Testing Schedule

Here are the students that will be testing with Mrs. Klan tomorrow (9/11/2020).

Mohammed Saleh 12:30

Julia Ajrouch 12:45

Mursi Ahmed 1:00

Ahmed Obad 1:15

Yasmeen Algahmie 1:30

Nora Jahamee 1:45

Omar AlMurisi 2:00

Reem Aldhahi 2:15

Zackaria Elmalahi 2:30

Rehan Albadani 2:45



Batterberry, G / Our Schedule
  1. Please make sure that you join my class on remind. Here is my class code: kg2e27
  2. I will not be testing (9/10/2020). You will receive a phone call from me the day before to remind you of the time to come to the school. You will also see the students that I will be testing here on my blog.
  3. If you have any questions or concerns please send me a text on remind or email me.
  4. Please make sure that your child is on time for our Zoom meetings. I will take attendance in the morning and in the afternoon after lunch when we meet again.

Here is our schedule for 9/10/2020:

8:55-10:25- Reading live on Zoom with Mrs. Musleh. Attendance will also be taken by 9:00.

10:30-11:45- Math live on Zoom with Mrs. Musleh

11:45-12:25- Lunch (please do not leave our Zoom meeting during lunch). Students can mute while they are having lunch. This will save us a lot of time.

12:25-1:00- Live lesson with Mrs. Musleh and pm attendance will be taken at this time.

1:00-1:54-Specials- Media with Mrs. Hankins. You will see an assignment to complete on Schoology.

1:55-3:50- Asynchronous learning (independent work on Schoology).

Thank you,

Mrs. Musleh


Schedule for 9/9/2020

8:55-10:25- ELA live on Zoom

10:30-11:45-Math live on Zoom


12:25-1:00- Zoom live lesson

1:00-1:54- Specials (go to Music on Schoology)

1:55-3:50- This is the time for you to complete assigned work on Schoology. All work for each day is due by 3:50 pm.

Don’t forget our Zoom meeting starting at 8:55. Please be on time.

Thank you,

Mrs. Musleh


Tuesday, September 8

Hello Everyone!

Starting tomorrow, lessons will go live. Please make sure that your child is on Zoom by 8:55. Attendance will be taken at that time. Please make sure that you log into Schoology to get to our Zoom meetings.

Here is a video for directions:

These are the students that I will be testing tomorrow at Miller in my classroom (room 105). Please make sure that you be on time. If you need to reschedule please let me know.

Sara Omeri 12:30
Dawoud Alatwali2:00
Mursi Ahmed 2:30
Zackaria Elmalahi 3:00

Thank you,

Mrs. Musleh


Assignment for Day 4

Thanks to all that came in today to meet me and get supplies needed to start our school year. If you haven’t joined my class on remind please do so. You will receive updates and important information on remind and you can also send me a message if you have any questions. I will contact all parents this weekend to remind you that we will start our live sessions on schoology this Tuesday. Please go over the handouts that I gave you today and if you have any questions please let me know.

Here is the link to today’s assignment:

See you soon!

Mrs. Musleh


Classwork for 9/2/2020

Please make sure your child completes classwork daily. This is how we are taking attendance. Your child will be marked absent for any day that they don’t complete the work. We will start live sessions after Labor Day break. I will contact you before our first live session to give you more information.

Here is the link for today’s work:

If you have any questions please send me an email.

Thank you,

Mrs. Musleh


Meet the Teacher/supply pickup

Meet the Teacher

Please bring your child tomorrow (9/2/2020) to meet me and pick up school supplies needed. The first grade team will be in Miller’s parking lot. We will continue to practice social distancing. Please make sure that you and your child wears a mask for safety. I am really excited to meet all of you!

Here is the schedule:


Qusay Abdullah

Zaina Abouleila

Rehan Albadani

Mohamad Khayat


Maram Ahmed

Yasmeen Algahmie

Shahid Almudawil 

Mohamed Mihakel

Sara Omeri


Julia Ajrouch

Mazen Omairan 

Dawoud Alatwali 

Reem Aldhahi 

Islam Nasser


Mohamed Saleh 

Omar AlMurisi 

Nora Jahamee

Zackaria Elmalahi 

Saif Ghulais


Moayed Hendad 

Ahmed Obad 

Khaled Mohamed


Mursi Ahmed

Askar Askar 

Noura Chibb

Loujeyn Hamrouni

See you soon!

Mrs. Musleh


Assignment for 9-1-2020

Great job to those who completed our first day’s assignment. Please continue the great work! If you have any questions please email me.

Here is the link to our assignment for today (9-1-2020):

Please visit Mrs. Klan’s blog. Mrs. Klan is our reading resource teacher, and she is an incredible teacher! Please make sure to visit her iblog daily for more learning.

Here is the link to her blog:

Have a great day!

Mrs. Musleh


First Day of School

Welcome to the first day of school! I hope that everyone is excited and ready to have fun learning. Please click on the link below to complete today’s assignment. I included directions on how to complete this assignment in both Arabic and in English. Please email me if you have any questions and I will respond as soon as possible. Have a great day!

Mrs. Musleh


Welcome to First Grade!

Hello first grade families! My name is Mrs.Musleh and I am so excited to be your child’s first grade teacher. I hope you all had a great summer! This year your child will learn online until we know when it’s safe to go back to our classrooms. Please check this blog daily to get information on your child’s assignments and updates. You can email me if you have any questions. Here is my email:


Mrs. Musleh