Week of 9/15 through 9/19

  • Continue doing PowerPoint on your element in the computer lab.
  • Bring in flash drive or email project if needed.
  • Extra Credit: make a poster from information on PowerPoint=5 extra credit points


We use a classroom set of textbooks.  There is no need to take one home, however, if you’d like, the textbook can be accessed online.
  • Go to my.hrw.com
  • Username: svikings3
  • Password: v4f5
  • We will be discussing pages 106-113 from chapter 5 this week.

Welcome Back Vikings!



I have attached a copy of my classroom syllabus below.  Please feel free to send me an email at:  baerwap@dearbornschools.org if you have any questions.  I am looking forward to having you in my class this year!

                                              7th Grade Science 2014/2015

This year in science you will be studying three main areas.  One of these is physical science concerning physical and chemical changes in matter, the periodic table and waves and energy.  Another is life science which covers cell functions, photosynthesis, respiration and heredity.  Finally, we will conclude with earth science concerning, layers of the atmosphere, solar energy and weather and climate and the effect humans have on a local and global scale.


Be Responsible:

  • Come to class on time.
  • Use the bathroom before class starts.
  • It is suggested that you bring colored pencils, markers and a hand pencil sharpener, but these items are not required.
  • Extra credit is given for tissue, donated to the classroom and signing the study

guide for tests each card marking.

  • If you are absent it is your responsibility to do assignments you missed as homework and to hand them in the next day.  All work that you missed will be given to you when you return to school.  The number of days given to complete assignments equals the number of days absent.
  • All of your scores and any missing or late work will be posted online.  Grades will be updated once entered into the online gradebook.


Be Respectful:

  • Raise your hand if you are answering or have questions.
  • Take care of your book and cover it.   Computers and any equipment we will use for labs and or activities are expected to be used with extreme care.
  • Displays or projects are to be looked at only.
  • Respect the rights, property and opinions of others.


Grading:  Grades will be based on the following categories:

Tests/projects/essays = summative = 70% of grade;

Daily work, quizzes and homework= formative = 30% of grade.

  • The following grading scale will be used:

100-94% = A  93-90% = A-   89-87% = B+  86-84% = B  83-80% = B-  79-77% = C+

76-74% = C  73-70% = C-  69-67% = D+  66-64% = D  63-60% = D-   59-0%  = E


Special Grades:

  • Excuse Student from Task: no need to make up assignment.  Not factored into overall grade.
  • Late Submission:  not turned in on time at due date; will be accepted but marked down 10% for each day late.
  • Missing – Absent: teacher-guided; no need to make up assignment.  Not factored into overall grade.
  • Missing – Other: present or absent if it can be done; did not complete assignment = E.





Non-Negotiable School Rules:

  • Be on TIME.
  • Arrive to class PREPARED with planner and ID.
  • Bring a positive ATTITUDE to school.
  • COMPLY with reasonable requests.
  • Always use proper ETIQUETTE.


Non-Negotiable Team Rules:

  • Always have something to read.
  • Bring materials to each class:

Science—folder with pockets.

Math–folder with pockets, textbook, paper

Language Arts—reading book, folder with pockets.

Social Studies–folder with pockets, textbook

  • Use the bathroom during passing time.
  • Make a locker plan for materials needed before and after lunch.
  • Once you’re in the classroom you must stay in.



Behavior/Discipline Procedures:

  • The PBIS behavior plan will be discussed in detail  in all classes for minor

and major infractions.

  • The following procedure will be used for minor infractions:
  • Student will be talked to by teacher regarding an issue.
  • Parent contact via phone, email, etc..
  • Referral to the responsibility room (70).
  • Immediate office referral.
  • The following procedure will be used for major infractions:


Online Learning:

  • Go to my.hrw.com  Enter the user name: svikings3  and password: v4f5

to access the textbook and learning activities for HRW textbooks.

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