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Kahoot Review game

Here you go: Good luck Friday!

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study guides!

Study guide world history first semester

A few extra things to know about

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Help for Gunpowder Empires

Gunpowder Empires Information

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1/15/16 SE Asia imperialism

Here is chapter 27: WH-Chapter-27 (1) Make sure to read section 5 and review the other sections of chapter 27 as well.

You need to make quiz questions about European imperialism in Africa, India, the Middle East, and SE Asia and email them to me at for the quiz on Tuesday.

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12/18/15 Industrial Revolution is over! Winter break!

Today we finished presentations. I should have the other two assignments turned in by 2:15 12/18/15. Enjoy your break!

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12/11/15 Industrial Revolution Project

We will spend Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday working on this project. We will present one of them on Thursday. Here are the projects and the guidelines: Industrial Revolution Project Guidelines and the projects: Industrial Revolution Project

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12/9/15 Industrial Reformers Advertisement

Take either Marxism, Laissez-faire capitalism, Utilitarianism, or Utopian socialism and do the following.

  • Information PERSUADING someone to join your cause
  • A powerful image of how your cause is beneficial compared to what was going on before
  • Influential leaders of your cause (quotes, pictures of them showing how your reform works, etc.)
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12/8/15 Industrialization spreading

Go to page 732 and figure out the similarities and differences between industrialization in Belgium, Germany, and other parts of Europe on the page.

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12/7/15 12/8/15 Industrialization in America

Here is a link to the video we are watching:


You have to find 7 themes of industrialization in America and you will relate it to other countries like England (the Urban Game last week), Germany, Belgium, and France (page 732 in the textbook)

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