Sept. 30, 2014

Social Studies: Box and Summary Read, “Racing to save Alaskan treasures” then write the Geographic Inquiry question the study is based on and make a list of tools the archaeologists must have used to gather information to answer the question. Here are today’s: Geographic Inquiry Lesson 2

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Sept. 29, 2014

Science: Complete the Directed Reading A #1-13 WS using your notes from today. Also, on the back read Get It?! and answer the questions. Here are today’s notes: Ecosystems 1.2 Energy Roles notes Here is today’s video:

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Sept. 26, 2014

Social Studies: No homework today…wow! Students are working in groups to simulate a city counsel using the geographic inquiry method to solve an issue. Here are today’s notes: Geographic Inquiry MC3Part 1

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Sept. 25, 2014

Science: Complete the Traditional Outline in the notes to use next class. Is your THIEVES done? Here are today’s: Argumentative Essay Analysis and 1-2 Traditional Notes Outline

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Sept. 24, 2014

Social Studies: Activity Atlas Page 5 to 7 numbers 1 thru 4. Directions for the layout are in the notes: Geographic Fundamentals Quiz notes

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Sept. 23, 2014

Science: Complete the first part of “Sample Argumentative Ecosystem Essay” WS. BLOCK 1 also has the Ecology Levels Foldable Project to complete by this Monday 9/29/14. Here are today’s: Ecosystems 1.1 Quiz Day and Project

Social Studies: REMINDER: Quiz 1-1 on Geography Fundamentals, Continents & Oceans, and Hemispheres is tomorrow. Also, the Folder listed on Sept. 19 #1-9 is due tomorrow!

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Sept. 22, 2014

Social Studies: Complete the review activity: “What is Geography?” #9 in folder. Here are today’s: Fundamentals of Geography Review notes Here is a practice Quiz: 1-1 Image Quiz Review.

Science REMINDER: The Ecology Quiz 1-1 is tomorrow! Also, the Folder for Science is due. It is on the Blog entry from Sept. 17.

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Sept. 19, 2014

Science: Blocks 2 and 3 finish the Environmental Levels Project. Here are the directions: Ecosystems 1.1 Pg. 3 and Project Directions REMINDER: Folder and Quiz on 1-1 is Tuesday!

Social Studies: Reminder: We have the Unit 1 Test in Geography Wednesday! Here is the Folder that is due Wednesday:

Fundamentals of Geography

1. Tour of the World Explorer Textbook WS

2. “Where is It?” Hemispheres WS

3. The World: Continents and Oceans WS

4. What is Geography?- A Visualization Exercise WS

5. Lesson Graphic Organizer Notes(Yellow) WS

6. Box and Summary: Race Labels…U.S. Census WS

7. BW 9/22 Review #1-3

8. Spatial Relations Practice WS

9. HW 9/22 Unit 1 Section 1 Review “What Is Geography?” WS

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Sept. 18

Today we celebrate: Happy Constitution Day!!!!!!

Social Studies: Complete the Preamble Picture Notes Activity. Here are today’s notes: Constitution day Notes REMINDER: The Preamble notes are due Monday! Here is the link to the Bill of Rights Rap:

Here is a link to “The Almost Painless Guide to the Constitution” :

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Sept. 17, 2014

Science: Complete your Interactive notebook pages #1 and #2. Here are the notes: Ecosystems 1.1 Interactive Notebook Pg. 1 & 2 REMINDER: The Folder and Test 1-1 will be on Tuesday! Here is the Folder Due Tuesday:

Ecological Organization & Energy Roles

1. Habitats: “What is Ecology?” WS

2. BW List 10 things in a Michigan Lake Ecosystem

3. Directed Reading A/Making Inferences WS

4. BW 9/11/14 Environment & Life #1-3/ Notes

5. Ch 1 Sec 1 Everything is Connected Notes WS

6. HW 9/11/14 #1-6 / BW 9/17/14 #1-3

7. BW 9/19/14 Definition Matching

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