June 1

Writing 6/1

Blackout Poetry

Our virtual lesson will go over this in more detail. Prior to class on WEDNESDAY 6/3, please review the following document. Collect loose papers that belonged to discarded books, magazines, and newspapers to assist you with your FINAL PROJECT DUE 6/10

Follow these simple steps.

  1. What is it? Before even getting started, it can be helpful for students to see examples of different ways they can create blackout poem.
  2. Choose a page of text. Students can use a page from a newspaper, a copied story or informational text, or a page from a book that is falling apart or ready for the recycle bin. Try to find different pages for each student. This will make for great sharing and unique finished poems.
  3. Gather the interesting words. Have students scan the page looking for words and phrases that jump out at them. They will circle those words lightly in pencil.
  4. Determine what words to keep. Students can read through the list of words they’ve circled and begin to see their poem appearing.
    We read from top to bottom and left to right, so the words need to be in that order so the reader will understand the poem in the same way the writer wants. You may find words that they want to eliminate from their poem, or they may find that they need more. This is why using light pencil is helpful! Erase or add!
  5. Refine word choice. Ask students to read their poems aloud to themselves to make sure they make sense. They can also write them out. It’s helpful to ask students at this point what theme they are trying to convey. What do they want the reader to understand or feel after having read their poem?
  6. Once students are happy with their poem, they can begin to blackout the page. There is so much flexibility in this step! Students can simply blacken the words with a marker, or they can connect them with color.
  7. Or — create an image that fits with the poem. After circling the words, you can sketch a design that fits with the theme or images of the

SEE THE EXAMPLES BELOW, or google this method for more ideas.

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June 1

Reading 6/1

Final project for Bud Not Buddy is DUE 6/9

Directions:  Choose one of the projects below. 

Project #1:  Book Jacket

Make a new book jacket for Bud, Not Buddy.  Make sure it has the following parts:  the title, a new cover design, a summary (5 or more sentences) of what happens in the book (without giving the ending away), the author’s name, and your review of the book (5 or more sentences).   

Project #2:  Comic Strip

Make a comic strip of your favorite scene from Bud, Not Buddy.  Make sure your comic strip has at least 8 panels.  Underneath the comic strip, write a paragraph (at least 6 sentences) explaining why this scene in the book was your favorite and what, if anything, you learned from it. 

Project #3:  Photo Album/Quilt 

Make a photo album or quilt (with a minimum of 9 photos or squares) of your favorite scenes from Bud, Not Buddy.  Under each photo or square, write one to two sentences about what is happening in the picture. 

All projects will be graded on the following criteria:  neatness, creativity, sentence quality, organization, accuracy, effort, and careful completion.    

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June 1

Science 6/1-


  1. Watch the following mockumentarys: 

2. Read the following articles:

3. What do you think about what you just watched and read? Write me a response on google docs and send it to me by 6/7.


What Can You Do? – Your Action Plan/Ad Campaign:

See an example of a video commercial at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koETnR0NgLY 

Create an ad campaign promoting the responsible use of plastics.  You can choose to create this ad using the following formats:

– A song

– A video

– A PowerPoint or Prezi

– A poem

– A work of art

– A tiktok


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May 26

Assignments/ Schedule

Please check Google Classroom for all assignments for the next two weeks of school. I also posted your schedule on there! See you 5/26 at 3!

Reminder- if you chose to present on BBB your presentation will be tomorrow during class

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May 20

6th Grade Orientation- Message from Dr. Dakroub

Hello future 6th grade students,

My name is Hassan Dakroub.  I am the counselor at Lowrey Middle school. On behalf of our teachers and administration, I would like to welcome all of you to Lowrey Middle School. Due to school closure, we cannot have you visit and tour Lowrey Middle School this month, as we had planned. 

Attached you will find a number of documents explaining what middle school is like and how to prepare yourself for success, lists of school supplies you need for each of our core classes, and a document explaining what a typical middle school day looks like. Please take time to view these documents in the next few days. I will try to attend a session with your current 5th grade teachers to answer questions you may have about middle school.  You can email me any time: dakrouh@dearbornschools.org

  • Please check Google Classroom for all the forms that were emailed to your parents.

Thank you and stay safe

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May 18

WRITING 5/18-5/22

1. This week you finalized your BIOGRAPHY presentation of your 25 facts. You must complete your videotaping of your presentation/audio PowerPoint or Google Slide presentation, etc. by 5/19 . If you are presenting in class, you will be presenting on 5/19. REMINDER – you must dress up to present.

2. You will begin your poetry unit this week. Review the following video and take notes in your notebook.

Next, review the following documents to write your first poem. You will type it out and send it to me.i_am_poetry_assignment-1Download

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May 18

READING 5/18-5/22

Be sure to update your BUD NOT BUDDY STUDY GUIDE.


Bud Not Buddy Chapter 12 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjoKKYVklpY&list=PLahimd4bK_QYLgYp9hU188h0-VwfkB5O_&index=13

Reading Comprehension Questions

1. What did Bud think about Lefty when the police pulled them over?

2. What was in the box Lefty had under the seat?

3. What is a sit down strike?

4. Why did Bud want to talk to his father by himself?

5. What did Herman say that made Bud sure he was his father?

Bud Not Buddy Chapter 13 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7ZJ_xMnTNE&list=PLahimd4bK_QYLgYp9hU188h0-VwfkB5O_&index=14

Reading Comprehension Questions

1. Why didn’t Bud want to tell the men he’d been living in an orphanage?

2. Which one of the band members was Bud’s favorite?

3. Why did everyone in the car get quiet?

Bud Not Buddy Chapter 14 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DG5Te_S9SX8&list=PLahimd4bK_QYLgYp9hU188h0-VwfkB5O_&index=15

Reading Comprehension Questions

1. Why does the table say NBC?

2. Who is Miss Thomas?

3. Why did Bud think he was making a bad first impression on the band?

4. What did Miss Thomas do to comfort Bud?

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