Welcome to Kindergarten

Greetings families!

What a great first week of school! I look forward to getting to know each family and child this school year. Our first week together has been filled with excitement and curiosity. I am delighted by the sense of comfort, cooperation, and community the children are exhibiting thus far. The students have also been busy becoming familiar with the routine and are settling into the classroom. Much of this week was spent exploring, becoming familiar with each other, and learning each other’s names.

Family Photo

Part of my goal at the beginning of the year is to create a classroom family community where children feel safe and comfortable. I would like all children to bring a family photo to display around the classroom to constantly remind students that school and home life are not separate realities.

Please check in here regularly. The blog will be updated weekly with information pertaining to classroom activities and the school’s current events. Parent/teacher communication is a valued and on-going process. If at any time you have questions or concerns about your child, please speak with me as soon as possible or contact me via email (sanchea@dearbornschools.org).

Meet Mr. Lawera

All are welcome to join Mr. Lawera and Superintendent Maleyko for the Meet the Principal event.

Wednesday, August 28 from  4:00 – 5:00 pm 

Location:  Media Center  كلكم مدعوون للانضمام إلى السيد لاويرا والمشرف ماليكو لحضور اللقاء مدير المدرسة الجديد
الأربعاء 28 أغسطس من الساعة 4:00 إلى الساعة 5:00 مساءً

الموقع: المركز الإعلامي

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