer” for tomorrow’s Writing Blast. If we have time after Writing Blast, we will take the Government Part 1 Quiz on Autocracies and Oligarchies. Here is today’s Block 1 Writing Blast Outline ideas , Block 2 Writing Blast Outline ideas, and Block 3 Argumentative Outline Your article, notes, and finished outline is due tomorrow to complete the Writing Blast.

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