Wednesday, 3/19 and Thursday 3/20

7th Grade:  Do study guide from blue Heredity book; study it for homework, have parent sign and bring back for extra credit on TEST THURSDAY!

8th Grade:  Finish convection Lab results and conclusions; work in pairs on pangaea puzzle; compare to best guess.  Continue Rock Cycle and Earth Layers PowerPoint projects Thursday.

Monday 3/3 and Tuesday 3/4

7th Grade Finish Concept Maps on Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration.

8th Grade Seismic Waves and Earthquake proof buildings; finish earthquake PowerPoint; begin volcano PowerPoint.

Wednesday, 2/26 to Friday, 2/28

7th Grade Finish Cells Osmosis/Photosynthesis PowerPoints and directed readings; Butcher Paper Project

8th Grade Finish Earthquakes PowerPoints; locate epicenter activity begin volcano PowerPoints