May 21, 2015

Science: Complete Rock Cycle on the back of today’s Rock Type Table Notes. Here are today’s: The Rock Cycle Classification of Rock Type Notes REMINDER: The Rock Cycle Ch. 2 Test is Tuesday! Over the Break it is a good idea to READ again all of Ch. 2 from the book! Study your notes and vocabulary we checked today!

Mstep Practice (Math): Complete the Box Plot Mstep Practice Test. Here are the examples again to review: MATH Mstep Box Plot notes and Coached Example Here is the Coached Example Answers: MATH Mstep

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May 18, 2015

Science: Complete Notes 2-1 and the Rock Cycle/Vocabulary activity. Both due Thursday. Here are today’s: The Rock Cycle notes Here is the homework from today:The Rock Cycle Homework

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May 15, 2015

Science: Read Ch. 2 and create your own Rock Cycle Diagram. Here are today’s: 4.3 Inside Restless Earth FINAL Review

REMINDER: Mstep Testing is next week! PLEASE make sure your student is not absent Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Thank You for your help;)

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May 14, 2015

Science: No Homework. Finish the Study Guide and interactive notebook pages from yesterday! We took the Science NWEA Test today. Here are our: 4.3 Inside Restless Earth GPS notes and Ch4-3 Review REMINDER: Ch. 4 Test on Plate tectonics is tomorrow! STUDY!! Folder is posted yesterday (Wednesday) and is also due tomorrow! Put it in order.

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May 13, 2015

Science: Complete the Plate Tectonics Test Study Guide due Friday. Here are today’s: 4.3 Inside Restless Earth Ring of Fire notes, INB pages, and Study Guide REMINDER: Test on Ch. 4 is Friday! Last Folder of the Year due Friday:

Plate Tectonics Folder

  1. 5/1/15 Thieves 4-2 WS
  2. HW 5/1/15 Notes 4-1 and 4-2 WS
  3. BW 5/4/15 Wegener #1-3
  4. 5/4/15 Box and Summary “Alfred Wegener biography Plate tectonics-Continental Drift” /Time line
  5. HW 5/4/15 “The Continental Drift Theory” / “Ocean Floor Spreading” and “Plate Tectonics Theory”
  6. BW 5/2/15 Wegener’s Evidence #1-3/ BW 5/6/15 Evidence 2 #1-4
  7. HW 5/6/15 Directed reading 4-3 Plate Tectonics (p. 108-111)WS
  8. BW 5/11/15 Vocabulary #1-5/ Birth of Ocean #1-4/ Earthquake Diagram
  9. HW 5/11/15 Notes 4-3 Part 2 WS
  10. BW 5/13/15 Birth of Ocean paragraph / How Plates Move and Recycle Crust? 5 to 7 Steps

Here is a great video about the Ring of Fire on the test:

REMINDER: Spring NWEA Science TESTing is tomorrow! Need a good nights sleep and healthy breakfast;)

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May 12, 2015

Social Studies (Mstep practice): Complete the Mstep practice test for Histograms. Due tomorrow! Here are today’s: MATH Mstep Histograms notes

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May 11, 2015

Science: Plate Tectonic 4-3 Notes part 2. Here are today’s: 4.3 Plate Tectonics notes REMINDERs: NWEA Science Testing is Thursday! Get a goods night sleep Wednesday and good breakfast;) Friday will be the last folder of the year due! (Folder will be posted Wednesday!) Plate tectonics TEST is Friday!! STUDY!

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May 8, 2015

Science: No Homework unless Pg. 107 #1-8 or the Notes 4-3 is not complete. We did the NWEA Language Arts 2-12 Common Core testing today.

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May 7, 2015

Social Studies: Complete the Mstep L. A. practice test, “A Tale Of Courage” and answer all questions. Here are today’s: LA Mstep Review Comparing Fiction to NonFiction and Coached Example Story You will find the Coached example story to compare to at the end of today’s notes to reread. Here are: MATH Mstep Measures of Variability Practice test Answers

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May 6, 2015

Science: Complete the “4-3 The Theory of Plate Tectonics (p.108-11) notes for Friday. Here are today’s:4.2 Inside Restless Earth Ocean Floor Spreading notes Here is an excellent review video link:

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