Pick up Student Belongings

On Thursday, June 4th, from 11 am to 2 pm, we will be distributing student belongings at the school. If you have left anything in your locker, that will be given back to you then. Also, if you have to return a girls’ basketball uniform, school instrument, or library books, this is the time to return those things as well.

Final Unit Project: Due Friday 6/5

Make sure you do not forget to do your final unit project, making connections between the book to your personal life. This is about the book we have been reading together (either “Number the Stars” or “The Giver”). You may write directly into the template provided to you on Google Classroom, and below:


Rest and Relax over the Long Weekend

Starting tomorrow, we are starting our long Memorial break. I will not be posting or grading any work during this time. You may still reach out via email, and are encouraged to turn in old work. However, nothing new will be assigned until Tuesday! For those who celebrate, relax, and enjoy Eid!

Quiz this weekend

Please remember to login to your ILearn account this weekend in order to take your mid-point quiz for your class novel. The window to take the quiz is 3 days, and will close after Sunday. If you have questions on how to login to ILEarn, check out Google Classroom for links and a “how-to” video!

Last week to submit late work

This is just a reminder that our “virtual school” is still in session, and if anyone needs to submit late work, please do so no later than next Friday, May 8th. After that, my 3 day late policy will be resumed, and you will not be able to submit any work after those three days.

Online Student Expectations and Grading Policy

Dear students, 

The 7th Grade Team met and agreed upon a set of expectations for remote learning. We will be following these for 6th grade as well! Please review the guidelines for what is expected of you from now until the end of this school year. We miss you all so much and we want to ensure you have all you need to succeed. The rest is in your power! We are here to help if you need us!


A schedule will be sent out at the beginning of each week showing all your assignments for each class as well as when it is due. Please refer to this often. It will help you stay on track and keep you from falling behind. We do not want you to become overwhelmed!

“Norms” for Google Hangouts/Chats: 

  • Maintain a respectful tone with teachers and classmates at ALL times. 
  • Be engaged! Participate and take turns so everyone has a chance to speak/share and grow!
  • Exercise patience – wait your turn and be respectful of others who may have questions too. 
  • Be positive! Offer constructive suggestions that aim to HELP OTHERS and yourself learn.
  • Stay ON TOPIC. Side conversations are distracting, so please avoid them!


  • Assignments will be tracked/graded and put into Mi-Star. 
  • If you need assistance, reach out to your teachers for help before the due date. 
  • Try to be engaged as much as possible on hangouts with teachers and participate as much as you can. 
  • If you have a missing assignment, please contact your teacher. Communication is key!
  • Always do your best and put in your best effort! This is your time to shine!

Staying Informed & Connected: 

  • Check your teachers’ Iblogs, Google Classroom, and EMAIL for updates. 
  • Keep us informed of any trouble/issues you may have with technology.

Parent Resource: Learning from Home Work Schedule


For Parents of K-12 Students:
Online Learning at Home
Learning at home and online becomes less challenging with schedules and
routines that work for the whole family. As you think about structuring your
student’s day effectively, you’ll want to consider things like:
● the age of your student(s)
● the number of learners you have in the home
● the types of learning activities they are assigned
● access to a computer/tablet/Smartphone, if needed
● how long your student can work on a learning activity
● how often your student will need breaks
● how your own schedule impacts that of your student
Younger students thrive with structure and routine in their days, and their focus
time for a particular activity will be significantly shorter than that of older
students. Middle school and high school students benefit from some level of
flexibility and autonomy in building their schedules. Work with your older
students to create a daily schedule that works well for them. Reevaluate at the
end of each day to determine whether adjustments should be made. And don’t
forget, it does take some time to get adjusted to new routines.
When your child is not tied to a school bell, your life and learning time can be
more flexible. So when you think of schedules, think more broadly across the
day. Consider the following blocks of time that should be worked into students’
school days.


Sample K-12 Family Schedule – An Online School Day

Daily Activity Duration Times
per Day

Activity Options



4-6 ★ Read and review learning materials

★ Take notes
★ Complete learning activities
★ Attend online learning sessions

Brain Breaks 15-30

2-3 ★ Take a walk
★ Get a snack
★ Stretch
★ Do yoga or mindful meditation
★ Dance
★ Play outside

Meals 30-60

3 ★ Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner
★ Interact with family members during meal time

Chores 15-30

2-3 ★ Make bed

★ Tidy up room and workspace
★ Help prepare meals, set table
★ Put away toys

Socialization 30

2-3 ★ FaceTime or meet online with friends or family

★ Meet with clubs virtually
★ Social media
★ Play board games, cards, backyard games

Enrichment Varies Varies ★ Read

★ Create: use art supplies, legos, building
★ Watch an educational program
★ Play or learn a musical instrument
★ Listen to a podcast or audiobook
★ Write a letter or journal
★ Explore virtual field trips
★ Do puzzles
★ Do puzzle book activities (word search, logic
puzzles, crosswords, Sudoku)

Google Classroom

For the next few weeks, everything you need to be working on will be posted on Classroom. There will be daily assignments, so make sure you are checking it regularly. There is a check-in by the end of the night on Sunday.

  • Parents: I will be calling home on Monday, if students don’t check in by Sunday night, to make sure there is access to online resources.

If you don’t have internet access, click the link to get free access for the next two months.https://www.wxyz.com/news/national/coronavirus/comcast-offering-internet-essentials-package-free-for-60-months-during-coronavirus-outbreak